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It’s time for something I’ve been wanting to do for a while! It’s time to open the official open auditions of Allegrezza Harmony!

1. These auditions will not be character-specific, as there are characters in the main game, as well as in the demo who are walking spoilers. 

2. Auditions will be organized by Singing Characters, General Female Characters, And General Male Characters.

3. Allegrezza Harmony is a free fanmade project rebooting the 2002 manga Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch. This will not be a paid voice acting job.

4. You can audition for as many categories as you want. Some characters have androgynous voices.

5. The deadline for auditioning is April 25th, 2017.

6. After the deadline, you will receive a Callback Email where you will be given lines/a song for characters we would like to hear you voice for testing purposes. It will be reviewed by people on the Allegrezza Harmony team.

7. Characters appearing in the Allegrezza Harmony demo will be cast before characters only appearing in the main game. Callback emails for such characters will be sent out after the AH demo comes out.

8. Please send your audition clips in one email to the official Allegrezza Harmony email:

9. Demo Reels can be included in the email and will be appreciated, but they are not required.

Note: If you have any questions, send an ask to this blog.

(Note: If you audition for a singing role, it is required to audition in the General Female Category as well.)

This category is for every singing character in Allegrezza Harmony. As of now, all singing characters are female.


Sing a song that you believe best suits your range. You have record using an instrumental for reference, but please only send an audio file with your voice only.

This category is for every speaking female character in Allegrezza Harmony. Feel free to send in multiple takes of lines with different inflections and voice types.


1. It’s been forever! I haven’t see you in so long!

2. Pichi Pichi Voice Live Start!

3. Hey, it’s a good surprise!

4. I promise to serve you well.

5. I’m here. I’m never going to stop being here.

6. Stop right there!

7. Haha! What are you even doing?

8. When was the last time we just talked?

9. That’s my normal face.

10. (Just give the best scream you can do without peaking the audio levels or causing your neighbors to call the police.)

Note: This category may also be used for casting children characters.

This category is for every speaking male character in Allegrezza Harmony. Feel free to send in multiple takes of lines with different inflections and voice types.


1. What were you doing in my room?

2. You just managed to do the most idiotic thing I’ve even seen in my entire life. Amazing.

3. Hey kid, are you alright? You’re not looking so good.

4. Princess, we shouldn’t be here!

5. Shush. Did you hear that?

6. If we find a ghost out here, I’m going to beat the snot out of it!

7. Despite all the crap that’s happened over the years, I’m weirdly glad we went through this.

8. I’m sorry you had to see me like this.

9. I guess this is goodbye.

10. (Just give the best scream you can do without peaking the audio levels or causing your neighbors to call the police.)

Note: This category may also be used for casting children characters.

Music in ancient Rome: some facts

  • It is safe to say that Roman music was mostly monophonic (that is, single melodies with no harmony) and that the melodies were based on an elaborate system of scales (called ‘modes’)
  • The Romans may have borrowed the Greek method of ’enchiriadic notation’ to record their music, if they used any notation at all. Four letters (in English notation 'A’, 'G’, 'F’ and 'C’) indicated a series of four succeeding tones.
  • There were also other, non-Greek, influences on Roman culture - from the Etruscans, for example, and, with imperial expansion, from the Middle Eastern and African sections of the empire.
  • Some roman wind instruments included: the askaules, a bagpipe; the Roman tuba, a long, straight bronze trumpet; the cornu (Latin “horn”) was a long tubular metal wind instrument that curved around the musician’s body; versions of the modern flute and panpipes.
  • Music contests were quite common and attracted a wide range of competition, including Nero himself, who performed widely as an amateur and once traveled to Greece to compete.
  • Mosaics depict instruments that look like a cross between the bagpipe and the organ. The pipes were sized so as to produce many of the modes (scales) known from the Greeks. It is unclear whether they were blown by the lungs or by some mechanical bellows.
  • There are numerous references to hundreds of trumpeters and pipers playing together at massive games and festivals.
  • Percussion instruments included drums, tambourines, cymbals, and castanets.
  • The majority of music for which we have surviving notation was vocal, and singing was probably the most common form of musical activity.
Girl as wolfess. Girl as continuum. Girl as matchstick.
Girl as titanium. Girl as porcelain. Girl as fighter.

Girl as lover. Girl as born into the protest. Girl as revolution 
lungs. Girl as never known another way. Girl as witch.

Girl as Eve. Girl as Adam. Girl as born from her own rib.
Girl as stormy sky. Girl as larger than life. Girl as shriek.

Girl as gold. Girl as blood. Girl as the quiet before the storm.
Girl as shards. Girl as love. Girl as life. Girl as light.

Girl as fist. Girl as coil. Girl as sugar rain. Girl as gentle meets
strong. Girl as soft. Girl as dandelion fluff. Girl as scorpion.

Girl as a spoonful of poison. Girl as burn. Girl as drown.
Girl as wings. Girl as momentum. Girl as promise.

Girl as melody. Girl as harmony. Girl as song. Girl as sing.
Girl as anthem. Girl as impulse. Girl as warrior. 

Girl as hope for a better tomorrow. Girl as roses. Girl as
the thorns on roses. Girl as complete. Girl as her own.
—  GIRL, COMPLETE, angelea l.
I want to be your favorite song that you kept on your phone playlist and being played on repeat. I will be the song your lips sing. I will create peace in the middle of your nightmares. Out of the blue my words are the one you tell everyone.I will be your wake up call and lullaby at the same time. Be on your head wandering in the secret paradise you hide, touching the wildest day dreams, dancing on the alluring imaginations.  BUT I’m not your favorite song. You hated the melody, the rhythm, the harmony and every pieces of music I got. I was being stock and skipped. So if I can’t be your favorite song I’ll just write you a song with the words I want you to live with, with the feelings I kept on my playlist. I’ll hide some clues behind this song in blues. So, please grab you guitar and sing this song for me.
—  Your Favorite

No, but did you stop to think about how Ed shot his best friend? Maybe, his only friend??

