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Black models who walked Prada only once 

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Lovesick Melody

Request: Can you do a Pan image based off of the song Lovesick Melody by Paramore please????

Warnings: none

You listened to Peter’s every order he gave you. Clean this, make that, fix it… You never complained. Not like the Lost Boys did. They complained a lot unless it was an order to play a game or practice fighting. 

But you, oh you were sucked in and trapped underneath Peter’s spell; his song. Especially when he’d tell you sweet things. Of course he told you these things more in private when the others couldn’t hear. Most times you thought they were just words, that he was just telling you what you wanted to hear. Though deep down, you knew he meant it, and you were far too gone anyway.

“God, why do I love him so much?” You groaned to yourself. You were out finding firewood for the bonfire tonight. “He doesn’t give me any special treatment… does he?”

You thought about it. he didn’t treat you like a girl. He treated you like a regular Lost Boy. So why did you love him so much?

“Ugh!” You groaned. “I’m stuck in some lovesick melody or something!”

You tried to distract yourself, trying not to think about Peter. Thing is, you thought about him a lot more than you thought you did. It was hard to get him out of your mind. There was something about him that made you go crazy over him. You wanted out of this melody of sorts, thinking it would make life on Neverland just a bit easier.

“Y/N, you’ve been acting funny lately. Everything okay, my lady?” Peter appeared behind you. 

You only shrugged. Peter looked down at you. He sighed, glancing back at camp where the boys were messing around. 

“Let’s go for a walk, have a chat.” He put his hand on the small of your back.

You and Peter walked into the forest, disappearing from the boys. You were tense, trying to calm yourself down. You always got like this when alone with Peter. He was so charming and so wonderful. Yet apathetic and harmful. 

“What’s bugging you?”

“Nothing. I’m just in my head lately. Is that a crime?” You chuckled awkwardly, walking ahead of Peter. 

Peter rolled his eyes. 

“You’re a terrible liar, but you are a beautiful one.”

You blushed, turning around to see his face. “Pan, stop.”

“I thought I told you not to call me Pan. I don’t like it when you call me that.” He pouted, butting his lip and giving you puppy eyes. “Tell me what’s really wrong.”

A sigh escaped your lips. “I’m under your… spell. Like some lovesick melody thing. It’s what I’ve been calling it lately at least. And you don’t have a clue! You don’t know what you do to me, Peter. Don’t you see I’m falling? For you? I don’t wanna be in love, but at the same time I do.”

Peter for once was a little shocked. Part of him knew what you were going to say, but the rest he didn’t expect at all. 

“Well, my lovely girl–”

“See? And you say these things that make me go bananas, but I know you don’t mean them.”

“Whoa, whoa, let me stop you there,” Peter furrowed his brows together. “Who said I didn’t mean them?”

You heart fluttered and cheeks flushed. You were trying so hard not to let him get to you, too.

“I just tho–”

“You thought wrong, Y/N,” he chuckled once. “I’ve meant every word. Every little word. You’re an adorable girl.”

You became flustered. You weren’t sure what to say or how to respond. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. You knew Peter played games just to get what he wanted.Thing was, he wasn’t getting anything from you.

“Oh,” was all you could muster.

Peter kissed your crimson cheek. “I’ll see you later, beautiful. Don’t be late for dinner.”

Just like that, he was gone. You were left in the forest by yourself. You stood there in silence, thinking about everything that just happened. You were far too gone in this lovesick melody. And although a huge part of you didn’t want to sing along, you didn’t want out.


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M - mature

A - angst

F - fluff

TW - trigger warning ( mental disorders, mentioning of death, ect )

D - drabble

B - blurb


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Request: Imagine Peter Pan catching you tucking in the Lost Boys and singing them the song Distant Melody. Please and thank you! (A/N: thank you for the lovely request and I’m immensely sorry that it took so long!)

Distant Melody

The younger Lost Boys were always a handful. All the games during the day never actually made them sleepy at night. They never listened to anyone except you.

Pan didn’t care what time they went to bed, but you knew that if he wanted them to play the next day, you had to make sure that the Lost Boys got plenty of sleep.

You struggled trying to get the Lost Boys to get to bed. “Alex, stop hitting Sam,” you tried. You constantly had to bring the Lost Boys back to their own bed, only for them to jump out once you left. “How is it that you’re still energetic?” You playfully teased, “You play all day.”

