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2014 MelOn Music Awards: Award Winners and Performances
Top 10 Artists Girls’ Day, Akdong Musician, Beast, 2NE1, Taeyang, EXO, IU, Winner, Sistar, god   Best New Artist WINNER   Best Dance Male BlockB   Hot trend Soyu and Jung Gi Go   Best Song Writer Kim Do Hoon   Best Ballad MC the MAX Best R&B Soul Fly to the Sky Best Rap and HipHop San E. and Raina   Best Netizen Song Beast MBC Music Star Award Ladies’ Code Best Dance Female A Pink Best OST My Destiny by LYn My Love from the Star Best Folk Akdong Musician Best Song of the Year Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang Best artist of the Year IU Best Album of the Year god Performances: [click on the song titles to watch performances]   APink - Mr. Chu San E. and Rania - A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness Girls’ Day - Something [tango ver] Quick Performances by WINNER’s Lee Seunghun with Serenade, Kim jin Woo with Don’t Flirt, TaeHyun with Tonight, Kang Seunghyun with Different, Son Minho with I’m Him; WINNER with Empty BlockB - HER Sistar -Touch My Body Akdong Musician - Give Love and 200% Beast - 12:30 and Good Luck Taeyang - Beautiful[Body] and Eyes, Nose, Lips A heart-pinching special tribute to Ladies’ Code was offered by Melon as they presented the wonderful ladies of this girl group the MBC Music Star Award. All idols present in the event as well as the audience were so touched and gave a much-appreciated tears and applause for Ladies’ Code. A meaningful event, it is! Congratulations to all the Nominees and Winners of the successful 2014 MelOn Music Awards this 13th of November! [DISCLAIMER: credits go to the respective owners of the videos]

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question: why are inspirits so obsessed with the chaser?

**Billboard names The Chaser as Best Kpop Song of 2012**

They won seven music show awards for The Chaser, including a Triple Crown on Mnet M!Countdown. 

They got the Disk Bonsang Award and the Best Group Performance at the Golden Disk Awards 2013, for the album Infinitize and The Chaser. They won the 2012 Top 10 award at that year’s MelOn Music Awards Show, for The Chaser. Then there’s Best Dance Music Video on SBS MTV Best of the Best.

INFINITE may have finally gained recognition with the release of Be Mine in 2011, but it was The Chaser in 2012 that really pushed them to the heights of success they have today. It’s a song that everyone knows. Everyone recognises that intro as soon as they hear it - which is probably why so many Inspirits are angry and disappointed that it appears to have been plagiarised

The Chaser is important to Inspirits. It’s a typical INFINITE song - you know it’s them right away, it has their signature sound and style. It’s catchy af, it’s amazing, and I get hyped every time I listen to it. 

I’ll just end this answer with the mv so you can listen to it and understand: