melon buns

bread squeezables coming out in november! 

oso: strawberry jam 
kara: blue mold (yes. blue mold.)
choro: melon bun
ichi: blueberry jam  
jyushi: cream bun
todo: strawberry bun

Painfully Average Pt. 2 (Mingyu)

Painfully Average: Part 1 || Part 2

Pairing: Mingyu x You

Genre: Fluff, Angst (?)

Synopsis: Will Mr.Mysterious leave you snacks again? Whos this?

Authors note: I don’t own anything but the plot the picture also doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to the fansite in the watermark. 

After eating lunch with Yua and Yaerin, you decided to go back to the classroom early. You kept thinking about the “Mysterious Admirer” as Yua liked to call him. I mean it just suddenly happened so you didn’t have a clue about who this person was or if they’d do it again. Then again after being in the same school for years, why would someone just suddenly do something like that.

Sadly, you had to stop thinking about it because the bell rang and all of a sudden your quiet paradise turned into a loud and slightly annoying classroom. Focusing on what the teachers had to say, another day passed just like that. 

As you got to school early, went straight to your locker and grabbed the books you needed for the day. Coming back to the classroom to find it empty once again, you placed your books under the desk table and took a nap. Hoping that Mr. Mysterious would come and pay you a visit again. 

Your hopes came true because when you woke up 10 minutes before class there were snacks placed on the table. Instead of a Strawberry milk and a custard bun. This time it was a matcha melon bun and plain milk. You smiled as you munched on the snacks and while waiting for the bell to ring.

As the bell rang the students finally settled down and you managed to finish the food before it so you were just waiting for the teacher to come not paying attention to the gossiping of your classmates that were around you. Sitting up straight when your teacher Mr.Ahn comes in.

“Good Morning, Students!~ Today I have some exciting news!~ We have a new student joining us.“ He says as the new student walks in. The new guy was tall and had a face that reminded me of a fox. 

He smiled as he stood in front of the class and WOW was he a looker. "Hello, My name is Jeon Wonwoo. I moved here only 3 days ago. I look forward to studying here” His voice was deep and was extremely attractive. You were sure he’s got his own personal fan club by now.

“Wonwoo. You can sit in the empty seat over there” Mr.Ahn says as he points to the empty seat beside you. You cursed silently about the fact that there was an empty seat beside you. You sat in that area in the first place cause it was quiet and nobody usually wandered near there. 

Obviously blind to your internal turmoil, he sits in the unoccupied desk beside you. Giving him a polite smile and nod, you were surprised when he returned it. Even more surprised when he pulls out a novel and begins reading. Smiling to yourself, you turn and pay attention to the teacher again. Now looking forward to your lunch break to tell Yua and Yaerin the news.

That morning

He smiled as he watched you sleep. Knowing that you probably left your house without eating again he placed the snacks on your desk and left the classroom. Waiting in the library for classes to start.

The Best Kisser

Nico x everyone
1.3k words

“W-Why do I have to write about kissing anyway!” Umi slams down her pencil, grimacing at how she accidentally made the last character crooked. As Umi scrambles for the eraser, because a good handwriting is politeness, Nozomi perks up from the last row, and Nico should’ve known better that nothing good will ever come out of a debate with her best friend.

“Because it’s a love song and everyone knows how to kiss? Unless you’re Nicocchi, then maybe not-“

“Hey, why am I involved?” She yells in return, “Of course I know how to kiss!” And when Nozomi grins at her response, her heart falls as the realization sinks in. Of course she knows how to kiss. Of course.

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You, Me & Our Precious Baby (Outtakes)

I remembered that I’ve got some early drafts of the Family AU that never made it to the end cut. So I edited them into something readable, some of them are heavily dialogue-based because I haven’t decided on the writing style back then. But they all belong to the Family universe :3

Pairing: Mainly Haruki x Isuke, mentions of other characters

Summary: “Haruki NO” “Haruki YES" 

Words: ~1600

Tags: Fluff, Parody, Family, Nonsense

“Oh my God Haruki, stop feeding Pocky to our baby, she isn’t even three months old!”

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anonymous asked:


  • can’t bake to save his life, he’s just there to put the cookies on display and take things out of the oven
  • he tried to bake once but the owner of the bakery, jin, tried it and got food poisoning so no baking for jungkook
  • he does get to wear a cute apron that he pinned like anime buttons onto
  • but he also has to wear a hairnet and get bossed around by the second manager hoseok
  • steals melon buns to eat during lunch break from the display case and hoseok knows but he lets the poor kid off the hook
  • jungkook leaves work with flour on his face and no one tells him until he gets home and he’s like DAMN it
  • “doesn’t our jungkookie look like a …… cookie” “i swear to god Jin i will quit this job.” 

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Rugby Rules: #92

What Happens On The Pitch, Stays On The Pitch…

Don’t Bring It Into The Stands!

Nice Arse, Stud!


Monster Melons

This Jet Jockey Never Skips Leg Day!

Woof, Baby!

(Ed. Note: It Appears That This Fellow Is Shy. His Account Is Now Set To Private. Never Thought That A United States Military Man Would Be Afraid Of The Admiration Of Guys, Straight Or Gay!)

Manly Monday Melons…

 He Can Solve Quadratic Equations, And Morgan Luc Evans Works His Quads. But His Power Glutes Rival His Power Substitutions At Coventry.

Woof, Baby!