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Sweat [M]

Pairing: Hoseok x reader x Yoongi

Summary: It’s a hot summer day and your boyfriends have an unorthodox method of trying to keep you cool.

Genre:  smut, pure smutty threesome, goodness, Poly!yoonseok

Word Count: 

Warnings: graphic depictions of sex, dirty talk, ice play

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The sun was already shining high in the sky when your eyes fluttered open. The overwhelming heat of the day had your shirt soaked to your skin. You groaned, reaching over to chug the glass of water on the table next to you. But the room temperature water wasn’t enough to satisfy your thirst. “It’s so fucking hot.” you mumbled as you slid off your mattress. The sheets were crumpled in a pile on the floor, somehow the 3 of you managed to kick them off the bed in your sleep. 

You padded down the hallway and the familiar sounds of your boyfriends arguing rang through your ears. Yoongi and Hoseok were on opposite sides of the spectrum. Fire and ice. Water and oil. But there was something about you that brought the two of them together.

Hoseok’s eyes immediately fell onto yours as you entered the living room, “Tell Yoongi you want to go to the beach today. He’s being a lazy ass and won’t let us go.”

You chuckled, “The beach does sound nice, Hobi. But it’s probably going to be packed.” you squeezed his shoulder gently as you made your way to the fridge and out of the corner of your eye you could see him pouting. Clearly not happy that you were siding with Yoongi in this democratic household.

“See, I told you she wouldn’t want to go.” Yoongi teased as he laid back down on the floor, a gummy smile spread across his glistening face. He stared at you with mischief in his eyes, but the thought of intertwining limbs in this heat sounded like the worst possible idea, no matter how hard he made you cum.

You opened the door to the freezer, finding sweet relief in the blast of cool air rushing towards your skin. It was days like this when you cursed your boyfriends for letting them talk you into this place. Your apartment was beautiful, and you loved it, but it didn’t have A/C. So every summer the three of you wandered across the apartment in various states of undress, hoping that the lack of clothing encasing your skin will offer relief.

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@nix-nox @askwolftan and i made an au,, namjoon is a spider boy w six arms and a lot of confusion

The Colour of Love

Request: Hi! Could you do an imagine where Marauders are speending their first holidays after school and Lily and Reader say they would go ice skating but Sirius is terribe and she helps him and they spend the rest of the day together and she paints his tattoos with colouring pens please???? 💓💕

Since the nice and carefree Hogwarts years comes to an end, you couldn’t spend so much time with your friends than before. Of course it wasn’t so easy just split you apart; even if you all had jobs or further studies and trainings, you still found a way to devote time for each other. The boys shared an apartment and Lily practically lived with James anyway – but you knew it’s just a matter of time now before they will move together.

But even if you met almost every day, you still missed those little moments you had during school, things you could only have if you lived together. Like knowing every little thing about the other, if they had a problem and need a cheer up or a shoulder to cry on – you were there for each other immediately. Or randomly fall asleep at the marauders’ dormitory, knowing they were mocking at you but waking up and seeing there’s a blanket over you. Studying together which always turned into never ending talks, which talks were about everything but your studies. Or, in a lot of cases, them pulling you in one of their pranks.

It wasn’t even a question you’ll spend the holidays together. On Christmas Eve you just eat and drink and talk a lot; it was long past midnight when you finally fell asleep – all of you in the boys’ living room. The first thing you felt your aching neck, as you slept through the night in a half sitting, half lying position, leaning on Sirius’ chest. Your heart leapt when you looked up at the boy who was still sound asleep, with one of his hand lazily around you. Because you spent seven years together and you haven’t realized your feelings for him. You couldn’t tell when it started, you just noticed that incredible amount of happiness you felt when you first saw him after you haven’t seen each other for more than a week. You missed your other friends too, but it was something else, something more; something that made your chest burn and your mind racing, causing you smiling so much you could not stop, flushing and feeling everything’s hot around you, even Sirius’ cold hands as he touched you.

But several months passed and you still had no idea what you should do with these feelings. He was your best friend. One part of you wanted to tell him your feelings, hoping he’d feel the same, but the other part of you were scared to ruin your relationship forever. So you just wait, maybe these feelings will just go away. But in fact, they just became stronger.

It was Boxing Day and you exchanged presents – as always, the guys could surprise you with something that was also useful and funny. You spent the whole morning there, in your pajamas, still talking and eating way too much sweets.

Only after lunch you came up with the idea. – “We should go ice skating.”

“Yes!” – Lily yelled immediately, her eyes sparkled up. – “I haven’t done it in years.”

Both of you stood up quickly, discussing where would be the best place while you disappeared in the bathroom, changing your clothes at last. There was a nice outdoor rink nearby, so you went on foot; the weather wasn’t so cold and it was snowing so you wanted to walk a little. You went between Remus and Peter, Lily and James in front of you with Sirius, but you could tell something wasn’t right with him – he was too quiet. Taking two big steps you reached your hand out, grabbing Sirius’ arm and pulling him a little away from the others, walking behind them.

“What’s up with you?”

He shrugged and looked at you like he didn’t know what you were talking about. “Nothing.”

Closing your eyes, you let out a big sigh. “Listen, you can lie to me if you want, but I know something is bothering you. And you know I won’t stop asking until you tell me, so…”

But he didn’t want to tell you, no matter how nicely you asked or pleaded, until you reached the edge of the rink. The other were already take on their shoes, slowly slipping on the ice.

“Okay, I only ice skated once. I was seven, and the whole thing ended in blood. And tears.”

As he finished, you stopped dead with a pair of skates in your hands, looking at him with raised eyebrows, but then narrowed your eyes. “You’re a whiny baby.” – And before he could’ve respond anything, you continued. – “Take these on.”

Finding a smaller ones for yourself, you plopped down on a bench, and he followed, but just standing in front of you. “What do you mean I’m a whiny baby?” – He asked in a sulky voice.

“I mean you had a bad memory and you refuse to try it again. You’re not seven anymore.” – You stood up, clinging on him. – “Well, sometimes you are.”


“Take them on.” – You cut him off, speaking in a low voice and looking into his eyes. – “I’ll help you.”

He huffed but sat down on a bench, following you on the rink a minute later. Before you stepped on the ice, you grabbed his hand – you had no gloves on and you could feel the same heat again, even if both of your fingers were numbed with the cold. He was constantly looking at his feet, taking baby steps which made you smile.

“Don’t laugh.” – He warned, still staring down.

“I’m not.” – You said with an innocent voice before you turned face to face with him, grabbing his other hand too. Slowly, you started to going backwards, pulling him with yourself. You gave him instructions, how he should move his legs and hold his body until you fastened your pace, and he got some more self-confidence too.

“That’s really not so hard at all. Don’t let me go!” – He added quickly, right before James slipped next to you so hard you lost your balance and fell off to, pulling Sirius with yourself too.

“Sorry!” – Prongs said but jumped up and was in the middle of the rink before you could even move yourself.

Sirius sat up and leaned above you, his face concerned. “Are you okay?”

But you just laughed. “Sure, I had worse.”

He sighed and shook his head. “That’s terrible. Can’t we just use some magic?”

“Sirius, this place full of muggles.” – You stood up and reached out your hand, helping him.  – “See that kid over there?” – You pointed at a little boy who was no more than six, but acted on the ice like a professional. – “He’s pretty good.”

“I hate you.”

“Oh, do you?” – You turned to him again, but now you let go of his hands.

“No, Y/N, come back!” – He shouted but with a muffled voice, hands reached but you weren’t close enough to him. You suffered with him for another half an hour, until both of you fell off too many times and had enough bruises for the rest of the year. But the others still wanted to stay – or maybe just because they wanted you to stay alone for little while.

“At least tell me it wasn’t so bad.” – You grinned, walking throughout a park.

“It was.”

“You just saying that because first time there’s something you can’t do perfectly.”

“So you think I can do anything else perfectly? Thanks, Y/N.” – He said proudly, causing you to roll your eyes; and in the next moment, you found yourself on the ground, snow covering you everywhere with Sirius on top of you, smearing snow all over your face. It tickled and caused you to laugh too hard; your stomach started to hurt but he didn’t stop, until your laugh disappeared and he was scared, so he stopped. – “Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

You covered your face with your hand, acting like you’d start to cry in any moment – before you pushed him down, so suddenly he was completely surprised.

“That wasn’t nice! That was NOT NICE!” – He tried to speak while you do the same with him, laughing even harder than before, until he grasped your wrists, and you collapsed next to him in the snowy ground, still laughing. You still tried to catch your breath when Sirius jumped up and helped you too. “Now come on, or you’ll get cold.”

And he was probably right – the weather was really cold now, wind was blowing, and the melted snow in your clothes and hair just made it worse. You decided to go to your apartment, since it was just around the corner.

Sirius immediately pointed his wand at your fireplace, making the room warmed up instantly. He took off his shirt while you disappeared in your bedroom, changing your wet clothes into dry ones.

“So how is that you could change your clothes and I can’t?” – He asked while you made hot chocolate in the kitchen.

“Well, I have clothes. You don’t. Sorry.” – You grinned but bit your lip, handing a mug to him and sitting down on the fluffy rug in front of the fireplace.

He raised an eyebrow. “I think you just really wanted to see me without shirt.”

You took another sip. “Sure, Sirius. Your naked chest is the center of my world.”

You spent a couple of hours with doing nothing, just talking, until it was completely dark outside and your living room was just dimly lit too. Both of you were tired and a little sleepy; he rested his back against the couch and you pressed your head on his shoulder.

Suddenly, your eyes found a little counter at the top of the desk near to you, full of colouring pencils that you all take out. His eyes were closed, but when you started to colouring the runes on his left arm, he looked down at you, starting to speak slowly “What the hell are you doing?”

“I was bored.” – You said, painting the moon on his skin. He got more tattoos in the last few months, though he already had some when you were still at Hogwarts. He was never thinking much about it; if he liked an idea he decided he needs that on his skin, like the tiny representation of the giant squid behind his left knee or the motorcycling dog on his lower back. But he also had some more meaningful images on him, each portraying his friends some way.

He watched you in silence for long minutes, until he had a really colourful deer on his side. - “You’re worse than a child.” – He mumbled, but you could hear the smile behind his words.

“Shut up.”

Leaning closer, you started to colour a symbol right under his collar bone, wondering what does it mean, but when you raised your head up to ask he was closer than you thought, and you froze, staring into his grey eyes before your gaze slipped down on his lips, and he closed the tiny gap between you.

It was so slow and deep and intense, the pink pencil fell out from your hand and he smiled onto the kiss as your hand lost in his hair at the back of his head. An almost trembling breath escaped your mouth after he pulled away, though there were still just inches between you.

“Good to know you’re a better kisser than an ice-skater.” – You whispered, causing him to growl and pulling you on himself for another kiss.


The morning after

Today marks 4 years since the morning after I watched someone die.

I woke up the next morning still in shock. I felt an intense heaviness but also a sense of lightness- out of body, like I was floating above everyone and watching myself below. I put on a huge, oversized hoodie, hoping it would help hold everything in so I didn’t overflow. I didn’t want to burden my family, but I also knew I needed to talk.

I went downstairs to the kitchen. The sun was bright in the sky and most of my family members were in the kitchen making breakfast. Some of them greeted me with a sense of hesitancy, slightly awkward smiles. Some of them didn’t say anything. They all knew what happened the night before, but none of us had faced anything like this before so the solution of how to deal was unclear.

I remembered flashes from the night before. His body lying there on the side of the road. A dark pool of blood. Car lights, traffic cones, loud voices. My soul had never felt so heavy. Although my body was unharmed, I felt like I was bleeding from it- a flow of intense grief, shock, sadness, and terror. I remember crying for hours. It seemed my eyes had an endless supply of saltwater.

