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Happy Birthday Walt Disney

“It all started with a mouse”

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“I don’t care if I sing Off-Key
I found myself in my melodies”

- Bird Set Free, Sia

BTS songs

Basically a list (with links) of BTS songs of any type (from audition to album…/pro to dorky…). videos are ot mine ! I might have missed out on some but I’m pretty sure I got most of them ~ 

Album songs : 

Wings, You Never Walk Alone : 

Wings : 

Young Forever : 

  • Young forever : MV

Hwayangyeonhwa pt 2 : 

Hwayangyeonhwa : 

Dark & Wild : 

Skool Luv Affair : 

O!RUL8,2? : 

2 Cool 4 Skool : 

Wake up (and other) : 

Namjoon mixtape : 

Yoongi mixtape : 

  • Agust D : here
  • Give it to me : here 
  • The last : here 
  • So far away (Feat. Suran) : here 
  • Dt sugA (Feat. DJ Friz) : here 
  • Skit : here 
  • 724148 : here 
  • Tony Montana (Feat. Yankie) : here - ft. Jimin : here 
  • At dawn : here 
  • Interlude Dream, Reality : here 

Other songs (covers etc.) : 

Jin : 

Yoongi : 

Namjoon : 

Jungkook : 

Jimin : 

Taehyung : 

Hoseok : 

Collective :

Songs in Bangtan bomb : 

Auditions : 


For those who like to customize your mobile I just made some melody icons and wallpaper to match the new melody line theme 🦄
This icons and wallpaper are free in my blog, if anyone interested you can visit my blog : 👇🏻


I love it when I find cosplayers from more obscure and less popular anime series because it makes me so happy to find other who love them as much as I do! Wanted to put together a little photoset of hallway cosplay photos I took of some cosplayers from series that might not be as popular as others, but are very close to my heart! If you know the cosplayers, feel free to tag them! Hanon from Mermaid Melody is emlyn.saga.cosplay on Instagram! I’ll be periodically putting some of my favourite hallway shots I took of cosplayers up on my Flickr!

Indecent Proposal - Chapter 1

I got an amazing request from @legolasothranduilion to start writing this story, and the idea was so incredible that I couldn’t deny it. I honestly hope you’ll like my interpretation of your vision, and that you (and the rest of you guys) will enjoy reading it. 

By the title itself you may figure out what the story is going to be about, but I won’t reveal anything juicy. :)

Feel free to comment, and leave feedback, and thanks for reading.

Reader’s POV

“These fucking reporters will seriously drive me crazy one day”, Jared said and tossed the tabloid across the yard.

“I told you not to go to that after party, but you just had to, didn’t you?” Emma bickered at Jared not looking away from her iPad. I swear this woman was a robot. And one of my idols for sure. She’s working 24/7, and Jared doesn’t even try to make it easy on her. 

“Don’t I deserve some fun? Can’t I relax the way I want to? No, because being a rock star and an actor, director and everything else I do just puts me under the spotlight that I don’t even want to be a part of” Jared was frustrated and started pacing across the yard. 

“Melody, would you please take care of the next week’s flights and hotels? I have to take care of this weeks errands” Emma asked me, still being all in her iPad.

“Of course, no problem” I said and immediately started browsing through available flights. Jared had to travel to New York, and later to Milan so I was helping Emma arrange everything. She hired me as her assistant almost a year ago, since she was too wrapped up with planning her wedding, and of course dealing with Jared’s job and life. She needed all the help she could get at the time. And now she got used to having me around, so I stuck around. Hopefully for a long time.

Jared wasn’t so pleased with that decision of hers at first, but since she really had too much stuff going on, he decided she could hire someone, but the final decision had to be unanimous. Which basically meant that he’s the one deciding who’s in and who’s out - as always. That man always had his way with everything. It’s either Jared’s way or the highway. 

“Melody…? What do you mean… Emma, are you even listening to what I’m saying? ” Jared started to freak out and raised his voice at Emma.

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