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Honor Thy Fathers - Arrow Music Notes 5x21

This episode picks up the theme of Legacy again for Oliver, Thea, and Chase as they learn information about their fathers and how it informs the way they have lived their lives.  Should they continue to be honored? If so, how?  On the Flashbacks side of things, Oliver is preparing to return home to begin his crusade for his father.

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Dear baby twins

Your mummy and daddy give you permission to make your big entrance any day now, mummy is getting too impatient at the thought of holding you both in her arms. I feel very mentally, physically and emotionally done. At this point, nothing is comfortable and most things are painful, I just have to keep remembering that all the aches and discomforts are such a blessing, because it means new lives are being knit together inside me.

And a random fact…we outgrew our queen bed. I know I know, that probably sounds crazy. But with this belly and a pregnancy body pillow, we simply ran out of space to sleep comfortably. So, we made the jump to a king bed and we’ve both slept like a dream the past couple nights.Plus, now there is plenty of space for little kiddos to snuggle with us in bed to read bedtime stories! Can’t wait!