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To Meet Different People || Anya, Dimi, & Melody

Dimitri had texted his sister to let her know that Melody was going to come meet her after school. So, of course, to her that had meant that she had to get home early to clean everything. She spent an hour cleaning the apartment, that didn’t even need cleaning. And when Dimitri walked through the door, followed by a pretty young girl, Anya smiled. “Well,” Dimitri said, leading her through. “This is it. It’s nothing too special.”

When he noticed Anya coming out of the kitchen, he smiled. “And this is my sister, Anya.” He told her, moving so that the two could greet. “Anya, this is-”

“Melody!” She said, nodding. “It’s nice to meet you.” She didn’t offer her hand at first, and after a moment, she did. “Oh! Sorry, it’s polite to shake hands, isn’t it?” Dimitri chuckled quietly to himself at his sweet but awkward sister.

Lunch with Melody

Melody had offered herself to him as a lunch companion, and he decided to take her up on the offer. Anya was always saying that he needed to make more of an effort to make friends. So when he saw her in the hall, at her locker, he smiled. “Hey,” He said, coming up behind her. “Come here often?” What was he saying? He chuckled. “Sorry, that was lame, wasn’t it?”

Titania sat on the rocks that connected her magnificent forest to the crystal blue sea and gazed at the water. It was twilight and all the faeries were readying for the evening’s affairs, but tonight Titania didn’t want to drink and dance with the Fair Folk. She wanted something…more. If only something new would happen…If only…

Kieran sat nearly along the shore, lacing each thread of the rope over one by one, tying knot by knot. He hadn’t really noticed anyone approached him, and didn’t even bother to look up once he then questioned, “Something you need?” he spoke quite bluntly, which was definitely uncharacteristically of him. He was simply just having one of those days.

Real or not? | Levi and Melody

Levi dropped to his knees in the middle of a forest, panting hard. He had just escaped a pack of hell-hounds. The hounds weren’t originally after him- they had a fairie cornered, so Levi caught their attention and drew them away. 

He slowly calmed down, looking around. He heard a town nearby and decided to make a camp. He found a place in the tree’s no one would find him, and then put a few charms up to be sure no one found his campsite. From there he took a walk, wondering around the woods to get familiar with the area. He must have jumped dimensions, because he didn’t recognize where he was at all. 

He sighed, speaking softly to himself. “Where have I gotten myself to now?" 


Dimitri’s swim coach, Ms. Shelley, had asked him about himself. She mentioned knowing a young woman who worked at the aquarium, and suggest Dimitri look it up if he ever wanted something to do. So Dimitri did just that. Besides, he liked fish! Heading into the aquarium, he looked around. Seeing a girl at the counter, he smiled. “Hey,” he said. “Are you Melody?

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“You look awfully familiar.” Ariel noted, looking at the young girl carefully. There was something about her that made her think of both Eric and herself. But her daughter would be little right now, if it had been her. 


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This is the story of Amelia Pond || Please Don’t…

//OMG OMG SO MANY FEELS D: I honestly haven’t watched Dr. Who but but but this song D: and omg I’ve watched a video of Sarah Hyland x Steven R Mcqueen with this song and this video just reminded me of that! so many feels D: did you make this?

//I wish! Noo… I can’t make videos, I don’t have a decent editor or computer. I have to wait a while before I can make videos. A little confession though: I still haven’t watched Dr. Who (ironic considering my plot, right?) because I can’t find the episodes online on a site that’s available in my country (no, we don’t have DW on T.V. here). I’m trying to buy the DVDs when I find them. And OMG this video made me cry so much. The song, the scenes, everything. I just watch DW videos sometimes and cry my eyes out.

Violet & Melody || Double Trouble || Closed RP

Violet dashed down the side of the stream, her little sister Sunny in her arms. Being chased by Olaf on two legs was trouble enough, Olaf on a horse was even worse. Why had she let Klaus talk her into coming here? And where was he? Sunny was crying in her ear, scared no doubt.  Violet felt her fear in her throat and ducked down between a cluster of rocks. “Shhh Sunny, shhh… it’ll be okay…” she whispered, calming the baby down.  Overhead, she heard Olaf and his henchmen drawing close. If there was ever a time for a miracle, it was now.