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Dear baby twins

Your mummy and daddy give you permission to make your big entrance any day now, mummy is getting too impatient at the thought of holding you both in her arms. I feel very mentally, physically and emotionally done. At this point, nothing is comfortable and most things are painful, I just have to keep remembering that all the aches and discomforts are such a blessing, because it means new lives are being knit together inside me.

And a random fact…we outgrew our queen bed. I know I know, that probably sounds crazy. But with this belly and a pregnancy body pillow, we simply ran out of space to sleep comfortably. So, we made the jump to a king bed and we’ve both slept like a dream the past couple nights.Plus, now there is plenty of space for little kiddos to snuggle with us in bed to read bedtime stories! Can’t wait!

I’d just like to once again acknowledge the brilliant Blake Neely, for incorporating both the Olicity Theme and the purely angsty “Someone You Love” melodies into 4x16. We got each of these melodies separately, and then integrated together during the final breakup lair scene.

What’s truly remarkable about this episode and its use of the half-agony-half-hope Olicity Theme is that Oliver and Felicity have essentially swapped roles. In the past, Oliver has embodied agony, while blindly reaching out to the hope he sees in Felicity. In 4x16, the exact opposite happens. In 4x16, Oliver embodies (albeit, disillusioned) hope for himself, while reaching out to Felicity, who remains in agony. This is truly beautiful and marks the first tangible shift from Felicity being Oliver’s light to Oliver finding and embodying light within himself.

When the Olicity Theme originally debuted in 2x23, I said the Olicity Theme was not an Oliver melody, because it could not exist without Felicity–without her “kindess, generosity, compassion,” etc. That was true then. Not so today. Now, the Olicity Theme is not a Felicity tune, because it cannot exist without Oliver. Their theme really is both a reflection of and a metaphor for their relationship: half agony, half hope. And just like these ying-yang emotions cannot thrive without each other, so these two beautifully flawed people cannot fully live without one another.

Arrow 4x01 - Music Notes

Friends, we made it and what a glorious episode it is (until the end). 

I’m going to attempt (schedule permitting) to write notes about the music of each episode.  Little things that I noticed in regards to the episode.

Running intro

Each season begins with Oliver running.  Twice in Lian Yu, once as the Arrow in Starling City and now we have Oliver running towards his suburban home.  To reflect the running through trees, we hear similar music to 2x01: some of the string music used when we see the Arrow, rhythmically punctuated.   However, the harmonies in the lower strings are slightly changing.  It gives us that sense of urgency but it’s subtlety different.  He breaks forth into the street and piano immediately brings calm and happiness.  Why?  It resolves on the major 3rd.  Ladies and gents - this is big.  Piano is Oliver’s instrument and it reflects his emotional state but rarely is it so clear.  His music is almost all in minor or just flirting with major.  Now Oliver is coming home to Felicity and is happy.  That was all in 25 seconds.  Blake Neely is a genius.

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