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If you kill Leliana in Origins, does she still appear in inquisition? My friend just introduced me to Dragon Age and I was reading a walkthrough for the Urn of Sacred Ashes and I found out you could kill her. I don't want to but I'm just curious if you kill her what happens in inquisition

Spoilers inbound, for obvious reasons.

While I’ve never played a world state in which I’ve killed Leliana, I have to say that it’s turned into one of the more intriguing mysteries of the DA canon… because killing her does not stop her from appearing in DA2 and Inquisition.

In this scenario, Leliana’s next appearance is in Kirkwall. When Hawke meets her, they comment on the fact that they’d heard she was dead. Her response: “The Maker knew it was not my time. There is more for me to do in this world.” They don’t really elaborate further. Most people brushed it off as a simple retcon.

In Inquisition, when she’s in Haven praying for understanding and bitterly angry with the Maker for allowing the Conclave to happen, she explains a little more:

Leliana: Once, I was sure I died. I did die. Who else but the Maker could’ve resurrected me? But if he didn’t save me to help the Divine, then why? Why am I still alive?
Herald: Wait, you died?
Leliana: It was right there at the temple by the Urn of Sacred Ashes. We found the Urn, proved the legends were true. But the Hero of Ferelden corrupted them, and all I wanted at that moment was vengeance. It was a fight I couldn’t win, but I didn’t care. And the “hero” struck me down. I awoke later in agony. The ashes were gone. I can’t explain how I survived. 
Herald: You can’t have been raised from the dead. That’s… absolutely… just… no.
Leliana: Believe what you want. I’m still here.

Then, at the final epilogue at the very end of Trespasser, we learn what has to be the strangest piece in the Dead Leliana puzzle:

Eventually, Leliana became distant and contemplative, often secluding herself in the rookery with none but her ravens for company. One morning, the residents of Skyhold awoke to a great beating of wings and a vast cloud of ravens blotting out the sky above the fortress. Those who investigated found both the rookery and Leliana’s chambers vacant, with only a single message as explanation: “The lyrium sang thought into being. Now time is stale, and the melody is called elsewhere. Until I am needed. I am free.”

We don’t have a lot of information to really illustrate what this means - so far, this is the first concrete example we’ve seen of magical resurrection of this sort in the series. The lyrium “song” she references is present elsewhere in the canon - both Justice and Cole say that lyrium sings to them, the former saying that it does not do so in the Fade but only in the waking world. Dwarves find veins of lyrium to mine by listening to the Stone “singing”. In Asunder, Rhys says the song that he hears when entering the Fade is so strong that he feels as though he is “about to vibrate out of existence.” In The Descent, it is referred to as the “Titan’s hymn” and a titan communicates to Valta through song.

But seeing that song bring someone back from the dead? That’s new. 

It’s unclear if the Leliana we see in Inquisition is even the “real” Leliana in that worldstate or if she is something else altogether. It’s possible that she is something more akin to Cole who, before the events of Inquisition, truly believed he was the mage who died in the Spire. He had Cole’s memories, his traumas, his same grief and fear. Cole can bleed, he has a physical form that can fall in battle, so the fact that Leliana can be tortured and killed in the Dark Redcliffe Future doesn’t eliminate the possibility that this theory could be true. She could be a spirit that only thinks it’s a human woman… or she could be a magical construct that was newly created specifically to fulfill her role in this story. Of all the characters in Dragon Age, Leliana has made the most appearances throughout the narrative and arguably has had a repeated impact on the fate of the world. She helps the Warden stop the Blight, she assists the Divine in conspiring against the Templars and find a cure for Tranquility, she raids the White Spire to free the mages trapped there at the start of the Mage/Templar war, she pressures Celene into stopping the elven uprising in Halamshiral (which, in turn, places the Empress within a trap set by Gaspard that officially starts the Orlesian Civil War). She aids the Inquisitor in stopping Corypheus and can eventually become Divine - arguably the most influential person in Thedas. 

She’s had a hand in many of the major conflicts of the past decade in Thedas, having only started on this path because she dreamed the Maker had called her to it. And even if she’s killed, it still doesn’t stop her from fulfilling her role in history.

It makes me very curious who or what is exactly pulling the strings in that regard… because it certainly seems like someone or something in-world had a very specific plan in mind for Leliana. 


“There you are, sound and safe! I mean- safe and sound.”

