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An accurate description of me, watching River and Twelve together, next to each other, breathing the same oxigen, in the Christmas Special 2015

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Alice who fell down a black hole. She was forced apart from all the things she held dear, and she was so confused and sad and furious, she wept a lake of tears so deep that she could swim in it, and the only way she could escape it was to run. I never cry. [The Diary of River Song: The Boundless Sea]

What do I need of Doctor Who Christmas special 2015

A screenshot with the Twelve’s face when he sees River again.

A photoset with the exact scene when Twelve sees River again.

A fan art that represents the exact expression of Twelve when he sees River again.

A manip that gather in an image every emotion passing through Twelve’s face when he sees River again.

A cosplay representing the exact moment when Twelve sees River again.

A parallel with earlier scenes with the past Doctors with River, and the scene of Twelve sees River again.

An introspection!fanfic which describe the emotions of Twelve seeing River again.

And a kiss, a big damn kiss, or maybe two, if not too much to ask.

And a hug, please.


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