“Now, it’s time to take the night!” A Lost Boy screamed. A chorus of screams followed.

“No, now it’s time for bed,” you corrected. You didn’t get screams. You got groans.

“But, Mother, I’m not even tired,” Charlie pouted, “I could stay up all night easily.”

One of the really younger ones, Matthew, looked up to you with pleading eyes. “Will you sing the song?”

Finally, the Lost Boys stopped. They all agreed to have you sing and begged until you just decided to sing. You hugged Matthew, picked him up, and carried him back to bed to tuck him. “Once upon a time and long ago, I heard someone singing, soft and low,” you sang softly. It was a lullaby that you grew up with when you were as energetic before bedtime.

You continued to tuck in Matthew so the other boys would wait to get tucked in. “Now, when day is done and night is near, I recall this song I used to hear.” The little boy was already blinking heavily.

Moving on to the rest of the boys, you sang, “My child, my very own, don’t be afraid. You are not alone. Sleep until dawn for all is well.”

The song was working since the boys began to stop moving so you could tuck them in. “Long ago, this song was sung to me. Now, it’s just a distant melody. Somewhere from the past I used to know.”

You went back to Matthew who was yawning like all of the other boys. “Once upon a time and long ago…” When the song ended, you lightly kissed Matthew’s forehead and continued with the rest of the Lost Boys.

On the way out, you turned back. “Goodnight, boys.” You only got a sleepy mumbled response and smiled while quietly shutting the door.

“Where did you learn that song?” You jumped when you saw Peter Pan. If he was right outside, he heard the whole thing.

You answered, “Something I used to hear when I was energetic before bed.”

He looked at you curiously. “How long have you’ve been tucking the Lost Boys in?”

“Every since they started calling me their mother.”

Pan looked a bit flustered. “Well, thank you,” he complimented, “It was very beautiful.” With that, he left you. You knew that he wasn’t lying. A smile worked its way onto your face before heading off to your cabin. Even the mothers had to sleep for the next day.


¿Quién teme al lobo feroz? Lobo feroz, lobo feroz 

Inspirado en: "Enredados" (Disney) siempre que hago crossover o algo pongo en qué me inspiré, pero nunca falta el chistosito que llega a señalar como que si yo hubiese dicho que fue idea originalísima 100% mía.

Soy la única que piensa que Castiel es un lindo villano? xD…
You bad bad bad boy, you’re so bad  (???) ok ya xD

-It’s time for my scene with Castiel-
Castiel: Hey beautiful, What’s up?
Kai: *thinking* QT
Castiel: What are you doing so near of the forest’s heart?
Kai: ……aha….. *thinking* QT, QT, QT, QT, QT, QT,
Melody: Kai! your line!! it’s: “I’m going to my grandma’s house to give her some cakes”
Castiel: umh…. I see you’re carrying a basket with some cakes in it. Are you taking them to someone special? like… I don’t know…a grandma?
I know a shortcut for you to get her place faster. I can tell you which one is it if you want *thinking* you stupid flat chest. Didn’t you learn your lines or what?
Kai: *thinking* Heeeeeeee’s dreeeeeeamy
Kai: EHEM!…. I don’t know who are you…or what kind of trick brought me here… 
Castiel: What?…that’s not your line
Kai: But I’d like to say…………. Hi ¬w¬
Castiel: WHAT?
Kai: What’s up?, they call me “buza caperuza” (no idea of how to translate that)
Melody: Kai!! That’s not your line!! What are you doing?!!

[Inspired by Tangled]

I’m sorry if I misspelled something or the translation is kind of incoherent. I’m sleepy, I can’t think clearly x__x

kunaisenbon  asked:

Scenario where Kuroo and the band are playing at the local café shop and s/o coincidentally was there and then Kuroo called her to join her on stage and singing along AND/OR singing her a song that embarrasses her. Make it as fluffy as a latte w/ a bunch of cream at top. :)

Hey, hey, I’m sorry I’ve been absent for so long! (And not helping out that much, work is terrible, kids). But today is Memorial Day and since I can’t poorly barbecue for you all, how about a super sugary sweet Kuroo request instead! - Admin Dad

A side note: the song featured in this fic is called “Palos Verdes” by Riley and the Roxies, give it a listen! - Dad’s compulsory song rec

“What’s the crowd like? Are there a lot of people? Man, I hope there aren’t many girls out there…”

Kuroo looked up from the bag of effects pedals with an incredulous look. “Yamamoto, I never thought I’d hear you say that.”

