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So since people are swearing on their lives that PewDiePie’s Nazi and Jew jokes are ~satire, I decided to dig up the response from the Daily Stormer to a protest by dancers wearing swastikas and reenacting “Springtime for Hitler” from The Producers (a movie/musical written by a Jewish man that actually does satirize Hitler and Nazis).

The Daily Stormer’s response? They call it stupid, make some homophobic remark, and then post an antisemitic caricature. They don’t hail the dancers as “making the public comfortable with our ideas.” They don’t call Mel Brooks /ourguy/. They’re annoyed by it because they know they’re made into a joke.

There’s a difference between shitty humor at the expense of others for shock value and actual, legitimate satire.

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Okay, this is just a rhetorical question, but I wonder why there are a lot people who loves the idea of Mika being a yandere when writing fanfictions? (when he's not canonically). I think we've had enough of Yandere!Mika or Yuu-Mika relationship is unhealthy bullsh*ts in the fandom. Sure, it's up to them to decide the characterizations in their fanfics, but I'm pretty sure that they'd be irritated if a non-shipper uses the Yandere!Mika excuse to bash MikaYuuMika.

I don’t get it either. I honestly don’t like many stereotypes some mikayuu fans like…
I used to find them funny until I realized some people thought Mika was really that way. It’s a pretty shallow interpretation and the fact that some people hate Mika because they also see him this way makes it worse.

Anyone who pays at least a little bit of attention to the story can see that Mika’s behavior is completely understandable.

Mika: tries to save Yuu —> Yuu: claims humans are his friends —> shit happens

Not to mention

There’s a part of this fandom that fails to realize Mika’s still a 16 year old boy who’s dealt with abuses his whole life. Literally all he ever wanted was to have a family, and now he keeps fighting so that his sole remaining family member can survive. He never wanted power, an eternal life or being recognized for anything he did. A family is all he ever asked for. He even tried to gain the love of his first, crazy family that kept abusing and hurting him.

I’m at this point where all I want is for Mika to get his deserved development and trust people beside Yuu. Mika is not happy, and he is only getting worse.
I thought we would see him fighting alongside the squad and getting more reasons to trust them in these chapters, but once again he stayed with Yuu only.

Mika is my favorite character and it’s painful to see him being stuck in the same position all the time. I want him to grow, to laugh with and rely on other people, and not only on Yuu… as much as I love how special Yuu is to him, it’s starting to become painful to read. I know he’ll always be the most important person to Mika. He’s always been. But he just can’t be the ONLY person for him. Mika can’t keep chasing after Yuu and suffering more and more of paranoia during the whole manga.

I can’t like a mikayuu where Mika is always obsessed on Yuu. I just can’t like those tropes the fandom does.

I get some people might like this and it’s the reason I think it’s almost fanservice-like how painfully slow his development is being. I understand but, at the same time, it worries me that he could stay this way. It worries me that it could happen because it’s what a big amount of the fans want.

Every single interaction between Mika and the squad is important to me.

I hope we get to see Mika being protective of the squad just like he is with Yuu at some point.

Mika is not a crazy yandere but he’s not a super strong and mentally-stable character either. He’s just like any other member of the squad: he’s been alone his whole life and now he needs people to rely on and a reason to keep fighting, besides Yuu’s safety. He needs to know he is important too. He needs to trust and be trusted by others.

alright but i’m real pissed off about riverdale

more specifially, its portrayal of queerness. or lack of it.

so we all remember the first trailers that heavily featured betty and veronica making out, right? and how much queerbait that was? and how lili reinhart later made a statement saying that they were never going to portray a lesbian relationship like that on the show since they weren’t “fanfiction”?

and now cheryl is being heavily lesbian-coded, and not in a good way.

now, there are two options here: 1, she’s not actually a lesbian and we’re just being super queer baited again. 2, she is a lesbian and into josie, but she’s also emotionally manipulating her, straight up tormenting her, and being super possessive of her time and becoming insanely jealous of anyone else who shows the slightest interest in her (chuck and reggie)

neither option is good, and it really just goes to show how little riverdale cares about diversity, no matter how much they’ve been lauded for their four black (one of whom is a side character and three of whom are background characters), one asian character (who’s a side character) and one latina character

the sweetest sound to my ears. rated t.

in the time they had been together, sasuke had never been good at showing her just how deeply he felt for her. she knew he loved her, had known for a long while now; could see it in the depths of his eyes when he looked at her, could hear it in the way he sighed against her neck after long nights. 

yet it was all too new to him, too confusing. he was still getting used to her, to them, even after two years together–since he had allowed himself to have her, to let himself finally be submerged in her love.

but he was trying, sakura knew.

he would probably never be comfortable showing affection in public, but sakura didn’t mind, because behind closed doors sasuke always did his best to make up for it. he pressed feather-light kisses to her hair, ran the tip of his fingers softly across her arm, fluttered his lips to her shoulder on lazy mornings in a half-awake greeting. he was cautious, nearly unsure sometimes, but that was alright. he just needed time.

but there were moments sasuke took her by surprise. moments where he stared at her with such awe, and cupped her cheek with his single hand, before bringing her against him for a hard, passionate kiss. moving his mouth over hers with a kind of feverish affection, brows furrowed tight as he held her firmly, tracing his thumb tenderly at the line of her jaw.

he would take her to bed. gaze down at her as she tried to catch her breath, cheeks flushed and black eyes glazed over with such genuine fondness and appreciation. he would reach down and cup her face again, pressing his lips to hers with a less zealous touch, kissing her with a more gentle passion. like he was cherishing her, like he couldn’t believe he was so lucky to have her.

moments where she could feel his love seeping into her pores, warming her up to her very soul. 

most often, moments after she whispered to him, “i love you.”

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Alone on a Friday night II Closed starter


Mel looked around the bar and sighed. It had been fifteen minutes since Vin texted her to tell her that he’d be late. Some demon was causing trouble again. She rolled her eyes for herself and took a big sip from her whiskey on the rocks.

She could sense the guy before she saw him. But when she actually looked at him she wanted to roll her eyes again. He was the exact opposite of Vin, which just served to make Mel more annoyed. “Piss off,” she muttered and took another sip of her drink.


This was fine. This wasn’t anything he’d never done before, and it hadn’t made him feel any worse about himself then. Plus, Valon had seen him in a dress at least once, so that wasn’t new, either. Amelda exhaled, adjusting his clothing self-consciously before opening the door and stepping gingerly into Valon’s home. Admittedly, the lip gloss was a bit much for a casual visit, especially when paired with an outfit that begged overkill already, but if he was going to be a princess today—and he was certain he would be—then he had to be a damn pretty princess, right? There was no half-assing these things [except for heels; Mel refused those on principal].

“Valon?” He called, drawing up his red gown to venture further into the house. Of course he had to wear the nearly floor-length one today when things were messy, but… knowing how things were for Valon right now, Mel was more annoyed with his own choices than with the state of disarray. Perhaps later he’d even help clean up. When the redhead had suddenly became a[n awkwardly] supportive friend, he’d never know, but he couldn’t ignore Valon. Sometimes—no, at first, he hadn’t wanted to see him, but that was then. Now he knew there was a child involved.

“You called me, so don’t make me wait down here all by myself in this infernal thing,” Amelda tried again, a little surprised that Victoria hadn’t appeared yet, either. Was she visiting someone else or were they toying with him?