melon mini

Bittybones! :D

These are all the bittybones Sanses that I have adopted so far. >w< I’ve yet to adopt some Papyruses, though, but I’ll make a separate post when I do. ;)

♥ Sansy is the l’il sleepyhead. Always dozing off whenever, and doesn’t have a care in the world. Very easygoing and docile.
♥ Cherry is the anxious, sensitive baby. Afraid of being alone, and cries a lot. Prefers calm, quiet places and needs lots of cuddles. 
♥ Mini Melon is the fruity and flirty one. Loves to cuddle, especially with Sugar. A little quiet, but very lovable. Smells like watermelon.
♥ Sugar is the blue sugar-skull.  Loves to nuzzle, especially with Mini Melon. Loves to eat candy, but Melon usually stops him from having too much. 
♥ Taffy is the tiny sweetheart. Lazy and docile, and loves to cuddle. Wants to see everyone happy. Will cry if his giant lollipop is taken away.

I hope everyone likes it! :D 
(Taffy is not available for adoption as of now. >w<)

Sansy, Cherry and the Bittybones AU © @bittybones-au
Sugar © @sugartalesans
Mini Melon © @missladytale

Look It’s a BittyMelon! 
Name: Mini Melon ( FruitTale )
Keep in mind: He might teleport all over the place since he had no control over it! ( He glitch a bit when it comes to teleporting. )
🍈 Needs attention  🍈 loves to sit on your shoulder 🍈 really sensitive 🍈 kind of flirty 🍈 blush a lot 🍈 adore cuddling 🍈 love all kinds of jam 🍈 taste like fresh watermelon 🍈   

This little Melon needs a sweet and loving home where the person who adopt him can keep a good eye on him. So please take good care of him <3
Anyone can adopt! <3