My friend who was with me comforted me. We sat on the pavement on the roadside, waiting for the paramedics and he put his arm around me. Time seemed to slow around us as we asked each other all the really hard questions. Who was this man we had both just met and then watched die after just a few minutes? Did he have a family? Was he a good man? Did he know God? What was he like? We tried to piece it together with the tiny bits of information we had, but nothing made sense. Just tears and a heavy, blurry feeling.

The world is not safe, said a dark voice inside of me. The world is dangerous and life can be taken from us at any moment.

I shivered thinking how temporary things are. How little time we have. My twenty one years flashed before me and all of those little things I thought mattered suddenly melted away- what clothes I wore, career success, my “image”, the desire for a romantic relationship. None of it mattered. All I could think about was my siblings and how much I loved them and what kind of a life I wanted to live. What impact I wanted to make on the world.

The next morning my family did the most loving and selfless thing you can do for a person who has experienced intense trauma- let them talk. We sat around our huge kitchen table and I told them what happened. They listened in silence. I remember my voice shaking with these words, “…and he was just lying there.”

That day, one of my friends who lived an hour and a half drive north, in Santa Barbara, offered to drive down and be with me. To this day that is one of the most touching and impactful things a friend has done for me. She came over and we went to a yoga class that night. I remember lying on my mat in the dark, Christmas lights lining the edge of the gym mirror. A little edge of the sharpness of it all softened in me as I let out a long breath.

I was not alone, and I was going to be okay.

Looking back on this whole experience, I feel surprised at how it all feels. It doesn’t feel so heavy anymore. Sometimes something will come up that reminds me of Ron Carver, the tow truck driver, or anything about that night, and I will be in tears, remembering it all. But mostly I feel this sense of peace about it. I believe that painful things like this happen to shape us and make us who we are.

That night, something in me cracked open. That openness is still there- a steady sense of questioning this life that is very much temporary and goes by quickly. Who do I want to be? What really matters? How would I live if today was my last day? And how can I embrace pain- that which comes to every human, and shapes us for the better if we let it?

I am grateful for my pain and trauma. It has made me who I am, and it has made me better and stronger.

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So I'm laying next to this boy & I wanna have sex with him but I'm scared to say lol what do I do

Men are so easy just yell SEX and his clothes will melt off him and his dick will get hard

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"Dancing round outside in the snow before tackling them and smothering them in kisses" w/ Jason?? Thanks Cass!

“Babe, snow is awful.”

You don’t even need to look at him to know that he’s scowling, arms crossed over his chest with an eyebrow raised. You know Jason back to front so you easily know his every whim, and you can’t help but giggle, head turned up to feel the freezing flakes flutter over your skin.

“It’s not that bad,” you respond, closing your eyes and sticking your hands out, palm up. “You just don’t like it ‘cause it’s cold.”

“Gee, excuse me for being a normal human being,” he snorts, moving forward to wrap his arms around your waist, resting his chin on your shoulder. “You know, you could make this a whole lot nicer for me…”

Leaning back into his embrace, you can’t help but smile. “How so, boyfriend?”

“Well, girlfriend,” he grins, turning you in his arms. “Maybe by dancing with me?”

Your smile softens, and you easily slide your arms around his neck, pulling yourself on your tiptoes and knocking your forehead against his. “It would be my pleasure, Jaybird.”

He doesn’t say anything else, and soon he starts swaying with you in his arms, spinning you at some points, dipping you at others. It’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever experienced, and the thought ignites a gentle warmth in your chest, makes your heart beat straight through your ribs.

Before you can comment on it, however, you’re suddenly on your back, sputtering out squeals and protests as the snow melts through your clothes. Jason is situated over you, laughing as you hiss and arch your back, desperate to get away from the melting slush.

“Jason Todd,” you yelp, shoving at his chest. “You ruined our moment!”

“What can I say,” he grins, leaning down to smatter warm kisses over any skin he can reach. “Snow is awful, babe.”

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Katie McGrath and not being able to make a show without lesbianism

katie mcgrath and not WANTING to make a show without lesbianism. and then her other feature film, katie mcgrath and the curious case of the slasher wardrobe department….. i’m just…. i have a scroll of questions and i just need answers. 

Volleyball- Connor McDavid

Originally posted by mcdraii

Ok so not going to lie… I’m ignoring the NHL. Ovi’s going to the Olympics, so everyone’s going! (Yes no I got the notification too, just ignoring it!) So this has a smut at the end, but I marked it so it gets a little hot, but you can read up until the divider or you can skip it! Whatever makes you comfortable! So if you don’t want to continue, up next: Sidney Crosby Mom and Dad part 4!

Warning: mentions of fights, smut under the second divider!

@astilinski24 Request: Could you do a Connor Mcdavid imagine where you secretly join a volleyball team again and you get asked to play for Canada and he gets mad you didn’t tell him and then you argue and things get heated . If you do smut maybe end with a smut


              You hadn’t expected to get this far to be honest.

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ahh!! i love love love this blog! ❤️ both of you write so well & i love coming on to see new posts from you both! could we please get some fluffy headcanons for the boys s/o insisting that they need to destress and insisting on a spa day at home to relax? facemasks, fuzzy PJs, bath bombs, the lot! i feel like they all need a break for once omg.

(A quick thank you to everybody who was so gloriously patient with me while I took a short hiatus to get caught up with school work! You all are so kind and supportive - I truly appreciate it 🌸)

Ahhh, anon thank you thank you thank you! People like you are the reason we have the privilege of being able to write for an audience everyday.

I’m so glad to hear you enjoy the blog 😊

With that said - YES! A spa day for our overworked chocobros is long overdue, don’t you think?

They really run themselves rampant. 

