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Also, this isn't a sad headcanon, but it's a general headcanon I have about all snorlax. Their bodies aren't grossly "overweight". They're not all flabby and nasty. Their bodies are consistantly round and hard. The "fat" that everyone thinks is fat is actually muscle. Just because their body shape isn't the same as a human's, people tend to think it can't be hard and "in shape". But maybe TumTum, like a Hariyama, is actually really hard and strong.

(( OHMYGOD YES! YOU’RE WITH ME! I think Snorlax can control the ‘hardness’ of their bodies (moves like Heavy Slam).  You know like that old saying 'under the fat there’s muscle’ that’s what i think. I mean personally I’m pretty strong but i’m covered in a nice layer of fat. I’m in shape, my shape happens to be a circle. -letmeloveyou- ))

Alternate Kirlia Evolution (Entry for MelodytheGallade's contest)

Name: Timensere (pronounced “Tee-Men-Zier”)

Title: The Mental Horror

Evolves: At level 30 while holding a Dusk Stone

Name Origin: Latin translations for Mind and Fear

Gender Ratio: 50/50

Type: Psychic/Ghost

Ability: Levitate/Intimidate

Height: 4'5"

Weight: 0.3lbs

Color: Purple

Egg Group: Fairy

Physical Description: Upon evolution, it loses its legs but gains the ability to float. Skin and hair are now a lavander color, with deep red eyes. Horns are still placed at the corners of the head, although they are more pointed and jagged, and match the eye color. The hair is as long as its body and wavy. It still keeps a short “dress”, lined with white at the bottom, with navy blue patches randomly placed(much like a Spinda's spots, so in essence, one could have a patch over its mouth) around its body and dress. Its arms have extended at twice the original length, with the forearm, leading up to the hand, thickening. The hands are enlarged, with eyes on the palms that can appear and disappear at will. Facial expressions can range from calm and content, to Slasher Smile.

Behavior: During the daytime, Timensere is rather docile, interacting with other pokemon. Preferring to stay where there is little sunlight, where it can remain relatively unseen. Timensere has a fear of BEING feared by others, which is why it prefers dark areas. At night, its personality flips. It often preys upon unsuspecting victims, usually those who are alone, to terrorize them, playing mind games, causing their victim to have a mental breakdown. If hungry, it will lull its mentally unstable victim to sleep, then devour the now destroyed mind. 

Habitat: Typically lives in forests with little to no sunlight, or in dark caves.

Diet: Due to being a ghost, it requires very little nutrition to survive. When the need to feed does arise, they prey on one sleeping pokemon, or person, and devours their mind.

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Sad Headcanon: TumTum is genuinely sincere and a good guy, and a loving friend, but most people don't take him seriously because of his weight, which is something he can't even control, since it's just his species. He tries to not let it get to him but sometimes it's depressing

(( aw man! right on the part about not being taken seriously. its more to do with his speech. since he hit his head in the championship battle with Cynthia no one thinks his intelligent anymore. it bugs him but he’s used to it for the most part. psychic pokemon can read his mind and know what he’s fully thinking.  its like the connectors are reaching to his vocal chords.  melody you made me sad. D: ))