A followed me shortly after I made a post about not calling B “backup” and B followed me shortly after I made a post about not calling A “alternate”.

Now I’m no expert but I don’t think that’s a coincidence.


the same hot lightning that burns your blood with passion… cools your fears with peace. ❞ ― aberjhani

it’s terrifying to me how korra/atla can have brutal murders, suicide, genocide, full-on war, child abuse, torture, and more… and people only get up in arms about it being on a children’s network when two girls are in love. two girls that are holding hands. honestly, what kind of society do we even live in.



in the episode of atla titled avatar day, we learn that avatar kyoshi killed a man named chin the conqueror

“during the life of avatar kyoshi, he launched a largely successful conquest of the earth kingdom and aimed to overthrow the authoritarian 46th earth king.[x]
”… the 46th earth king’s rule was unpopular among the populace of the earth kingdom. using this to his advantage, a warlord named chin launched a war to conquer the continent.“ [x]

it is clear that kuvira and her conquest can easily be paralleled to chin.

”… as an extremely stubborn and proud man, chin even tried to force the avatar to submit to him… while his foes… called him “a horrible tyrant,” the descendants of his followers idolized him as a “glorious leaderchin’s actions were often cruel and evocative… the sheer size of his army and his successes during his campaign proved that chin may have been cruel and ruthless, but was also a very charismatic person and an effective strategist… however, it was his final moments that best showed his true character. when chin prepared to invade the avatar’s peninsula, he gathered his massive army to intimidate kyoshi, a plan that failed completely.[x]

there may be foreshadowing here, too, but we’ll have to see for sure! one of my guesses is that she may be a descendant of chin, or a descendant of one of his followers, and maybe raised to believe in his ideals. whatever the case, this is an interesting parallel and i can’t wait to find out kuvira’s true intentions and background!


❝ there are no contests in the art of peace. a true warrior is invincible because he or she contests with nothing. defeat means to defeat the mind of contention that we harbor within.❞ ― morihei ueshiba