Ladybug released him. Adrien slipped out of her grasp, as slowly as he could. His room had never looked more like a cage, dark and imposing, silent and cold. Empty.

He turned to her with a model smile- a smile that didn’t quite meet his eyes even as he regarded the love of his life, half-lit up by the moon. “Thank you, Ladybug, for everything.”

His secret partner giggled, shuffling backwards with awkward, jerky hand gestures. Adrien smiled for real then, looking away as heat flooded his face, cute.

“N-no problem!” she replied, the ghost of a frown flittering across her face. Perhaps it was the fact she’d just saved his life, or maybe it was the darkness of the room, or maybe it was the years of pining and hoping and wishing for more, but Adrien was halfway to her before he realised what he was doing. He froze, checking himself. It wasn’t his job to remove that frown. “I’m just glad you’re safe is all- even though Chat Noir wasn’t there to help…” the frown deepened.

“Ah, I’m s-sure he wanted to come!” his voice wobbled and Adrien winced, hoping he wasn’t too obvious. “He was probably caught up with something? Maybe? I mean I wouldn’t know!”

He could feel Plagg’s silent snickers from the breast pocket of his jacket. In retaliation, he peeled off the jacket and tossed it onto the sofa. If Ladybug thought it strange, she didn’t question it or mention it. He was glad for that, he’d already made a fool of himself enough for one night.

A silence nestled between them. Perhaps it was wishful thinking on his part but, as he looked back to her and caught her staring just in time before she tore her gaze away, to him it didn’t seem like an awkward one. For him at least, it was a silence laced with a prayer, a quiet plea that the space between them no longer existed.

And, as she offered him a short flick of a wave goodbye, his plea slipped from his lips before he could stop it. With gentle fingers, he grasped her wrist and stopped her before she reached for her yoyo. “Don’t leave.”

She looked to him with wide eyes, and he dropped her wrist, mortified with himself.

But god he wanted her to stay. Adrien was tired, so very tired of empty rooms and empty promises. He was tired of feeling lonely in rooms filled with strangers with plastic smiles. He didn’t want to wake up tomorrow to meet his father’s disapproving scowl, knowing he’d been caught by the paparazzi out later than he should’ve been- caught up in another ‘dangerous’ situation. It was a lecture he could really do without.

He didn’t want to be alone any more.

“Adrien?” her voice was so soft, so kind and confused, and Adrien couldn’t stand it. 

“I-” he swallowed, the bravery he’d felt was gone and the weight of his words settled into his chest. Weeds of panic sprouted in his lungs and rendered him speechless. He couldn’t look at her, embarrassed by his outburst, by his desperation.

“You want me to stay?” she whispered, and his head snapped up again, undone by the unreadable expression on her face. “Me?”

“I’d be dead without you,” Adrien replied. He took a step towards her, closing the gap. His heart was a drum. Under his father’s watchful eye, the beats were steady, predictable and controlled- but ultimately lacking life. With his friends, the beat was free and light but it was a melody rarely played these days, as his schedule grew stricter and his freedom restricted.

With Ladybug, the beat was beautiful and unpredictable. It was wild and full of passion and love, of promise and comfort. It was a story; the foundations of a symphony they’d written since they were children. But it was half complete. A beat without a melody. A band without a singer, and Adrien was done pretending he didn’t want her to be his leading lady. Reaching out, Adrien brushed his fingers against her cheek. “I’d be dead without you.”

Ladybug leaned into his touch, her hand coming up to rest on his own, and she sighed. The sound almost broke him.

Until she broke the spell, taking his hand away from her face and bringing herself closer to him. He could see the freckles on her nose.

“Well then,” she uttered, her hand splayed against his chest and she focused on that. Had she looked up, Adrien was convinced she would have figured him out- would have discovered how hopelessly in love with her he actually was. “I guess I could stay. To make sure you’re ok.”

His hands slipped around her waist slowly, scared to move too fast and ruin whatever was building between them. Had breathing always been so difficult?

“Stay,” he whispered, leaning forwards until his forehead rested on hers.

“Ok,” she complied, and it was only then that he realised her fingers were in his hair. He closed his eyes, praying it wasn’t a dream, revelling in the perfect agony of her touch.

Stay,” his throat was tight and he pulled her closer, needing her and terrified by it.

“I will,” he heard her reply and he looked at her, felt her shiver as their eyes met- knew that he was trembling too.

Adrien wasn’t sure who kissed who first. It was all a blur, a culmination of years of repressed feelings. All he knew was that his lips were on her own, that he was kissing her and she was kissing him back. All he knew was that everything he’d ever wanted was a reality.

His dreams had nothing on this. His dreams never heard the way Ladybug gasped under his loving touches. His dreams never knew the way she’d wiggle whenever he kissed her a certain way, or how she’d cradle his face in her hands like he was just as precious to her as she was to him. His dreams could never understand how, once they came true, he would crave more like the selfish man he was.

And, most importantly, his dreams never let him wake up to a promise fulfilled, and a girl with freckles and eyes as blue as the sky lying next to him, still sleeping soundly. A girl he knew very well.



Credit to @edendaphne for the prompt! ^_^ thank you for saving me from my writers block!!! <3 I love  you girl!

  • Devil's Casino Supervisor: -Claps hands together- Okay, who's ready to throw the dice!
  • Devil's Casino Employee: Ooh, Me! Me! -Grabs King Dice and throws him out the door-
  • Devil's Casino Supervisor: -Facepalms and Screams- NOT THAT DICE, YOU IDIOT!

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what do you think are bts' rising/ascendant signs?

NOTE: since there’s no confirmed record of their birth times, this is purely my personal guesses based on their personalities :)

for those who don’t know: your rising, or ascendant sign, is how you appear and behave in public. it’s how you are persevered by others; your first impression. it’s also said to influence one’s physical appearance.

Jin - Leo Rising

  • strong character
  • always the center of attention
  • flamboyant
  • very confidant
  • large egos
  • a vibrate aura
  • creative
  • have talents in the arts 
  • excel at drama/acting
  • can be quite stubborn at times
  • ambitious
  • sunny disposition
  • always enthusiastic 
  • common physical characteristics: large upper body, broad shoulders, playful features, good skin, lively animated movements

Yoongi - Scorpio Rising

  • possess a strong, mysterious aura
  • intimidating
  • slow moving
  • calm and patient
  • observant 
  • private people
  • don’t reveal much about themselves
  • very passionate about their interests
  • a strong will to succeed
  • poker face
  • don’t trust others easily
  • soft spoken and quiet around strangers
  • but loud and animated with friends
  • often their stoic mask hides their inner soft and friendly nature
  • common physical characteristics: an intense and piercing look, small eyes, a deep, raspy, sultry voice, pale complexion, below average height

Hoseok - Gemini Rising

  • very talkative and conversational
  • have a “go with the flow” attitude
  • restless and struggle with staying still
  • constantly moving
  • fast learners
  • have a wide variety of interests
  • often excel in many different areas
  • a “jack of all trades”
  • have an inner nervous energy
  • a bit worrisome
  • charming and sociable
  • common physical characteristics: an expressive face, high pitched voice that can become shrill when excited, youthful looks, straight long nose, high forehead

Namjoon Aquarius Rising

  • quirky, distinct personality 
  • like to express their individuality
  • eccentric
  • stands out from the crowd
  • very unique fashion sense and overall aesthetic
  • free spirited
  • good at working in groups
  • tolerant and progressive beliefs
  • have a thirst for learning 
  • philosophical
  • often show interests in science or psychology
  • common physical characteristics: tall height, thin frame, nice legs, clear voice, long fingers, disjointed or awkward movement/gait

Jimin - Pisces Rising

  • a dreamy romantic aura
  • gentle and passive
  • peace loving
  • dislike confrontation
  • friendly and accepting of everyone they meet
  • good at sensing other’s moods
  • sentimental
  • very attached to friends and family 
  • humble, even a bit shy
  • usually don’t like to attract attention or be boisterous
  • one day they can be quiet and reserved  and another day passionate and outgoing
  • personality adapts to their surroundings
  • artistically gifted
  • excel at fine arts such as art, dancing, music, etc
  • natural sense of rhythm and tempo
  • common physical characteristics: below average height, small hands and feet, especially soulful and beautiful eyes, general roundness/fullness to the face, dainty features

Taehyung - Sagittarius Rising

  • enthusiastic explorers
  • always optimistic 
  • often have a really large circle of friends
  • very opinionated
  • outspoken
  • strong willed
  • good sense of humor
  • a child like, playful personality
  • love to travel 
  • sees life as journey
  • a need for freedom and independence
  • hates routine 
  • prefers casual relationships over deep ones
  • interests in spirituality and philosophy
  • charismatic and outgoing
  • common physical characteristics: usually very tall, long limbs, broad forehead, cheerful expression, thick bushy eyebrows, a confident almost arrogant look, large bony hands, slow and deliberate manner of speech

