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“This is gonna hurt a bit…” a lie as it was going to hurt a lot. “But I have to make sure you don’t have any malicious magic residue in here okay?” Butters whimpered in pain but allowed the Skeleton to help her, gripping his arm from the pain. 


 || Just a small scene from an rp between me and a friend~ || 

 Butters © me 

Smokey © @humerus-vertebro


|| some more designs for two more AU/verses for my blog. Honestly I love the idea of Overtale quite a bit and Swapfell has always been interesting to me as it combines two different aus and makes a very cool outcome. ||


Chara or ‘Butters’ as Risk called them, barely just escaped from the ruins, closing the door of the ruins behind her. Risk smirked and put her hands on her hips. “Wow I didn’t expect you to actually pull it off. Your more devious then I thought~” Risk teased while Butters bit her lip and readjusted her bag which contained Temmie. “L-Let’s just get moving Risk… I-I really hope all monsters aren’t like him…” She said softly, referring to Lord Asgore who had been the ‘caretaker’ of the ruins. What sounded like a roar came from behind the Ruins Door but it quickly grew faint as the pair made their way away from the Ruins. 

The pair eventually passed a branch, Risk stepped on it, snapping it with a crack causing Butters to jump. “R-Risk! Don’t do that! W-What if someone hears that?” She asked while the dark haired female snorted and made her way in front of them. “Really, you think someone would be all the way out here?” She asked while leaning towards them before crossing the bridge, making Butters quickly follow after her. “…I-It’s possible..” She said softly while noticing a sentry station up ahead, unaware they were no longer in their own verse anymore.

“W-What’s that?”

I guess we’re going to Grillby’s || Closed Rp


Butters felt a bit out of it as her and her ‘sister’ reached Snowdin, everyone… seemed much nicer and a lot less threatening… It was strangely… weird… The duo carefully made their way into Grillby’s. The red head shaking off the snow lightly as Almond brushed it off with a huff as she went to find them a seat, Butters quickly trailed after her, looking quite nervous with all the monsters around.


A lot of ppl sleep on Laurent like 99% of the time and don’t notice his moves. Les Twins move really fast and a lot of Laurent moves is subtle so ppl miss those all the time. Larry is fanboying over Laurent every time because he sees what other ppl miss noticing. Which is also why Laurent doesn’t need anyones approval on his dance style. He dances for himself and for Larry we are just bystanders so to speak lol

Can I also mention how much I love all those twin moments that are happening and wonderful fans captured on all those fan-cams? I literally am melting inside out since SF workshop!! They both are so precious!! Lovely Christmas present.