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Code Red- Part 2

Hey guys- here is the second part of ‘ Code Red’. Enjoy! :)

The first part can be found here:

Owen opened his eyes to the sight of total darkness surrounding him. The smell of smoke penetrated his nostrils.

He looked around and realized that he was being trapped under a rubble with no way out.

His first thought was his wife- his lovely wife, Amelia. He had to get to her. He wondered if she knew where he was. Was she looking for him? Or worse still- was she also trapped under a rubble like him?

He had to get out of there- he needed to get to Amelia.

As he tried to get up, he realized that there was something pressed on his chest and legs which was pinning him down. He tried to push away the rubble piled on top of him but it didn’t move an inch.

Frustrated, he laid back down and looked up at the darkness engulfing him, praying to whatever powers above to send someone to rescue him.

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“Look, this is really awkward because I’m honestly not used to this, but I haven’t feed in a few days and I know I’m supposed to have whatever, but I was wondering if you mind, I mean if I feed from you or whatever…”