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The Meeting of the Waters

pairing: lin-manuel miranda x reader

summary: lin buys a late 18th century piano during the writing process for hamilton, and when he gets it home, he’s surprised to find there’s a ghost attached to it. reader has been attached to her piano for hundreds of years, and is thrilled to talk about her good friend eliza hamilton with the genius who purchased her piano.

warnings: swearing, and i think that’s it idk do ghosts need to be tagged is that a thing

word count: 5,308

a/n: this is for the @hamwriters write-a-thon day one!!! AH okay i haven’t seen anyone write a ghost AU fic yet, so i don’t know how well received this will be BUT i really like it and i hope you guys do too (if u don’t pls be nice to me i’m fragile)

The lights of the George Washington Bridge glow in the distance, a stark contrast to the dark waters of the Hudson. Lin grunts as he pushes the piano up against the window of his studio apartment, leaning an arm on the top of the piano to peer out at the view.

“To be honest, the piano looked better against the wall,” you pipe up from your perch on the arm of the worn out leather sofa.

Lin spins around quickly, a startled look etched on his face. “Who’s in here?”

“Hi there,” you wave your hand, a small smirk on your face, before you stand. You smooth out your skirts and take a few steps toward him.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my apartment?” He takes a few quick steps backwards as you approach, his back colliding with the wall.

“Relax,” you hold up your hands in a show of benevolence. “I come with the piano.”

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Strawberry Rhubarb Compote Parfaits with Meyer Lemon & Pistachio.
Last Thursday, I listened in on a transcendent two hours of jazz in a tiny venue in the back corner of a mall in Little Tokyo. And I remembered: We owe the very same kind of attention in improvising to our kitchen endeavors. 

Some would say you must master the scales, the basics, before you improvise. This may be unwaveringly true for music, but with food, I think it’s possible to play freely based on our own knowledge of what we like, and the ingredients each new season presents us.

Each of us has a completely unique and distinct palate. Discover the jazz of your own favorite flavors. Play. Let each ingredient, each season, sound its note, and find where melodies and harmonies emerge to create palatal transcendence.

This compote and parfait are my own kind of jazz. Read the full post, and get the jazzilicious recipe here!


Just a little ficlet to go with the pic, my first attempt, nothing special:


An idle afterschool Thursday in springtime Hill Valley; rain batters the roof and walls and ill-fitting doors of the garage at 1646 JFK. A soaked denim jacket is hanging off of the bedpost across the room, the best place they could find to dry it in this nest of clutter, and Marty figures his parents will take one look at the downpour and know why he’s not home. No big deal, he’d insisted a few storms ago, and they’re not really interested enough to push. 

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anonymous asked:

How Hanzo, Genji and Luico react if the s/o used to play the piano and the randomly trying to relearn how to play again????


“That’s beautiful. You are very skilled.” 

You turn your head, glancing towards the doorway. Hanzo stands tall, giving you a small wave. You give him a smile and he walks towards you. You’re sitting at a grand piano- something you had asked Winston to dig up a few days ago. You had felt the urge to pick up your old skills and, well, it was a nice change of pace from combat training. 

Your hands rested lightly on the keys as you tried to pull another piece out of your head. “May I?” Hanzo asked, gesturing towards the piano bench. You willingly scoot over a few inches and allow him some room on the end. 

“You play?” You grinned. 

“When I was a boy. It was one of the many gentlemanly pursuits my father wanted me to learn,” he replied evenly. “Go on, play a piece.” 

It takes you a few seconds before you can recall a good one, but soon your fingers are plucking at the keys. When you’re about thirty seconds into ‘Moonlit Sonata’ you start to hear a new melody emerge. You take your eyes off your work and look over to the archer sitting next to you. He was adding in a whole new set of melodies, eyes focused on the keys before him. 

You close your eyes, allowing muscle memory to take over the rest of the song. Instead, you listen. It was a whole new way to experience the song- you felt yourself being swept away by a new story. 