Song: “Don’t Worry Baby” by The Beach Boys


  • Convincing Iggy to take a load off and relax would undoutably be a difficult task, due to the fact that he always has something on the agenda
  • Once he’d commited to the idea, however, he’d be a total pro at pampering his s/o
  • DIY bath bombs made with pepermint and tea tree oils, face masks made with avocado and honey, and skin scrubs with rock salt and brown sugar are an aboslute must: everything homemade by chef Scientia himself
  • Even though the items are techinically not supposed to be eaten, this guy has gone to lengths to make sure that in the off chance his s/o gets some in their mouth, it’ll taste delicious
  • He loves being able to be affectionate in little ways, like softly spreading the mask on his s/o’s face with his fingers - his touch grazing their cheeks, cresting over their lips, and across the pillowy skin beneath their eyes
  • He may or may not just so happen to lick off extra product if it gets too close to their mouth - for strictly hygenic purposes, of course!

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Lost--Obi-Wan Kenobi x Reader

You trudged through the desert of Tattooine, sweating profusely and becoming dizzy. Sleep was so tempting at the moment–it would give you relief from the pounding that was occurring in your head–but you stuck on your path to find civilization. The fine sand was difficult to walk through and you had to be extremely careful as not to fall into a Sarlacc Pit. The day was coming to an end as you decided to stop for the night, the two sun’s beginning to touch the horizon.

Your camp was nothing spectacular, but you knew that it was great for its easy mobility. You had a small tent, along with a blanket, a water jug, and some food to last you through your journey. You were lucky that these items were on your ship, or else you knew you wouldn’t survive.

Climbing inside the tiny tent, you layed out your blanket and placed your empty water jug in the corner and you held onto your food rations, staring at the last bite of food that you had. Your stomach grumbled loudly, aching for something in your stomach. This was the bite that you were holding out on most–it had been days since you’ve had anything to eat. Slowly opening the bag, you took the morsel and popped it into your mouth, savoring this last bite of food.

Next, you placed your backpack ahead of your blanket to use as your pillow. This had been the routine ever since you had to make an emergency landing on this desert wasteland. If only you would have refueled when you were supposed to, then this situation wouldn’t be happening–you’d be on Bothawui, not suffering alone in the middle of no where.

Your mouth watered slightly at the thought of any type of liquid entering your body. You’d finished the jug earlier this afternoon and your body was beginning to show the signs of dehydration. You sighed, laying back onto the floor of the tent, allowing yourself to drift to a peaceful, painless slumber.

When you woke up, the suns were just peeking above the dunes. Immediately, you packed up your stuff, pushing them into you backpack and slinging onto your shoulders. Walking forward, you began your day, determined to find anyone that could help you out.

It seemed like the dunes kept on going and going, the suns were now high in the sky, directly beating down on you. The dizziness became more intense and your headache began its attempt to crack through your skull. Nausea washed over you and you tried holding back the vomit, knowing that it was accelerate your rate of dehydration. You failed when you lurched forward and expelled the little amount that was in your stomach. You groaned–you were in pain and your hope was beginning to dwindle down.

“Why am I so stupid,” you said breathlessly, stumbling back into the direction you were going. You continued for about two more hours before you collapsed, your body not able to handle the heat anymore. The sand cushioned you and supported every curve around your body, molding to you. Comfort came from the soft touch it gave and your eyes began to grow heavy.

“No, I need to continue,” you stated dryly, trying to crawl your way to safety. Eventually, you passed out in the sand, letting the sun roast you like a tauntaun steak over a hot fire.

Soft cries awoke you from your peaceful slumber. You looked around to see that you were in a hut, more specifically you were laying on a soft bed inside of a hut. You sat up quickly dizziness overtaking your mind. You mouth was dry and your limbs ached.

“Oh, hello there,” said a dapper looking man with a nicely trimmed beard and clean looking hair. In his arms he held a small baby–a newborn from your experience around your small village.

“H-” you tried to speak but your dry mouth and unused vocal chords were betraying you. You scooted so your back was leaning against the wall for support.

“Here, drink this,” he said, handing you a cup of liquid in which you assumed was water. Taking it greatfully, you gulped it down, allowing it to soother your throat. A small chuckle came from your savior.

“Good thing I got to you when I did, or else you would be dead by now. Are you hungry, you’re looking pretty thin,” he said, observing the tunic that hung loosely from your body. You looked down at yourself and notuced that your weight surely was down. You nodded quickly, causing him to laugh some more.

“Alright, can you hold Luke while I go whip something up? I haven’t been able to get him to his uncle’s house yet,” he asked holding the baby out to you. You nodded, smiling and holding out your arms. Carefully, this man placed who he called Luke into your arms, making sure that he wasn’t awoken from his sleep once more.

“My name’s Obi-Wan Kenobi, by the way,” the man said before walking away, allowing you to study the room around you.

The walls looked very plain and on the floor was a small red rug. A small coffee table was placed in front of a couch and a vase with a plant laid beside the couch. In fact, the bed you were in wasn’t even in a room–it was just a little nook set in the living room of this hut, giving you a wide view of the majority of the house.

Moments later, Obi-Wan appeared with a tray of food and several cups filled with water, your stomach rumbled and your eyes grew wide, examining all of the food that was on the tray. He placed the tray in your lap as you handed the infant back to him. Carefully you over the cups over to the bedside table and then began eating. Most of this food was foreign to you, but you didn’t care–the only thing that mattered in this moment was your hunger. As soon as you were done with your meal you began to pound back the water, only stopping when you were so full of food and water. Only one filled cup out of five was left.

“Well, I guess you were hungry. How long were you out there for? Two weeks?” He asked you, sitting in a chair in front of the bed.

“It was a little less than two weeks, actually. I’m not used to heat and I was very ill prepared for this situation,” you said, chuckling nervously. Your voice was hoarse, but now you were able to speak at will. “The name’s (f/n) (l/n).”

“Well, (y/n), I guess it’s nice to meet you. I wish the circumstances were better but this will be a nice story for the future, don’t you think?” He said, causing you to chuckle softly. You nodded, looking around the room some more, you spotted a light saber.

