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mostlyfueledbyspite  asked:

Can you share some of your King/Mrs Bradley headcanon? I too love them and feel they don't get enough attention.

Oh gosh! My headcanons?!? Too many, lemme see:

Carrinth’s Over-Thinking King/Mrs Bradley Shenanigans

1. What’s with the Melons?

Mrs. Bradley, before they got married sold melons. Yes. She was a melon seller. So when he went to visit/court/get beaten up by her, he somehow always ended up (getting swindled) buying loads of melons, which in turn lead him to start giving them away. He found humans (and underlings) reacted very well to free fruit and thus the habit stayed with him forevers.

2. Is this LOVE??

The first time (the future) Mrs. Bradley slapped him; his heart beat very fast and his limbs shook. He wondered if this was ‘love’. It was not. It was fear.

3. Mrs. Bradley knew

While she didn’t know he was a homonculus, Mrs. Bradley 100% knew she had not married a normal human. He was soooo weird. She suspected he was an alien, attempting to integrate into human society because the alien mothership had abandoned him. 

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Beyond Cucumbers

Whether you have enough summer warmth to grow these outside, a greenhouse, or even a bright window, here are some interesting options for the garden with similar climate requirements and taste profiles to cucumbers.

1. Egyptian Luffa or Chinese Okra (Luffa Aegyptica) [BUY SEEDS]

Also known as Loofah, this gourd can be dried on the vine, and made into a durable organic scrubber for the bath or kitchen. The juvenile fruits are also edible, and used in Chinese and Vietnamese cuisines.

2. Caigua (Cyclanthera pedata[BUY SEEDS]

Like potatoes, the Caigua vine was domesticated in the Andes, where it is called pepino de rellenar, or “stuffing cucumber.”

3. Jungle Cucumber (Zehneria scabra[BUY SEEDS]

An extremely small fruit, Zehneria vines produce sweet, flavour-packed, cucumber-like fruits.

4. Horned Melon, or Kiwano (Cucumis metuliferus[BUY SEEDS]

Native to Africa, the horned melon’s flavour has been described as something in between a cucumber, lemon, and banana.

5. Pepino dulce or Melon Pear (Solanum muricatum[BUY SEEDS]

A member of the Solanum family and native to the Andes, the flavour of Pepino is often described as being a mixture of a honeydew and a cucumber.

6. Okra, or Gumbo (Abelmoschus esculentus[BUY SEEDS]

A member of the mallow family–and native to either South Asia, Ethiopia or West Africa–okra is a fixture in Mediterranean cuisines, South Asian cuisines, and many cuisines across the African diaspora.