“ we dance  (mostly) Latino rhythms , but we enjoy other rhythms as well ! It was founded by Cuba. ”

OOC: Me and my friends have this headcanon that the latino countries would have a separated Club, and since most of latino rhythms are known internationally I guess they all would be great dancing! Cuba was the founder because It’s the country who has inveted most of the rhythms. Yahoo! 
Chile OC belongs to my lovely peep melonstyle in dA and tumblr! ♥ Go and visit her!.

Happy Holidays!

Ahh, I know this is a couple days early, but I wanna make sure I upload it. This is my gift for some of the best of friends I’ve made on dA over this past year. I apologize for not being very active or talkative throughout these past months that I’ve been busy with college, but I want all you lovely ladies to know that I love you all and you are wonderful friends! I couldn’t imagine life and the hetalia fandom without you or your wonderful OC’s!

I’ve wanted to draw this squad of OC’s together for a while now, but never had a good reason to, until now! They’re enjoying each other’s company at a nice little Holiday party! (^ v ^)

I hope you all have a Happy Holiday! <3

From left to right:

Argentina: @ask-argentinaandfriends / @flopylopez

Mexico: @ask-msmexico 

Panama: @ask-la-istmena / @kamillyanna

Croatia: @zemlja-hrvata / @naxylie

Malta: @ask-landofhoney / @samelodii

Madeira: @ask-madeira / @melonstyle