Melontropics, a side project from Cherub‘s Jordan Kelley and singer-songwriter-to-watch Natalie Prass, nails the screw-faced aura of early ’90s R&B and balladry without the need for contemporary hipster fireworks. Their Open Secrets EP, which was recorded and mixed in a mere five days, gives you five potential paths to grab onto. Whether it’s “Ghost Boy” and its Janet-nodding creep, the steadfast romanticism of “While You Play,” “All I Want” getting sampledelic and running into the dreamy “War Is In The Face” or the pillow dance turned ’80s guitar freakout on “Of The Beloved,” there’s a concise, catchy songwriting at play and Prass’ vocals ooze a soulful potential.” RCRD LBL

Photography and Album Art by Burgess Creative

August 22, 2012

Wednesday.  Put Clockwork Angels by Rush back in the car CD player today.  Yep, it’s still just as awesome.

-After seeing Steve Vai last night, I felt compelled to watch his super-cheesy music video for “For The Love Of God”.  So good.

-Listened to the new collaborative EP between Natalie Prass and one of the guys from Cherub, Open Secret by Melontropics.  It’s very electro (duh, Cherub), so it’s not exactly my thing, but I find it hard to dislike anything Natalie Prass is involved with.  Really dig her creative output.  Check it out, I think it’s free to download!

-Watched a clip of Devin Townsend Project playing “Kingdom” from the By A Thread dvds.  I never get tired of how amazed I am by this guy.  Can’t wait for Epicloud!

-A new Aerosmith song, “Lover A Lot”, is available for streaming.  Sounds just as mediocre as I expected..

Melontropics: Open Secrets EP

Melontropics is an R&B/Electronic/Dreamy side project by Jordan Kelley from Cherub and Natalie Prass, singer/songwritter, which was recorded in a matter of days, five to be exact. This duo have some serious talent by themselves and together it’s pretty much magic, so go right ahead and listen or download the entire Open Secrets EP below.