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Dans gonna have to buy phil one of those backpack stuffed animals with a leash on it for american tatinof, he cant even keep track of him on the damn tube

I found a screenshot of a tweet that made me laugh that I took a while ago but now im realizing its fake, credit to @fakephan_tweets (on twitter i’m assuming) for a brilliant idea that has probably actually happened irl lets be honest

***Bonus points: reblog with what dan based story you think phil was telling that poor random old lady***

EDIT: Credit to the brilliant and lovely @destihelp on Instagram!!! go check her out!!! 


heyyy im back with some more phan trash since you guys liked the last one so much

this is of danisnotonfire and amazingphil ’s newest colab with Pewdiepie! it was really great and cute you gotta go watch it if you haven’t already

heres the link:

Phil just really loves animals okay

Also don’t be afraid to come visit my blog to suggest or request stuff! always looking for new stuff to draw!


Okay but if I know Viktor he is NOT going to take this well I am so worried for that beautiful russian teddy bear. for every tear he sheds I will throw 10 (ten) homophobes into the sea

lets pretend this happened at the end of ep 11 instead

thats what you get for pretending to resign in episode 7 viktor

now elope with him and adopt 7 more dogs and be happy for the rest of your long gay lives because thats all I want out of life anymore

Isn’t it remarkable, Steven?

Oh my lovely Rose… Oddly I think so often of the Rose statue sitting all by itself in her garden. I like to think Steven visits it sometimes in secret, maybe more when he gets older… You know, to keep her company…


Bonus for those of you that love to hate their own lives like I do: