Well, well, look who I came across after learning how to do Squad Missions!

Schwarzer and Rosetta ( @love410s ) came across Melon ( @the-lazy-melon ) and Chloris ( @monapon ) on their way out of Squad missions! They went to take down the Affectionate in Noctilum because I uh don’t remember any other Tyrants’ location and, with the help of the three senpais the underleveled Melon is safe and sound and alive and probably kicking to get out of the team afterwards


EDIT: I DIDN’T REALIZE CHLORIS’S RANGED WEAPON IS A PSYCHO LAUNCHERS…. UuuuUUHHHH let’s pretend Schwarzer can’t differentiate the two and mistook it for that ok all weapons look the same to me OTL