melon schnapps

Welcome to Sunday Funday! Enjoy the:

The Fallen Froggie

½ oz Midori Melon Liqueur
½ oz Peach Schnapps
½ oz Baileys Irish Creme
Splash of grenadine

Mix equal parts of melon liquor and Irish creme. Splash a bit of grenadine on top.

This recipe is from, check their site for more great recipes!

Supernatural Themed Drink List (w/ new Mark Of Cain drink added)
  • If I am missing anything/anyone important from the show- let me know and I’ll make a drink for that too!!  Mixology baby- I’m that good!!!  And I’ve personally tasted all of them - tonight… 

Supernatural Drinks -

Mark of Cain2pt UV Cherry Vodka (if you substitute vodkas- make to buy one that is red like the mark), 1pt Van Gogh Rich Chocolate Vodka, 2pts 7-Up

J2 Sweet & Wet (just b/c Dean doesn’t like the “wet” doesn’t mean…) - 1pt Jameson, 1pt Peachtree schnapps, 2pts Sour Mix

Crowley Kiss (Same recipe as a Blow Job) - 1pt Kahlua, 1pt Amaretto, 1pt Bailey’s, topped with whipped cream

Castiel’s Lullaby (Greatest American Hero Red, White & Blue) - 1pt UV Blue Raspberry Vodka (blue), 1pt Malibu Rum, 1pt Pineapple Juice, top with a Cherry (Red) and rim the glass with Sugar (white)

Demon Trap 1pt Vanilla Vodka, 2pts Cranberry Juice, Float a thin slice from a small (Cuties size) orange - make sure you cut so orange is a full circle, like the trap, before placing on top!     

Ghostfacers Shot 1pt Ouzo, drop ice cube chips into it and watch the spirits from the vail appear

Fallen Angel-tini (they Fell Like Apples from a Tree) - 2pts Apple Pucker Schnapps, 1pt Sobieski Karmel Vodka, Splash of Cranberry Juice

Hellhound Bloodbath (Your 1st Trial) - 1pt Southern Comfort, 1pt Amoretto, 2pt Sour Mix 1pts Cranberry Juice

Heavenly Soul Lifter (Your 2nd Trial) - 1pt Jim Beam Maple, 1pt Vanilla Vodka, 1pt Diet Coke, top with whipped cream - Don’t forget to raise your glass to Bobby before drinking!!

Demon’s Cure (Your 3rd Trial) – Take a Cup of Hot Apple Cider (Nestle packets work great if you can’t find real cider), add 1 shot of Tuacca

Garth Giggler (Wine Cooler/Spritzer) - 3 pts either Red or White Wine- whatever you prefer, 1pt Sprite – Pairs best with the song “Poison” from Bell Biv DeVoe

Kevin’s Redeye Kick (to help stay up late translating) - 1pt Sobieski Espresso Vodka (or can use reg Kahlua), 1pt Kahlua Mocha, 1pt Kahlua French Vanilla, 1 part cream (or milk) – Sorry, no real caffeine but tastes like coffee drink with a kick!

Purple Nurples (Dean’s Fav) - 1pt Chambord (or any Black Raspberry Schnapps), 1pt Raspberry Vodka (or also can be reg vodka for not as sweet taste), 1pt Sour Mix, 1pt Sprite

Demon’s Blood-tini (But none for Sam!)  - 3 pts Skyy Blood Orange Infused Vodka, 1pt Cranberry Juice

Holy Water(melon)tini (Only burns Demon’s throats) - 2pts Midori (or any melon schnapps), 1pt Malibu Rum, 1pt Sour Mix

Salt & Fire Shot (Sends Spirits to Hell) - 2pts Pinnacle Salty Pretzel Vodka, 1pt Cinnamon Schnapps - served in shot glass / rocks glass with salted rim

Meg-Tied (a Possessed Mai-Tai) Drink- 1pt Dark Rum, 1pt Light Rum, 2pts Cranberry Juice, 2pts Pineapple Juice (for shot use only 1 pt each juice)

Gabriel’s Just Desserts (approved Trixster Sweets) - 1pt Peachtree Schnapps, 1pt Amoretto, 1pt Whipped Cream Vodka, 2pts Orange Juice

Angel Tablet (Sweet & Nice like Kevin) - 1pt Mango Vodka, 1pt Skyy Strawberry Infused Vodka, 2pts Orange Juice

Demon Tablet - 1pt Espolon Silver Tequila, 1pt Pomegranate Schnapps, 2pts Margarita Mix.  For Special Effect – add a few drops of red food coloring to margarita salt and rim glass.

Leviathan Tablet – Put 1pt Peachtree Schnapps, & 1pt Cranberry Juice together in a glass, then add a shot of Jagermeister, poured slowly on top, to watch their black goo spread.

The Devil Made Me Do It - 1pt Espolon Repo Tequila, add a couple drops of Tabasco Sauce (but no salt or lime allowed here!).  Then repeat - b/c The Devil always recommends many more than one.

The Rufus - 3 pts Johnny Walker Blue Label - neat (no ice).  That’s it, nothing else.  If it ain’t broke, don’t mess with it!

Bobby’s Blues - 1pt Maker’s Mark, 2nd pt Maker’s Mark, 3rd pt Maker’s Mark – served over ice.  What did you expect, more ingredients than that? Idjit!

Yellow Eyes Shot- 1pt X-Rated Tropix, splash of 7-up.  Psychic abilities not included.

Note: Most can be made as shots or drinks so putting recipes in “Parts (Pt)” instead of shots.  For shots, I recommend each “Part” be about ½ a shot.  For drinks, each “Part” should be about a shot.  For fishbowls, each “Part” should be about 3 shots…  The ones ending in “tini” should traditionally be in a Martini glass, but if you make into a drink, just add more of the juice.  The rest of them, the recipe works for small rock glasses – if you make them in pint glasses you may need more juice/filler.