melody kandil

Let her steal your heart, easy, easy

Melody Kandil looking totally melodious (if that doesn’t make sense yet, google her and watch more pics and it definitely will) captured by John Ciamillo. From Ohio I think or guessed or deduced (Wings Models) and with Ford Women in New York (all the love to them).

Her name, her face and her body language are some kind of good match. Melody will not get out of your mind easily and looking at her pictures you get the impression you are listening to a catchy song. The rythm of her expressions, the tempo of her body movement are the keynotes of her appeal. Deemed commercial but not doomed to stay by the thin limit between money jobs and fashion stories (proof is in pictures and runway steps), Miss Kandil is a young woman in her twenties that you would probably not call the hottest child of the city but her face stays in your eyes. And her name is still ringing in your ears. Just like… a Melody. Easy, easy but too true not be said.