“Shut up!” He clutched his drumsticks so tight, the skin across his knuckles stretched white. “This is our first gig, I don’t want to embarrass myself!”

Yaku piped up, still focused on tuning his guitar. “Maybe if you practiced more instead of thinking up stupid band names you wouldn’t be so worried right now.”

“Hey!” Kuroo whipped his head around to face Yaku. “Bokuto and I thought of our name.”

Yaku’s face fell flat. “I should’ve known.” Kai nodded in affirmation. 

A loud voice off-stage commanded the boys’ attention. “Next up for open-mic night, let’s welcome to the stage… Of Meows and Men!” 

Kuroo turned to the rest of the band, who stared down at him with deadpan expressions. “Okay, I admit, it needs work.” 

The boys gathered their instruments and headed out for the stage. They received a warm applause from the awaiting crowd, one cheer sounding out louder than the others. Kuroo’s mouth fell open. 

He didn’t expect to see his girlfriend that night. He wasn’t sure he was ready for her to hear their music yet, since he wrote most of the songs about her, and when she mentioned she had plans with her friends he decided to drop the issue entirely. 

But there she was, beaming like the sun in a crowd of lackluster college students and hipster twentysomethings. Kuroo felt his heart swell up in his chest and he nearly dropped the three effects pedals he had clutched in his left hand. 

“Um, Kuroo, are you going to set up?”Kai’s calm voice washed over him like a cool breeze, releasing Kuroo from the magnetic warmth of his girlfriend’s smile. He nodded and focused his energy on catching up with the rest of his bandmates, who were waiting for their lead singer to get it together and start the show. 

As he set up the last pedal, Kuroo was struck by what he was sure was a genius idea. 

“Hey,” he whispered to the band, away from the mic, “come in here.”

“Dude, what’s up?” Yamamoto was terrible at whispering.

“What if we play ‘Someone Like You’ tonight?”

“Ugh,” Yaku groaned. “Is this because _______ is here?”

Kuroo smiled sheepishly. “Maybe.”

“But I thought we decided on ‘The Palisades,’ I have a really cool drum solo in that one!”

“Yamamoto,” Kuroo’s voice turned dark and taunting, “weren’t you just worried about messing it up and embarrassing yourself in front of the crowd of cute girls?”

Yamamoto shrunk back, unable to justify himself.

“It makes no difference to me either way,” Yaku shrugged, “my solo is good in both of them. I just hope these last minute set list changes won’t become a habit.”

“Kai, what about you?”

Kai smiled. “I’m down for whatever.”

“Alright it’s decided then,” Kuroo turned back to the mic and the crowd, ready to make his stage debut. 

“Hey there, everyone!” Kuroo yelled a little too loudly into the mic, not yet used to the venue’s sound system. He quieted down a little for the next part. “We’re ‘Of Meows and Men,’ how are we all doing tonight?” 

He was answered by a few ‘woo’s with one particularly loud yell coming from the right-most table in the café. 

“Tonight, we’re going to play you a song, and, well, it’s kind of a special song,” he could hear Yaku practically gagging to his left. “I wrote it about this really cool girl after we first met and she was so awesome and pretty and I was super nervous that she’d think I was this big dork. But apparently, she liked that I was a big dork and now she’s here tonight.” 

Kuroo could see his girlfriend’s jaw drop. His vision was a little blinded by the stage lights, but he was pretty sure she was a nice, bright shade of red.It only goaded him on further. 

“See? She’s right over here, the cute one in the cat t-shirt by the bagel painting, see?” She covered her face, trying to hide from the leering gaze of the crowd. Somebody whistled. 

“Anyway, this is a song about how she was and still is too good for me. And she definitely agrees right now, and she probably hates me, right, sweetie?” Kuroo didn’t wait for an answer, although he was pretty sure he heard her groan from the crowd. 

He counted everyone in, not missing Yaku’s mumbled “thank god” as the music started. 

Yamamoto started with a drum fill before tapping out a backbeat on the cymbals. Yaku plucked a simple melody as Kai held down the bassline. After a few measures Kuroo started singing. 

The way she talk/ she got a lot/ of ways to keep me closer

I can feel her warmth/ on my skin/ like the window’s open

And I told her this

The rest of the band joined in the background vocals, chanting “hey’s” on the off beat.

Someone Like You… Someone Like You… Someone Like You 

Makes me go wild… 

The song continued, and Kuroo never looked away from the girl sitting next to the bagel painting. And as the song went on she slowly lowered her hands from her face, still embarrassed, but too happy to keep her smile hidden from her doting boyfriend. 

Despite the sappy introduction, the song was bouncy and catchy, and the crowd loved it. Most importantly to Kuroo, though, was that his girlfriend sang along with the chorus by the end.

The song ended with a drawn out ‘wild,’ and the crowd cheered. Yamamoto nearly jumped over the venue drum kit in excitement and Kai and Yaku fist bumped before jumping into an all-out bro hug over the success of their first gig. Kuroo briefly celebrated with his bandmates, but wasn’t able to fully pull his attention away from his girlfriend’s overly enthusiastic cheers. 

The band packed up to move back stage, making room for the next performers, but Kuroo waved them on ahead. 

“Bro, you’re not gonna make us load the van alone, are you?” Yaku and Yamamoto surprisingly whined in unison. 

“No, I’ll be back soon, I just have to see how ______ liked the set.”

Yaku rolled his eyes and muttered to Kai about planning on loading the van themselves anyway, but Kuroo couldn’t be bothered by that. 

He leapt off the stage and bounded into his girlfriend, meeting her in a bone-crushing hug as she stood to greet him. 

“Kuroo!” she choked out “You’re killing me!”

“No I’m not,” Kuroo chuckled into her hair, taking a second to appreciate the softness of it before pulling back. “How did you like it?”

She hit his shoulder. “How dare you embarrass me like that! The whole room was staring at me!”

Kuroo feigned injury, grabbing at his ‘wounded’ shoulder, and she only hit him again. “I’m sorry, babe, but I didn’t think you would be here and I got excited! Were these the plans you had with your friends?”

She blushed, casting her eyes away. “I knew we were going to an open mic night, but I didn’t know you guys would be playing.” Suddenly, her words turned to accusations. “How come you didn’t ask me to come, huh? Did you not want me to see your first show?”

“Of course I wanted you here!” Kuroo squeezed his grip around her waist. “I didn’t want you to cancel your plans with your friends for me.”

“Oh, you’re so sure I would’ve canceled on them for you?”

“Rudeness aside,” Kuroo paused to sneak in a kiss on her forehead before looking away, “I was a little nervous about asking you, it’s kind of embarrassing, you know?”

“You had no problem embarrassing me tonight!”

“But you’re so cute when you’re flustered, I couldn’t resist!” She rolled her eyes, but the blush was starting to creep in across her cheeks, and Kuroo kissed both of them with quick pecks. 

“Tetsu, stop it!”

Kuroo ignored her pleas. “But did you like the show? You never answered me.”

She sighed, looking up at her ridiculously tall boyfriend. “Of course I liked it. It’s actually a really catchy song.”

“It’s about you, you know.”


“Kuroo!” Yaku yelled from behind the curtains, delaying the next band’s entrance. “If you don’t help us load this van we’re kicking you out of the band!”

“’Kay, I’ll be right there,” Kuroo yelled over his shoulder. He turned to his girlfriend and sighed. “Duty calls.”

“What a shame.”

“You know you’ll miss me,” and before she could answer Kuroo planted a gentle kiss to her lips, stroking her hair behind her hair. He was gone in an instant, ducking behind the curtain with ease, leaving his girlfriend a flustered mess yet again. She stood there smiling and shook her head, wondering why she was, in fact, dating this big dork. 

Camp Nowhere

I actually die for that movie. Why don’t that make movies like that anymore? It just makes me feel like I was born in the wrong decade. I love everything about this movie especially the 90ness of it all. Also I desperately wanted to be Melody Kay after seeing it. She was so awesome and she got to kiss Joshua Jackson :( Saw a picture of her lately and she’s gone all blonde and like completely different. She’s got no freckles anymore. It breaks my heart cause she was just gorgeous and she obviously didn’t appreciate it and I’m just here like, I would have gladly taken your looks off your hands bbz. Anyway, I just wish I could have an experience like this movie, everyone should live a summer like that one.


Groovin’ Hearts @ Star Theater (groove is in the heart - dee light) (by MelodyKay427)

Mi hermana <3 Groovin =)