Edward is a man, who for the first season, struggled to communicate with people around him. He did his best to make people like him. He would tell many jokes and riddles as a way to break the ice and get people interested. Maybe think of him as that one guy who’s always cracking jokes. But it never really worked.

Then in season two, he saves this guy and nurses him back to health. In return, Ed got an unexpected friendship. He wasn’t judged for the crimes he committed, nor was he ever ridiculed. Instead, he got a pleasant company. He got the chance to cook meals, engage in meaningful conversations, got to be annoyed by someone calling him while he’s at work. He got to play the piano for someone and sing along with them. He had someone with whom he got to create melodious and harmonious music.

In the interim of season two and three, we find out that Oswald kept meeting Ed while he was admitted in the asylum. They didn’t have to, but they did because in this chaotic world of Gotham, these two had formed an unlikely friendship that had managed to remain untainted and untouched by the horrors of selfish greed.

Finally in season three, Edward is released, he is declared to be legally sane. He has gotten a second chance at life, a chance to be a different and better person. When he thinks he has no job, he is given one by Oswald. This friend harbors him, shelters him, clothes him and feeds him. He is given an important job, one that actually puts Edward’s skills to good use and challenges him on a daily basis. He is given recognition not only by the media but is also continuously thanked and appreciated by his friend. His best friend.

So of course Edward will want to do anything for Oswald. Oswald has already done so much for him. He has given him a second chance, a chance and hope to do better and be better and that’s all that Ed wants for Oswald to. He knows that Oswald lives for genuine love and sincerity. That’s what they both appreciate and want. For people to just see them and appreciate them for who they are.

That’s why when Edward finds out about Oswald’s betrayal, he is heartbroken. He hadn’t expected that from his friend. From his best friend. The friend who had always wanted his happiness and goodwill at heart. He didn’t want to believe it and didn’t believe it and in some ways he still can’t. It’s why he didn’t immediately kill him. It would have been oh so easy for him to do so. He instead took his time to really hurt Oswald. To break him and destroy him just the way Ed has been. It’s not only because he lost his chance at second love, but it’s because he lost his best friend as well. He lost the two people he held closest to his heart all in one go.

Tabitha, Butch and Barbara aren’t his friends. They were just tools to be used. His one and only friend was Oswald and now he lost him.

Can I just say how beautiful the vocal line are in the NCT 127’s second mini album ? Their vocals mesh so well together and have this sweet high and smooth sound. The melody, harmony, high notes, back up vocals, and hidden vocals are just perfect!!


A composer who is very shy but her music is notable for its melody and harmony. She likes her neighbour Beethoven, but every time she told him that she likes him, Beethoven couldn’t hear what she was saying, so he asked Schubert to say it again which made her more embarrassing.

Franz Schubert

Worth ItXButtons
  • Worth ItXButtons
  • Fifth Harmony & The Pussycat Dolls
  • Worth ItXButtons - Mashup

Made another mashup but this time with Fifth Harmony’s “Worth It” and The Pussycat Dolls’ “Buttons”!

Huuuuuge thanks to my good friend acidicbehavior for giving me this idea earlier today!

Dear little black girl

Dear little black girl,

You’re beautiful. Your skin is like the clay of the promised land. A place of refuge, of solace. Your hair tells the story of your ancestors. The ones who made it possible for you to have peace of mind. Every curl and every coil sings a song of liberation. A song of resilience. Don’t ever be ashamed to let the wind flow freely through your hair. Your curls and God’s breath intertwine creating harmonious melodies that ring from the mountain tops. This, my dear, is your crown. A crown of insight. A crown of identity. A crown of depth and character. Your crown was handcrafted by God only for you. Every gem, every jewel, and every strand. It’s yours. You see those lines in the palms of your hands? Their treasure maps. They hold the hidden path to your innermost being. Everything you create is a direct translation of that thing on the inside. That thing that makes you come alive. Your passions. Your desires. Put your hand on your chest. You feel that? That’s your heart. Pay attention to the rhythm it makes. That’s the melody of your heart’s song. The more it beats, the louder it sings. Baby girl, let your heart sing..LOUD! Sing until your heart’s content. One day that song will turn into a whistle. And that whistle will turn into a soft hum. Eventually that soft hum will turn into a subtle murmur. So, sing! Sing! Please… SING! Your big brown eyes reflect things to come. They’re the gateway to your future. Maybe you’ll be a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a movie star. Maybe you’ll cure cancer and end world hunger. You could be the President. An Empress. A Queen or a Warrior Princess. Your eyes hold the answers, my dear. I was once told to laugh as much as I breathe. I wish I would have taken heed to those directions when they were given. In this life you’ll go through some things that threaten your smile.. Things that try and hold your laugh captive. Don’t let it! Nobody deserves to take your smile and lock it in a cold and lonely box somewhere in a dark room. The world is a lot brighter with your smile. A smile that melts cold hearts and laugh that latches onto those around you. Your smile is like a warm embrace in this cruel and ugly world. Smile. Smile and flourish. Smile, flourish and live. Live on purpose! There’s only one you! One beautiful you. Climb every mountain. Cross every bridge. Sing every lyric. Paint every picture. Kick every ball. Write every book and tell every story. And when they look at you and ask ‘how’; tell them you have super powers. It’s called Black Girl Magic.

Good luck princess. 👑