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BTS React to You Blowing Bubbles with Your Gum Instead of Kissing Him

Every time your boyfriend leans in to kiss you, you blow a bubble with your bubble gum…

JIN: The first few times he’d laugh, but then he’d just stop trying altogether and wait for you to lean in and kiss him.

SUGA: He wouldn’t be in the mood to play games and would just bust the bubble with his finger. Feeling satisfied with what he had done he’d simply smirk and wait for you to get revenge.

J-HOPE: He’d be like Jin at first and laugh, but then he’d just kiss you even with the bubble. Then giggle happily after he busted your perfect bubble with a kiss that he knew made you melt.

RAP MONSTER: Like Suga he wouldn’t be interested in playing games right now. He was on a mission and that was to kiss his girl. If that meant he had to out smart you to get the kiss he wanted then so be it.

V: He’d find your actions cute, but he’d just end up chewing on his own piece of bubble gum. He’d patiently wait for the two of you to both blow a big bubble and then he’d dive toward your mouth busting both bubbles in the process.

JIMIN: He’d grin and shake his head at first, but he’s going to get tired of your little game at some point. He’d think things through, catch you off guard and have his way with your mouth. Once he let you go you’d see your Chim Chim blow a bubble with your gum as he walked away.

JUNGKOOK: He’d pretend he didn’t care and turn the whole thing into a competition between the two of you. He knew you’d eventually get tired of his game and would stop blowing bubbles so he could kiss you


Fallen Priestess

A girl who once served as a priestess in Iustitia’s shrine. Long ago when they still served the memory of their patron deity, a sickness overtook Havenfall, and many died in brutal savagery, including the priestesses.

In death, she still guards the shrine, always watching.

Hilarious excerpt from Otomedia about what the One Punch Man boys would do for Valentine’s Day. The answers are assumptions made by the Director (Natsume Shingo) of the anime! Enjoy~

As a result of his intensive training because he wanted to be a hero, he gained a strength so great that he felt like he lost something of his in return.

Q: What would Saitama do during Valentine’s Day?
A: Probably fidget around a lot and peep at his mail box.

Q: What is the best way to give chocolate to him?
A: Right when he’s done with his One Punch move. Giving him chocolate right at that moment would be the best method.

With a huge fan club full of beautiful girls, he himself pays no attention to it at all, nor does he care about his own appearance. Instead, he finds himself attracted to Saitama’s strength and aims to be a worthy disciple.

Q: What would Genos do on Valentine’s Day?
A: Incinerate all the chocolate he received into a melted pile of goop.

Q: What is the best way to give him chocolate?
A: Catch him with Saitama by his side and prepare two chocolates to give both of them at the same time (but only give your favorite chocolate to Genos instead) lol

After his humiliating defeat from Saitama, he finds him to be a worthy opponent.

Q: What would Sonic do on Valentine’s Day?
A: Because he likes to think he’s a present day kind of guy, he would be training at a gym.

Q: What is the best way to give him chocolate?
A: If you write on the chocolate “xx-Thunder” or something clever like that, he might take it.


that precious laugh

 (dear god What have i done to these poor characters.)

[you give the creature an oatmeal raisin cookie, it happily eats the cookie, it hates oatmeal raisin.]

a messed up idea i had burning in my head for a good long time, (i kinda wanna see people art reply these with characters trying to help the poor creatures be happy. you don’t have to.)

the backstory behind this horrorshow….

The recovery app that mephone4 has to revive dead objects gets a really bad glitchy update that’s supposed to recover multiple objects at the same time, but ends up fusing them into melting, shambling monsters with broken minds, they share personalites, but are very unstable, they tend to be very hostile, but if you can somehow reach out to the object left in them, you can probably snap them back to sanity. you can’t seperate them, nor can you kill them to end their pain.


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