“You’re a jedi?” You asked him excitedly. A sad smile came across his face as he looked down at the baby in his arms who was beginning to wake up.

“I was, but things are different now,” he solemnly said, causing a frown to replace your smile. The last thing you wanted to do was to make your savior feel down. “But anyway, where are you from and why are you here?”

“I from Hoth,” you said quietly, a yawn escaping your system. “And I’m here because I was low on fuel.”

“I can see now, you’re not used to this heat and you came unprepared for the desert,” he chuckled, standing up. “I’m going to drop this little guy off and you make yourself at home.”

“Alright,” you said, watching as he left the hut with the small infant in his hands. Yawning once more, you laid down in the bed, falling into another rest filled slumber.

It was morning when you woke up again. Sitting up, you had the urge to pee a river. You stood quickly, looking around the hut for a bathroom. Obi-Wan was nowhere to be seen and you began panicking, not knowing your way around this place.

“Why, good morning, (y/n),” he said, Emerging from the stairs, wearing a fresh pair of clothes and drinking a mug of hot coffee. “The bathroom and kitchen is up those stairs.”

“Thank you,” you said calmly, rushing up the five steps and into the kitchen. Going to left and around the corner, you saw the bathroom.

After emerging, you saw Obi-Wan holding a fresh pair of pants and a tunic, holding it out to you.

“I figured you’d want a fresh change of clothes after a shower so I bought these on the way home last night. Hopefully they fit,” he said, pushing you back into the bathroom.

You stood in front of the tub, trying to figure out how to work the shower. Twisting the knob to the right, you felt ice water hit your hand so you moved it more left, until the temperature was perfect. Stripping of your sweaty, sand infested clothes, you stepped into the soothing water that fell down on you, a smile coming to your face as you felt your tense muscles relax and your stress melt away.

The clothes that Obi-Wan had bought you fit for the most part–he was a good judge of size from appearance. The white tunic fit like a glove while the black pants were only slightly too big. You jumbled your dirty clothes together and stepped out of the bathroom, walking down the stairs and stuffing them into your backpack which rested on one of the many tables in this hut.

“So what was your ultimate destination?” He asked you, causing you to jump. You quickly turned to the Jedi, facing him.

“Bothawui, actually. I’ve always wanted to go there for some reason. I guess you can say I was drawn to it,” you told him honestly, shuffling your feet and fiddling with your hands. He smiled.

“Does it feel as though something is pulling you there?” He quizzed some more, his smile growing larger when you nodded.

“This is the force that you feel. It wants you to go there some day,” he said, causing your ears to perk and your eyes to widen.

“So are you saying that I could use the force?” You asked him excitedly. His smile continued to grow, watching your excitement.

“With training. That is, of course, if you want it. However, I do warn that you must remain on the down low–the Jedi order is no more,” Obi-Wan said, his smile shrinking. You raised your eyebrows in shock.

“What do you mean?” You asked him, watching as he looked at the stone flooring. 

“Anakin, my former padawan, turned to the dark side and wiped out most of the Jedi,” he said, an uneasy feeling settling in your stomach. “In my opinion, I suggest that you stay away from the force–it’d be for the better.” 

“I guess I’ll listen to you on that then. But can you tell me more about the Jedi and the force? I’ve never really been told about it,” you asked, hoping that he would at least acknowledge this request. He smiled and sat on the couch, patting the spot beside him for you to sit beside him. Obliging, he began to tell you the stories of the Jedi and the force. 

Many years later, you and Obi-Wan Kenobi married, had a son–who is now living on his own as an independent fifteen year old–and settled down with your lives. That is, until Obi-Wan was whisked away by that baby you had met years ago. When he left, he had told you that he wouldn’t be coming back and you were at peace with that fact, knowing that you both had lived out the best days of your lives. 

“May the force be with you, Obi-Wan. Until I see you again,” you said, watching as he left your hut to begin his final adventure. 

Metamorfo pt1

Summary: Avengers discover read at a hydra base.  They take her in and make her part of the team.  

A/N: I used google translate for her code name,  It’s supposed to be shifter in Portuguese. I don’t trust google, but its the only thing I got. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Warning: Electrical shock, needles, experimentation on human (reader), blood, angst (if you squint).


It was no hope in fighting or thinking about escape.  The torment that followed from failure was worse than the usual experimentation.  A pair of men holding pistols to your head escorted you to the all too recognizable ‘ medical’ room.  Walls were sparkling white yet the floors were filled with drops of dried blood.  Your blood.  It came from when you fought against the scientist and the had the guards punch the breath out of you.  

    As the guards strapped you to the table, you let your thoughts stray to look for a happy memory.  None were found since you never spent a day outside the lab or your cell.  You handler thought it would be best to give you some sort of education.  At age 10 you graduated HYDRA’s ‘school’ a Ph. D in all medical fields, writing, physical education, and murder.  A new voice awoke you from the memory search. Looking at the speaker you noticed the new scientist was a balding American man.  “I’m going to inject some serums into you.  Fight and we retaliate.”

    Being the strong willed person you are, you used your powers to shapeshift into an ant.  Once falling from your restraints, you slipped into the form of a large wolf.  As you headed towards the door electrical shocks attacked your skin. Collapsing a few feet from the door the guards held you down.  One for each leg and two for your mouth.  The scientist approached you with three needles each containing an amber liquid.  His soulless brown eyes met yours as he injected you with the liquids.  

    “This will return her to human form and then we can finish.”  Slowly you bones shifted back to a humans structure and the fur melted away.  Clothes that once covered (except for your undergarments) your skin rested, torn on the floor leaving you shivering.  As the amber liquid took over a burn spread through your body.  It was as if they set you ablaze.  The sounds of clattering trays and guns cocking back warned that there was something wrong.  “GET HER OUT OF HERE. DONT LET THE AVENGERS FIND HER!”