At the end of the song your hands fall away from the keys and you rest your head against Hanzo’s shoulder. He leans the side of his face against the top of your head, fingers still playing a soft tune in the background. 


“Play me something,” Genji sat a few feet away from you while you rested against the grand piano in the room. “It will be good for my meditation,” he added happily. 

“Okay, but I’m still rusty so you can’t judge me for this,” you give your eyes a slight roll. “I’m serious, it’s probably going to be horrible! It’ll knock you right out of your meditation!”

“You keep talking yet I don’t hear the piano playing,” Genji retorted. His mask was on so you couldn’t read his expression, but you were sure he had a smarmy grin on his face. “Go ahead, I promise I won’t break up with you if it’s horrible.”

“How reassuring,” you deadpan. You scoot the bench up to the piano and tentatively place your hands on the keys. You play a few scales to warm up, giving Genji a glance every minute or so. He’s still unreadable, legs crossed, hands spread. 

Finally you settle on a song to play- Claire de Lune. It seemed relaxed enough to help him meditate. You concentrate on the melody and your fingers soon pick the tune back up. Once you finish, Genji is standing next to you. 

“That was wonderful, thank you,” he nuzzled against your shoulder. 

“I thought you were supposed to be meditating…”


“Aw c’mon, you should have told me you played ages ago! We could have jammed out,” Lucio pouted.

“I only recently got back into it,” you replied. “It’s not like I was deliberately having piano lessons behind your back!” Lucio grabbed your arm and dragged you into the common room, where a keyboard was set up. 

“You can make it up to me if you play me something! Anything, I’m not picky,” he added with a wag of his eyebrows. 

You sighed good-naturedly and took a seat at the piano. “You sure you don’t have any requests?” You asked, an idea forming in your mind.

“Nah, anything you play will undoubtedly be amazing.” You’re flattered, but it doesn’t stop you from immediately playing the chicken dance. Lucio was groaning within seconds, “Okay, okay, you called my bluff. Play a real song!”

“Alright, if that’s what you want,” you tease. You then proceed to play the melody of Rick Astley’s infamous single “Never Gonna Give You Up.” 

“You know what, nevermind,” Lucio raised his hands in the air, defeated. “You are a lost cause!” The both of you couldn’t help but start laughing. 

“Yeah, but I’m your lost cause,” you grin.

A Surprising Heart

Triggers: Mentions of C section, pregnancy complications

Note: This story is based off of experience women have told me of their own pregnancy complications. ANY nasty comments or temper tantrums will be met with Hulk like rage.

Would you be willing to do a one-shot with Steve Rogers where you’re pregnant and go into labor and have some complications (breech or baby’s heartbeat is weakening) and they’re both scared for the baby’s life, please? Thanks!

It had been a long nine months. You weren’t sickly per say but being older there had been inherent risks. Steve and you hadn’t gotten married until he was 40 and you were 35.  Between the mission of saving the world and marriage. Well obviously you can guess which one won out. Susan Storm now Richards had a lot in common with you.

In fact they had been your doctors through the whole pregnancy. After an attempt on your life though a rogue SHIELD agent Steve had insisted you go into hiding. What better place than with the Fantastic Four.

Johnny especially had been of great help to you throughout the pregnancy. Especially after you had been put on bed rest. You would have lost your mind without him. His new girlfriend Melody was a dream as well. You could see why Johnny had finally settled down. Why you and him never would have made it. She was a naturopathic doctor, you were a super hero. Two very different people.

“Well Y/N it looks like it’s time for another check up.” Attaching you to the heart monitor while she checked vitals. Steve hovering to the side before he sat down holding your hand.

When she started the ultrasound her face shifted a frown sliding into place.

“What’s wrong?” Steve asked his voice getting deeper as his anger and concern bubbled over.

“I need to make a call.” Standing up Melody walked over to the intercom dialing into Reed Richards private line.