Jungkook - Libra Rising

  • a naturally pleasant and gentle aura
  • charming, calm attitude that attracts many admirers
  • have refined tastes
  • like to dress neatly and look presentable at all times
  • polite and well mannered
  • know how to engage a crowd
  • can come of as a bit emotionally detached or aloof
  • prefers to stay distant
  • sometimes struggle with insecurities
  • put a lot of importance on their physical appearance
  • avid fans of the arts
  • music, literature, photography, etc.
  • being under the sign of beauty, they often have very attractive features
  • common physical characteristics: effortlessly graceful movement, above average height, well proportioned body, symmetrical face, defined nose, dimples, a cleft chin, soft melodious speaking voice, many are gifted at singing

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This is for an anon, who asked about some “witchy apps”! All of these are available on iPhones from the app store, as that’s what I have, but I think that majority of them are also available on Android devices.

SkyView (Free): stargazing app that lets you see planets and constellations that are actively above and around where you are at any time during the day.

The Moon - Calendar phase of Moon: Phases of the moon, obviously. This is one of my favorite apps ever for moon cycles/phases, because it includes moonrise/set times, lunar days, and a calendar that shows what moon phases are on what days, as well as the astrology sign that is within the phase too.

Time Passages: another astrology app.  daily horoscopes that count in your birth chart (Which you can enter and save to see your entire chart), as well as a glossary of astrology terms, as well as information about your natal planets and houses. also includes moon phases as well.

Relax Melodies (free): a music/white noise app. you get to have a wide array of various city and nature sounds to create or find a mix that works for you. really good for using during meditations.

Tibetan Bowls: used for meditation or cleansing out spaces with the sound of the bowl, with an array of tones available depending on what suits you and your need.

Any ‘free candle’ app: for any time or place that you’re unavailable to either have or light a real candle. This one is great because it has candles of various colors and a setting where it will sense if you “blow out” the candle.

Pendulum Charts free: A collection of free and premade pendulum boards, instead of using paper and pen and having to worry about keeping said boards or saving them for every time you do pendulum work.

Down dog: a guided yoga app. I love this one because doing yoga can be nice to center and ground yourself. Customization difficulty level and length of session.

Stone: Crystal information app. includes pictures of crystals, general information and uses, and 3 of the more typical uses/associations of the crystal. can search by vibe and name.

Daily Horoscope: a daily horoscope app that includes all astrology signs. daily, tomorrow, weekly, monthly, yearly horoscopes available for each sign. sign characteristics and compatibility information available too. also has horoscopes for Chinese yearly and Druid trees.

Mighty Timer: a tea brewing timer, with several types of team already set in, as well the ability to add custom teas in too. It’s a life saver for if you’re as forgetful about your tea as I am.

Compass: all iPhones already have this. I use it for my practice if prayers or spells need to be done in a certain cardinal direction.

BTS songs

Basically a list (with links) of BTS songs of any type (from audition to album…/pro to dorky…). videos are ot mine ! I might have missed out on some but I’m pretty sure I got most of them ~ 

Album songs : 

Wings, You Never Walk Alone : 

Wings : 

Young Forever : 

  • Young forever : MV

Hwayangyeonhwa pt 2 : 

Hwayangyeonhwa : 

Dark & Wild : 

Skool Luv Affair : 

O!RUL8,2? : 

2 Cool 4 Skool : 

Wake up (and other) : 

Namjoon mixtape : 

Yoongi mixtape : 

  • Agust D : here
  • Give it to me : here 
  • The last : here 
  • So far away (Feat. Suran) : here 
  • Dt sugA (Feat. DJ Friz) : here 
  • Skit : here 
  • 724148 : here 
  • Tony Montana (Feat. Yankie) : here - ft. Jimin : here 
  • At dawn : here 
  • Interlude Dream, Reality : here 

Other songs (covers etc.) : 

Jin : 

Yoongi : 

Namjoon : 

Jungkook : 

Jimin : 

Taehyung : 

Hoseok : 

Collective :

Songs in Bangtan bomb : 

Auditions : 


The Walt Disney Animated Classics (All 53 Films)

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“I don’t care if I sing Off-Key
I found myself in my melodies”

- Bird Set Free, Sia