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anonymous asked:

just read that 'tall & chubby s/o can't wear boys hoodie's cuz she's big' ask and like, that shit resonated in my soul cuz I'm like 6 foot and i'm p fat so I've never been able to do traditional cutesy stuff with people I dated because I've always been bigger than them. How would the uf bros, uf gaster, mt bros, and mt gaster react to finding out the reason their fem so never dresses girly/cute is because "Girls my size are never cute, so what's the point? I'm better off with my jeans/suits." :(

UF Sans

Sweetheart, 90% of the people he knows are taller then him, one of those his brother who wears heels and even cute skirt at home, from time to time. You hear Papyrus scream from the distance about his now not so secret secret. He will roam the stores of the nearest mall after your talk, mostly sleeping on randome benches and once in the fountain for some reasone.

He finds some cute stuff on your size and fitting for your body type and just leaves it out in the living room. He actually got help from some people woring in the store, awakwardly asking them for advice. He won’t force you to wear it, but he will hint at loving to see you in something cute. 

UF Papyrus: He is a 7 foot tall motherfucker, 7.4 in heels. He knows the struggles tall people go trough, especially if they want to wear cute or cool clothes. But don’t fear, the terrible Papyrus is here. His outfite was sewn by Sans, but he picked up that skill too, not wanting to always ask his brother to sew him some clothes when he couldn’t find anyting good in his size.

So he will cute up some of your clothes. He won’t just grab randome clothes, he will actually ask, not wanting to just change your clothes without informing you about it. Where did he get so many tastefully coloured fabric from. That’s his secret. He wll prove to you that you can wear cute clothes, even though he thinks you are already cute even without.

UF Gaster: He is a tall, goopy mass of a man, so finding clothes he is actually able to wear is near impossible. Especially since some of his clothes melted into his bones, now forming a weird, black mass, barely resembling the suit it once was. He things you are cute as heck, but he does want to show you that. And show you that you can wear cute clothes.

His attempt will be pretty…bad. He will goop all over the clothes he found after a long search, not satisfide with everything, dragging the shopping trip out over a whole day. He is so nervouse, he doesn’t know if he actually picked cute clothes, he doesn’t know that much about cute stuff. Like look at his universe, there is nothing cute going on there. And when hes nervous he starts dripping. But the clothes are pretty cute. Sligthly edgy, but still cute. 

MT Sans: He is a suit and tie guy himself, so he never thought it strange that you wear suits to. When you tell him that you don’t feel cute, and don’t think you can wear cute things..well he has contacts. He will take you out one day to a small shop, run by Muffet. She has a bakery at the front, but sews clothes for the whole gang and sells weapons they might need, at the back.

If you are alright with it, she will sew you a perfectly fitting, adorable dress. And Sans will take you out to the nearest restaurant to show everybody how good you look in cute things.

MT Papyrus: If he didn’t become the gangs best sniper, he might have choosen a tailor careere. He really loves fashion on a low key level, often prettying up his own clothes. You can’t wear a west without bones, and his pinestripe suits stripes are actually tiny words, repeated in a row, spelling out “cool dude”. He can’t sew new clothes, and he can’t make a lot of changes, but he can pretty up your suit. 

MT Gaster: He is a scientist, not a fashion expert will his brash answere be. It’s hard to talk to him when he isn’t working, so you tell him while he is sitting at some experiement. The bad things about that is, there is a 50/50 chance that whatever he is doing is going bad, and he is in a sour mood, which makes his answers short and unfriendly. He does apologize right afterwards, not actually wanting to snap at you.

He will blackmail a few of the lower ranked gang members to get some dresses and other nice clothes for him the next time they take part in a heist. He will drop them on you while you sleep, unsure what to say, so he goes for that, before walking out again right away.

May 7th - Justice League

‘Ahem,’ Flash said briefly. Logan raised an eyebrow. ‘I’m sure you know the drill, guys. I don’t want to have to hurt you.’

‘That’s the benefit of being fucking psychopathic,’ Raven responded. ‘We do want to hurt you.’

They had been waiting on the steps of the Capitol Building for maybe thirty seconds, watching interestedly as crowds of people scattered in chaotic fashion away from the green in front of them. The huge white dome loomed above, providing a suitably dramatic backdrop. Gar bounced on the tips of his toes.
‘Damn, I love this.’
‘Me too.’
‘Why did we never do this before, Rae?’
‘No clue. Ask Dick.’
‘It is kinda his fault, ain’t it?’ There was a pause. Gar tapped his foot impatiently. ‘Fastest man alive, my ass. It’s been at least a minute since –’

The air in front of them erupted, a thunderclap echoing around the huge space. Raven shielded her eyes, squinting uncomfortably into the glare.
‘Right on time.’

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Tourism is no less interesting, located on the border between Banyuwangi and Bondowoso East Java province is the mountain or crater of Ijen. Ijen is one of the active volcano in Indonesia. Mount Ijen has 2,368 meters above sea level high. Kawah Ijen crater which is a tar-acid in the world has a depth of about 200 meters and wide crater about 5,466 hectares. To enjoy the beauty of Ijen crater takes about 2 hours, but it was comparable to what can be obtained for the Ijen crater offers the charm of outstanding natural beauty, especially when watching the blue flame / Ijen BlueFire / Tourism bluefame phenomenal crater.

The crater has a depth of approximately 300 meters below kalderaKawah wall with an area of 20 sq km caldera surrounded by walls as high as 300-500 meters. Additionally, acids which exist in craters near zero with temperatures reaching 200 degrees Celsius, which means the water crater enough to melt even the clothes of the human body in a short time.

anonymous asked:

I just love your angst!!! I need more in my life, sooo can you make scenarios with UT UF US bros cheating on their s/o and they are caught while doing it and s/o just says: "i came here to see if you want to have some fun but it seems that you already have company so i'm going to find someone who wants to be with me, sorry for bothering you" and then walks away to leave the house with tears on their eyes.The skeles reaction please and it's up to you if it's going to have a happy end!! Thank you

(I can’t see them actually cheating, cause they are assholes sometimes, but if your their s/o they love you. SO I’m gonna make this a misunderstanding  so it can have a happy ending.)