Steve torn between staying with you and getting the information he wanted. He didn’t have to decide.

A group of people came rushing into you and Steve’s private quarters. PAnic bubbling in your chest.

“Steve?!?!” He grasped your hand forcing you to look at him.

“Everything will turn out fine. I’m with you till the end of the line.” His jaw set determination seeping out of his body and into yours. Tears prickling your eye’s as you focused on him. Forcing down the panic. Your blood pressure begining to slowly creep up.

Steve lifted you onto the gurney. A swarm of medical staff surrounding you once you were down.

You had signed a directive to save your child instead of yourself. The baby came before all else. As they began to attach various things to you. You knew this would be the mission you might not come back from. The thought that you would leave your child motherless had never occurred to you. All the enemies you had ever faced you knew could be defeated. This you didn’t know how to win. there was no new strategy to try, you simply had to trust Melody, Reed, and the medical staff to do their job.

That was the hardest part of all. You were utterly helpless that thought alone sent your blood pressure skyrocketing.

“Y/N, we need you to calm down.” Bringing you into the OR they began strapping you down. They couldn’t risk you going into an epileptic fit while in surgery. Your blood pressure borderline to triggering one.  Steve had to held back by the Thing while they operated. Finally calmed by Johnny telling him he could go in once you were stable.

“You’re going to feel some pressure and pulling on your abdomen. We’re going to save both of you.” MElody said in such a way the you believed her. Steve came rushing in once Thing let him down.

Grasping your hand eye’s locked on each other. Steve couldn’t bring himself to look past the curtain. He had seen you hurt countless times but to see you splayed open on a table was to much. It brought back to many memories of Bucky. Instead he focused on you pouring all his love into your body. Every feeling, subtle nuance of his body and face screamed I love you.

That was what you focused on when your child didn’t make a sound. Tears pouring down your face. Moments later after they had suctioned the mucus out and began sewing you up their was cry. It started out small growing stronger with every breath.

Melody moving to check the vitals. When another cry began. This one stronger, another voice all together.

“Twins! Y/N you have twins!” Steve and you both laughing and crying at the notion.

Steve leaning over to kiss you. Your son and daughter being brought over to you. Both of them being laid on your chest. Steve stroking the hair of one while you kissed the others beautiful blond head. Each of them with a tuft of blonde wisps.

A mutant coming in to finish healing you. Within an hour you were 100% healed up. Steve and yourself were back in your room resting. Most of medical equipment removed to replaced by a second bassinet.

“I love you Steve.” The babies resting on the bed with you.  A nurse had moved next to your room incase of emergencies. Melody was staying with Johnny in the room above. As a teleporter all it would take is the press of a button to be down one floor.

For now it was simply Steve, Buchanan, Peggy, and yourself cuddled up in a bed while you breast fed.  Steve kissing your temple and whispering sweet endearments.

Bucky and the rest of the Avengers standing in the doorway.

“Should we go in?” Natasha asked.

“One at a time I would think.” Bruce replied nervously, babies weren’t his thing.

A puff of white smoke appeared in front of them.

“One at a time would be correct. Let me see if they wish to have visitors. If not we can set you up in the living you.” Walking into the room a few feet Melody smiled at the scene.

“Would you like to see anyone?”

“Who is it?” Steve asked sounding like a papa bear about to fight.

“It’s us Capsicle, care to share the family?” Steve breaking into a smile.

“Bucky first, then the rest of you can come in.”

“If they’ll all fit.” You said raising a brow to your husband.

Bucky striding in surprise stopping him in his tracks. He held up two fingers the other Avengers mumbling in the background at the information.

“Bucky I’d like you to meet Peggy and Buchanan.” Bucky covering his mouth to hide the shaking as tears spilled out. His hair usually styled like the 1940’s now spilling into his face. He had cut after finding out about Stevens future child. Wanting to be the man finally that he used to be. Not for Steve or you but for the child that would grow up looking up to him and his brother.

