Yeah. I think the biggest problem with Andrea in the television series was that they decided not to put in her relationship with Dale in favour of building a “relationship” with Shane. Andrea was rightly depressed and moody and lost after the death of her sister, and in the comics by having her and Dale get closer and Dale helping her work through her pain (pain he understood from losing his wife), Andrea was able to gradually pick herself up and channel the anger she had into a valuable asset for the group (under the gun tutelage of Rick).

But instead Dale fell into the background in favour of Shane… I dunno, because I guess he wasn’t old like Dale and therefore hotter. But Shane was just a trainwreck after they kept him around for season 2, and I think Andrea’s relationship with Shane (both as violently sexual and as the student-teacher) shaped her into the person she is in the show now - which is a conflicting personality-less thorn in everyone’s side.


My problem is there IS no quiet for me to do any of those things… :(

My father is coming home early all the time and they sit and watch TV really loudly and make me feel like a third wheel and I just am not being given a single moment of peace to read quietly or relax.

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I’ve never read this series

When I took a Children’s Literature course a couple years ago, “The Golden Compass” was one of the books we had to read. Overall I rather enjoyed it and have been meaning to read the other two in the trilogy as well, but the author at times didn’t seem like they could make up their mind if they were anti-unquestioning-institutions, anti-Church, or anti-religion and he wasn’t subtle about it at all.

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Oh it was preachy. every time Aslan appeared, it seemed like Christian propaganda to me (especially the end). But somehow it was my favorite, because it was entertaining, unlike Prince Caspian.

Ugh, that’s the part that I think bothered me the most. With “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” the symbolism of Aslan = Jesus isn’t as obvious until the the whole stone table scene and later resurrection. And then (at least for me) you’re left going “Ohhhhhhhhhh, okay” and there’s a LOT of symbolism and reference to the Passion thrown in but in a way that’s just creative and to instill a greater meaning or symbolism. But then afterwards it just gets progressively more heavy-handed and preachy and just distracts from any element of fantasy or story-telling.

That’s part of the reason why I kind of enjoyed but also really couldn’t stand His Dark Materials. The author didn’t call it “the atheist’s Narnia” for nothing.

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Why can’t you?

The company my dad currently works for and his previous employer are official sponsors of the festival, so every year employees can put their names down on a list for passes to screenings, galas, and premieres. My dad took my mother to a couple in the past, but since I became old enough to legally attend these things, my dad has gotten close to the top of the list but someone has always come and claimed the tickets and passes before him OR I have had to work.