melody maker

Dear Yuri!!! On Ice,

You made all our hearts beat,
just 1 season: never enough
We close our eyes and realize that our dreams have come true

There is only binge-watching
when we open our laptops, your force is now unstoppable
where your legacy lies, playing on our screens
you set fan hearts on fire

Please don’t end now, you saved all our youth
we were born to ship Viktuuri
you made it happen,  our ships are canon
yes, you truly made history

                                     A very grateful fandom

I’ve got worse. I have terribly bad nerves all the time. Once we start into ‘Rock And Roll’ I’m fine. I just can’t stand sitting around, and I worry about playing badly - and if I do then I’m really pissed off. If I play well, I feel fine. Everybody in the band is the same, and each has some little thing they do before we go on, like pacing about or lighting a cigarette. It’s worse at festivals. You might have to sit around for a whole day and you daren’t drink because you’ll get tired and blow the gig. So you sit drinking tea in a caravan with everybody saying, “Far out, man.”  –– Excerpt from John Bonham’s interview for the magazine Melody Maker, June 21, 1975.

It’s about [pause]… It’s about sympathy [longer pause]… This is all very hard. If, erm… Yeah I s'pose. Mmmm [very long pause]… As soon as I say this, everyone will take the piss. It’s just, I think [pause for several centuries]… Part of me is always looking for someone to turn around, buy me a drink, give me a hug and say it’s all right", he says at last, breaking the painful silence. “Because I just go off on one. For days I can’t talk to people. And it shocks me because I’m still doing it. I want to be alone and I want people to notice me - both at the same time. I can’t help it.
—  Thom Yorke in Melody Maker, October 23rd 1993, “From The Bedroom To The Universe” 

Some cards from a 90s issue of Melody Maker! Some of its hilarious. Don’t agree with the shaggability rating for Jarvis, but Damon’s is definitely correct. I do however agree with the sartorial elegance rating for the Gallaghers, and find “number of Suede records in collection: -3” to be super funny haha.

Scan - George Harrison, India, 1974; scanned from Living in the Material World (and previously posted as part of a photo set on the blog here).

Photo © Gary Wright

“As one travels the spiritual path, in addition to meditating there is a lot of work to be done in perfecting one’s self. Unloading the flaws that tie our souls to the body, such as anger, fear, and selfishness, are part of the work to be done. By conquering these character blemishes, one achieves ultimate freedom from the many rounds of births and deaths till perfection is achieved. I felt that George had done a lot of work on himself in the past: I saw it in our relationship on many occasions. He effortlessly display fearlessness, generosity, compassion, along with other virtues as part of his personality.” - Gary Wright, Dream Weaver: Music, Meditation, And My Friendship With George Harrison

* * *

“As a musician I don’t think I’ve got that yet. As an individual just being able to sit here today and be relatively sane is probably the biggest accomplishment.” - George Harrison at a Los Angeles press conference, 23 October 1974, in response to the question, “In retrospect, looking at all your accomplishments that you and The Beatles have done, which do you personally consider as your crown and glory?” [x]

* * *

“Maybe compared to the average pop star [I’m more heavily religious], but compared to what I should be, I’m a heathen.” - George Harrison, Melody Maker, 6 September 1975 [x]

* * *

Q: “Have you entered a new phase in your musical evolution?”

George Harrison: “I’m always entering new phases each day as far as trying to enjoy the moment now. Just to experience the experience deeper. That’s the main thing. Is just to remember that we’re all here now and we’re all happy and if we’re not, try and be happier. That’s the most important thing, no matter what you’re doing. I don’t think you get happy by going on tour, or coming off tour. I don’t see it as this phase, or that phase. The phase is to try to manifest love in your life. And that’s all, that’s really all I can try and do.” - George Harrison [x]

What about those early gay encounters of yours, Colin?

“Yeah, well. Yeah, well. Yeah!“ he laughs, momentarily embarrassed before divulging: “Well, yeah, I had a couple of flings at college with some guys. But my girlfriend knows about them, so it’s all right. She doesn’t like me hanging out with her gay friends in London too much, just in case I get tempted! I’ll show you a photo of her if you want. She’s a biker. She’s more rock ’n’ roll than me. She’s a biker woman. She got three bikes on our holiday in Greece. You know, I was the only guy in Greece on the back of a bike with a woman on the front!” he chuckles, leaping up to dig a photograph of Madeleine, his crazy biker chick girlfriend, out of his travel bag.

—  Melody Maker, 1995

George Harrison signing autographs backstage somewhere in England, with Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney, 1963

Photo: The Beatles Book

“[George] is probably the most conscientious autograph-signer of them all. He believes in fair play for the fans: if he hears of someone who has waited at the stage door for an autograph, he goes to enormous lengths to ensure they are rewarded.” - Melody Maker, 7 November 1964 [x]

“Out of all The Beatles, I’d say George was the best one for signing things. He would come in and he’d go, ‘Do you want me to sign anything?’ or ‘What have you got in your cupboard?’” - Freda Kelly, Good Ol’ Freda [x]