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GF Halloween Headcanons

-Instead of carving jack o’ lanterns, Dipper and Mabel put jack o’ melons on their porch, much to their parents’ confusion. It becomes a tradition for the two for every Halloween, and they set four watermelons on their porch, one for Ford, Stan, Wendy and Soos

-Knowing how much effort Stan always put into Summerween and Halloween, Soos goes all out when he creates the Haunted Shack in the gift shop. He uses the copies of the journals Stan left behind for inspiration. There’s always at least six kids who run out screaming in terror, but Stan’s record is twelve and Soos is determined to break it

-Stan and Ford make it to Transylvania one Halloween and Ford is not surprised when they encounter a tribe of vampires. He is also not surprised when he discovers Stan forgot to bring the garlic


“I thought you were kidding!”)

-Candy and Grenda manage to drag Pacifica out for trick-or-treating, which her parents considered a commoner’s tradition and Northwests did not beg for anything, much less candy. The blonde (dressed unsurprisingly as a princess) is stiff and self-conscious at the beginning of the night but by the end she’s hyped on sugar and wondering what other simple childhood activities her parents have forced her to miss out on

-Gideon decides to spend his first Halloween as a reformed person staying at home and handing out candy. He goes all out, with full-size chocolate bars, cans of soda and several snack-sized treats. The looks of pure joy he gets when the trick-or-treaters see how much candy they get slowly eases his guilt for once causing those expressions to be filled with terror

-Now that the magical creatures of Gravity Falls are exposed to the populace, they join in the Halloween festivities and at midnight there’s a giant bash held at the Mystery Shack where everyone attends. There’s a massive mess to clean up after but Soos doesn’t mind because it’s always an awesome time

-Dipper and Mabel dress up as the Multibear for one Halloween. It’s a joint costume and it’s complicated and they can hardly see out of it but they win the school's costume contest by a landslide and rake in all the candy (their parents have no idea where they come up with this stuff and Multibear is very honoured when they hear of it)

-Ford loves Halloween just as much as Stan, as it was their favourite holiday as kids. He also loves to scare people as much as Stan, and it becomes a slight problem when it’s just the two of them on a boat. Someone inevitably is startled enough by a fright to accidentally fall overboard

-Dipper and Mabel eat every piece of loser candy, just to be safe

-Wendy dresses up as Dipper and Dipper dresses up as a lumberjack in honour of Wendy. It happens on the same Halloween without them consulting each other, and both are surprised and amused by this coincidence after they exchange pictures (Dipper may or may not have been beet red for a good hour)

-On Devil’s Night the high school is coated with toilet paper and silly string. Blubs and Durland have a good idea of who is responsible, but don’t bother reporting their suspicions. They go to Wendy’s house where her friends are gathered and are busted since Robbie forgot to take a few silly string cans out of his pocket. The two cops order them to clean up their mess and they have zero choice since Wendy’s father is there. They grumble and complain but obey because if they don’t they’ll miss out on Halloween and no one wants that so they’re out until five in the morning. Robbie doesn’t live his mistake down for a long time

-Dipper, Mabel, Stan and Ford have melon-carving contests through video chat and Mabel is the undefeated champion

-Stan and Ford will send the twins boxes of foreign candy from whatever country they happen to be in near Halloween

-Mabel has a scrapbook dedicated entirely to Summerween/Halloween, where she includes pictures Wendy, Soos, Stan, Ford and other Gravity Falls residents send her of their costumes

-Fiddleford transforms his mansion into a haunted house, but he does it the week before Halloween so he doesn’t take any business or thunder away from the Haunted Shack. Pacifica goes every year to assist, since she knows the layout of the mansion better than anyone (and Fiddleford listens patiently to her laments of what he’s doing to her former home)

-Despite the impressiveness of Fiddleford’s haunted mansion, the Mystery Shack can’t be beat, and is the place to be on Halloween. Soos did not spend all that time around Stan without learning a thing or two about scaring people, and Melody is pretty handy and crafty. Soos’ favourite is when she rigged a mannequin to ooze blood and guts

-Dipper and Mabel get into candy-collecting contests with Candy, Grenda and Pacifica. The three girls are continuously baffled as to how the twins always managed to beat them by a significant amount despite being one man short, and Pacifica eventually concedes that yes, Dipper and Mabel are the Kings of Halloween


This is an amazing piece, extremely detailed carved large Melon Shell from @mercuriousmo <3 . Whole skeleton bodies are carved throughout the shell. Sits cradled in a custom wire stand on wooden base. Measures 12" long x 8" wide, stands 12" tall including base. Wood base measures 6" x 6" and houses a flush mounted light that illuminates the shell from below. Plug is wired for UK, but comes with adapter.
Link in bio @lovedtodeath

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If you’re going to celebrate National Watermelon Day (and you totally should), you might as well do it right.

What you’ll need:
Carving knife
Large knife
Large spoon
Wax pencil
Large bowl
Glow sticks

1. Draw bandana, eyes, and mouth onto the watermelon with a wax pencil.
2. From one end of the melon, cut around two inches straight across with a large knife.
3. With a large spoon, remove the edible parts of watermelon filling into a large bowl. Also remove the edible parts of the top section you removed in step two.
4. Follow the lines you drew onto the melon with the carving knife to cut out the bandana and mouth.
5. Once bandana piece is cut out, cut the eyes out from the removed piece.
6. When the eyes are cut out, stick toothpicks through them and place inside the part where you cut out the bandana.
7. Place activated glow sticks in melon.
8. Place the removed section back on top.


Here are some of my favorite pictures from the GF Finale party I had with @flufflecat! We had a bunch of show-related food and dressed up as Mabel and Dipper in honor of the occasion (I was Mabel). I still can’t believe Gravity Falls is actually over after four wonderful years packed full of laughs, smiles, and some heart-wrenching moments. It’s been a crazy ride, and I’m so glad to have been a part of the fun <3

(Click the pictures for captions!)