UT Sans: Yeah, that’s not how things where supposed to go. He was just hanging out with Charlie, or Drunk Bunny how everybody knew them, like they often did. They weren’t exactly close, Sans didn’t even knew where the other lived or when theyr birthday was, they just drank together from time to time, sometimes just hanging out at lunch break and talking about random things.

Charlie stopped by Sans sentry station in Hotland..ok his illegal Hot dog stand which was actually a sentry station. They were talking about Mettatons last nights show, about how business is going and other random things. Charlie suddenly stopped, looking off into space,”Hey Sansy….do you…do you mind if I do a thing real quick?” Sans just raised his boney brow, he wasn’t really sure what this was about.

“uhm..yeah, sure…” He didn’t really manage to say anything else, Charlie chrashing their lips onto his theet, hands behind Sans head and pulling them closer together, while leaning over the counter of the station. Sans eyes widened and he pulled away quickly, but before one of them could comment what just happened, both of them where interrupted.

“Well…I came here to see if you want to have some fu. But it seems that you already have company, so i’m going to find someone who wants to be with me!… sorry for bothering you.” You where standing a bit away, apperently just arrived trough the ferry, some snow still clutching to your clothes, but melting fast.

You turned around, whiping at your eyes and ran away quickly. Sans shouted after you to let him explain, Charlie holding a hand infront of their mouth, shocked at what just happened.”Oh….my god. Are you and them a thing?” Sans just nodded, head in his hands. “Shit, I’m so sorry!…What are you doing? Run after them! Come one, go, go, go! We can talk about this mess later, they are more important!” Sans nodded at them, getting up and teleporting in the direction you ran off to.

He asked around a bit, searchign trough half of Hotland until he found you waiting infront of the elevator to new Home. He came closer to you “babe…i know how this whole thing looked….and I know how it sounds when i start this way to…hehe….but charlie didn’t knew i was already with you, they didn’t even warn me, was as shocked as you probably where…i…i just wanted to explaing what happend. if you’re still angry, or if you want to be alone i let you. but please believe me that i love you and i wouldn’t start such a thing myself.”

It is your choice if you belive him or not.

UT Papyrus: Hooo boy, he never had that much attention before. Two cat monsters and a bird monster surrounded him, complimenting him and his heroic costume. It was like heaven to him, and then the compliments turned more saucy, and he started to sweat and blush sligthly. “I…I REALLY APREACIATE YOU SEEING HOW GREAT I AM, BUT COULD YOU MAYBE….UHM…NOT FLIRT..?”

Things got a little more awkward after that, none of the three laying of the flirting, and Papyrus starting to awkwardly shift, not knowing how to get out of this situation. Thats when one of the cats suddenly got bolder then the other two, grabbing Papyrus arm and pressing herself against him, purring how handsome he is. The other two followed suit, purring, hugging and stroking from all sides, and that’s how you find them. “Hi ‘rus…I wanted to see if you want to have some fun….but you seem to already have enough with this three here, so I’m jsut going to find somebody else who wants me around…”

He almost starts crying himself when he sees you crying, the other three jumping away from him after realizing that he isn’t single and not ready to mingle. Papyrus runs after you, catching you retty fast with his long legs and incredible speed. “DATEFRIEND I’M SORRY FOR UPSETTING YOU! I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING TO STOP THEM FROM FLIRTING, SO IT IS AS MUCH MY FAULT, BUT I WOULD NEVER PICK SOMEBODY ELSE ABOVE SOMEBODY AS AMAZINGTASTIK AS YOU! WELL..MAYBE MY BROTHER. BUT YOU ARE A CLOSE SECOND THERE!”

Awkward bonefriend just wants you to forgive him and will ramble on until you stop him.

UF Sans: He wanted to try some of the shadier areas of town. After coming aboveground things where nice and friendly, and he really didn’t mind. But a part of him did miss the thrill a tiny bit. So he found the grittiest, darkest bar in town, sitting at a dusty counter and sipping slowly at a double whiskey. Internally he was giggling at how edgy he probably looked.

One of the patrons at the bar seemed to be interested in him, always throwing glanzes in his direction until they finally got up and sat down on the empty bar stool besides him. “Hey handsome, i really want to spring those bones of you.” Sans just smirked, that’s a pick up line he hasn’t heard before. “ah, sorry sweety, but no boneing happening here today, he he he.”

But they didn’t knock it off. Sliding their hands onto his shoulder and pulling him closer. Sans snapped to full on defend mode for a second, before remembering that his life probably wasn’t in danger here. Bt how to handle such a situation, he didn’t knew. They where almost touching his face with theirs, leaning even closer. You clear your troath loudly,  just walked into the small, dirty bar.

“ah, shit, honey! that looks realy shitty i know, but…” “I just wanted to see if you want to have some fun, but looks like you already have some company so I’m jsut gonna leave and find somebody who want’s me around.” You turn around, tears streaming down your face. The person lets go off Sans fast, but still looks at him with a hungry gaze, “If they don’t want you back, I’m gonna be here for quite a while.”

Sans teleports outside, looking frantically to the left and rigth, spotting you just a few feet away, walking fast. He teleports beside you, holding your arm in a pretty loose grip, if you wanted to you could just keep on walking. “sugar, please wait, i swear that nothing happened! i know that i’m a dumbfuck and an idiot, but i would never do something like that, please, i know i’m a fuck up and i fucked up but please just listen to him.” He slides into a bit of an hysteric rambling, please calm him down somehow, even if you don’t forgive him.

UF Papyrus: Even though he is a bit of a stubborn asshole, he is still the leader o the royal guard, and he is doing a hell of a good job. Which brings a lot of fans with it. There a lot of people that swoon after him, and a handfull that even tried to get closer to him. But since word got out that he is already in an relationship, things calmed down a bit. People still admired him, but nobody was threwing themself at him anymore. Well, at least for some time.

He was in his cramped second office in Waterfall, the one in New home still beeing renovated, reading a report about a few railings that need repair and about to go on a patrole. He was just waiting with you, because you insisted on coming with him, so you can spend some more time together, and he really didn’t mind since it was a quiet part of the Underground and you were saver with him then anywhere else. 

It knocked on the door, and since he didn’t expect anybody else he cheerily replied “COME INSIDE!”. Who entered wasn’t you though. It was one  of the newer faces in the guard, a dog monster, Papyrus met him at the ceremonie that all new members attendet when suceeding in the trial they had to endure before joining.

“Uhm…hello, I…I just wanted to give you my report…so I can thank you for letting me join!”, he said looking at Papyrus with big eyes. Papyrus sighed, another fan apparently. Usually hes happy about the attention, but he didn’t have the time for this at the moment. “AH…YES, PLEASE JUST PUT THEM ON MY TABLE.”, Papyrus waved his hand in the direction and the dog entered, looking around in amazement. 

He put the paper down where he was ordered to, but he didn’t leave. Instead he walked around the table until he was standing next to the skeletton. Papyrus was taken a back for a moment, “WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU DOING?” The dog came closer, Papyrus reading his attacks, but instead of and assassination attempt, like Papyrus expected, the whole thing was just a hug.

He pressed his body against Papyruss, sniffing his neck and head, even licking his cheeks. “Oh…I always wanted to meet you…I wanted it so bad…and now you are finally infront of me.” Papyrus tried to pry the other off, not wanting to use violence in such a situation. The dog monster started to tear at Papyrus shirt collar, now stradling him fully, still licking and hugging him. 

Papyrus stiffled a laugh, this was an absurde situation, he was just glad he wasn’t uncomfortable with beeing touched by strangers like his brother is. “PRIVATE! I COMMAND THAT YOU STOP THIS THIS INSTANT, THIS IS NOT HOW MEMBERS OF THE ROYAL GUARD BEHA-…” His eyes fall on you in the door way.

“I came here so we could patrol together…but it seems that you already have company. I’m going to find someone…someone else who wants to be with me, sorry for bothering you…” He sees you run away, tears already shining in your eyes. Shit. He shoves the dog of, roaring at him that this will have consequences while running after you.

He follows you outside, one of the guards positioned at the entrance pointing him in the rigth direction and he runs. And he runs more. He looks around, almost in Hotland already. He is fast,very fast so where are you? There wasn’t really another way you could have taken, so how did he miss you. He tracks back, hoping that maybe you are hiding in one of the sidecaves, walking back almost the whole way before he stops.

There is a broken railing on a bridge, probably one of the few that need repairing. There is a scrap of frabric on the bridge, and  scratchmarks from fingernails. There is your body, lying in the shallow water deep below.

US Sans: Poor Sans has no idea what is happening. He isn’t stupid, but reading other people is often a bit on the harder side for him, especially if somebody is romantically or sexually interested in him. He is at his sentry station in Snowdin, and one of the nice sisters of the Inn keeper was showering him in attention. She was complimenting his looks and personality, and how well he is running his sentry station.

“YES OF COURSE! IT MAY JUST BE A CARDBOARD BOX, BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN IT ISN’T WONDERFULLY CRAFTED. YOU HAVE A VERY GOOD EYE FOR THIS!” he was completly oblivious to the flirting, just thinking somebody is finally realizing how magneficient he is and giving him the attention he deserves. 

The bunny was leaning closer to him, the more time passed, slowly getting close enough to stroke his cheek. Sans leaned sligthly away, confused. But the bunny leaned even closer, she wasn’t ready to give up that fast. She climbed over the counter of the station quickly, stradling Sans, who realized that the he read the situation completly wrong from the begining. 

“I came here to see if you want to have some fun, but it seems that you already have company….” both Sans and the bunnys head whipped around to the side, seeing you stand there. You turned around withouth another word.

“DATEFRIEND WAIT!”, the bunny climbed from Sans fast, covering her face with her hands in embaressement. Sans  jumped up quickly, running after you fast, while screaming an excuse back to the bunny and catching you a bit before the dogs sentry stations. “DATEFRIEND I’M SORRY! I, BEEING USUALLY MAGNIFICIANT, MADE A NOT SO MAGNIFICIANT MISTAKE!”


Now you’re both in tears, jeez…Will you forgive him?

US Papyrus: Ah…wellp, that went pretty shitty. He was at muffets, drinking some off the honey-cider Muffet keeps specially for him, a nice little buzz settling into his bones. A few more people where there too, the Bird monster next to him already way more then just buzzed. The bird has his head on the counter, talking nonsense and suddenly looks at Papyrus. He looks back, wiggling his brows just to goof around.

Suddenly the bird sits up straigth, slinging his arms around Papyrus neck and nuzzling into his neck. “woah there, buddy…” The bird doesn’t let go though, falling asleep in that position promptly, every try to wiggle out of his grip just making the bird snuggle closer to Papyrus. Then the door opens and you enter, and Papyrus looks at you with shocked eyes. Not shocked because of you, still shocked at the bird suddenly throwing himself at him.

“Hey….I just came here to see if you want to have some fun…but you seem to already have other company. So…bye I guess.”

He tries to get up, the bird still clutching to him like a death weigth pulling them both to the floor. Papyrus finally wiggles free, shouting to Muffet to put it on his tab and runs after you. He gives up running after about half a minute, already sligthly weezing from the extersion, he is just glad that you can see so far Underground, he sees you heading into the direction of waterfall even from here and teleports infront of you.

“heya…i know that that looked weird. but the guy literally fell asleep on me, i honestly didn’t even provoke that…so, you wanna maybe still do something fun? you are always one of the best company i can have.”

(One of them is not like the others, one of them ends in a shitty way. Sorry my finger slipped :’3 )