Just some blips from an art field trip I and Melon took with our art department. All of our friends are magical. \(-u-\) [julius]


I ended up making a first day back to school vlog over at my personal channel. It features Melon and all of our buddies in our department. This isn’t a usual day for us. First days back to class are usually always so light and fun so I figured it would be a good time to showcase the folks we’re surrounded by.

Melon and I both really appreciate all the support we are getting for LolitaPlay and are very hopeful to continue bringing you guys quality videos during the semester. LP is motivating us to stay on top of our work so we can blow off steam and have plenty of fun over the weekends making videos and playing games. All of our lolitas and brolitas so far have been fucking awesome and genuinely responsive to us requesting feedback. So keep it up! We love and would love to hear from you guys and ladies. We feel so blessed that we have the means to do something like this and want to make it bigger and better as we continue forward. Thank you guys so much. :)