melody maker

It’s about [pause]… It’s about sympathy [longer pause]… This is all very hard. If, erm… Yeah I s'pose. Mmmm [very long pause]… As soon as I say this, everyone will take the piss. It’s just, I think [pause for several centuries]… Part of me is always looking for someone to turn around, buy me a drink, give me a hug and say it’s all right", he says at last, breaking the painful silence. “Because I just go off on one. For days I can’t talk to people. And it shocks me because I’m still doing it. I want to be alone and I want people to notice me - both at the same time. I can’t help it.
—  Thom Yorke in Melody Maker, October 23rd 1993, “From The Bedroom To The Universe” 

I’ve got worse. I have terribly bad nerves all the time. Once we start into ‘Rock And Roll’ I’m fine. I just can’t stand sitting around, and I worry about playing badly - and if I do then I’m really pissed off. If I play well, I feel fine. Everybody in the band is the same, and each has some little thing they do before we go on, like pacing about or lighting a cigarette. It’s worse at festivals. You might have to sit around for a whole day and you daren’t drink because you’ll get tired and blow the gig. So you sit drinking tea in a caravan with everybody saying, “Far out, man.”  –– Excerpt from John Bonham’s interview for the magazine Melody Maker, June 21, 1975.


Some cards from a 90s issue of Melody Maker! Some of its hilarious. Don’t agree with the shaggability rating for Jarvis, but Damon’s is definitely correct. I do however agree with the sartorial elegance rating for the Gallaghers, and find “number of Suede records in collection: -3” to be super funny haha.