I had to leave a doctor’s appointment today.  The worst thing about going to the doctor’s is that I still go to a pediatrician.  Aside from waiting to be examined with three year-olds, something really inappropriate happened with a really hot nurse that I'm really proud of.

“Hello? Who is this? D-Dad…? Don’t hi sweetie me. No, I don’t… I can’t talk to you right now, alright? No, you can’t call me later. God, dad. I just… You made your choice, okay? And that’s… That’s it. Please don’t call again. Goodbye.”          How long have you been standing there for?

After football practice, I hit the showers since I was obviously covered in dirt and sweat, and when I got out my towel and clothes were missing.  Do you know how embarrassing it is to ask your mom do bring you clothes?