Composing himself enough to sit down on the bed next you. After you prompted him with a pat to the bedding.

“They’re perfect Steve.” Bucky hesitantly touching a finger to Peggys little face. Her large blue eye’s opening to stare straight into Buckys. From that moment on Bucky was enchanted. He would do anything for that little girl. Come hell or high water he was there through boyfriends and diapers. She was never alone.

“Hi Peg,……you’re my best girl aren’t you.” Steve and you looking at each other as you both felt the final waves of transformation coming over Bucky. He finally had something to live for.

The rest of the Avengers came spilling into the room. An annoyed Melody commenting on the incompetent brutes. Tony simply smiling and winking at her. Throwing her hands in the air she teleported back out. Her presence no longer required for this story.

“They’re beautiful Y/N.” Natasha setting a stuffed bear next to the pair with their fathers shield. Man gotta love build a bear.

“We got here as soon as we could.” Wanda said smiling brightly as she created wisps of red for Buchanan to play with.

Bucky creating an unseen barrier around Peggy but deeply felt. Peitro teasing him that he must be in love.

“She is cute. Maybe I date her one day.” Pietro winked receiving a glare from Bucky telling him exactly how he would skin him.

Thor standing at the edge of the bed with a mountain of gift. His girlfriend Brittany helped him pick out. She was an intergalactic pirate with a heart of gold. Together they had cultivated the most beautiful gifts appropriately enough for both sexes. Who cared about gender norms let the kid play with what they want. Placing them all at the end of the bed Thor smiled warmly. His deep and rich voice resonating out.

“May all the blessing of the nine realms come upon your child.” A warmth entering the room at his words. Everyone smiled to each other. This was the first child of the Avengers. Damn if they weren’t loved and protected.


The high life, flashing lights, cameras, an applauding audience gathering to see the newest fashion, the first in line to walk the streets with the next biggest and greatest thing! And Adien was at the forefront of it all. Throughout his educational career he’d endured the process of modeling for his fathers business because it pleased him. Because it made him happy when there was little but sorrow to embrace after his mothers disappearance. It wasn’t his favorite activity. But…. it was one thing he could do for his father that would alleviate the burden of his heart. It wasn’t much. He was still left alone at home, shuffled along like his existence was yet another duty in need of fulfillment.

There was rarely time for Adrien.

He found a reprieve from the damage to his heart in music. Nino introduced him to that. It wasn’t the rock and the upbeat momentum his best friend specialized in, but the more classical array of beautiful music on the piano. He was really good at it, slender fingers dancing along the keys, a melody emerging that captured those who listened closely. He could mesmerize an audience, even while forgetting they were there entirely.

Adrien grew, and through the sporting events he participated in, through diet and the exercise of his nightly flight through the city, he strengthened, body more definitely with slender muscle. A true knock out, a perfect mannequin for professionals to tease however they wished, constructing before their eyes a perfect work of art.

Adrien began to change in more ways that simply his appearance.

He lost his Kwami companion. Oh, it wasn’t in battle or anything terribly traumatic as one might expect.

Plagg’s power had become more integrated into his life, until eventually, it was harder and harder to separate Adrien Agreste from Chat Noir.

That was the struggle currently. The good thing was - of course, ‘good’ would be fully dependent on the perspective of things - Plagg could speak to him at any time he desired, voice echoing in his head.


Plagg talked a lot.

Rather, complained a lot.

Adrien was the vision of the city. He was the future in ways he hadn’t figured out yet.

He was still trying to figure himself out.

There was only one thing to remain consistent in his heart, and that was Ladybugs place in it.

Such was proven as Chat snuck up behind her at their customary hour, plopping down to lay with his arms folded behind his head, eyes closed to the twinkling starry night hanging high above their heads. Chat was infinitely stronger than he once had been, jawline more defined, eyes sharper, almost frighteningly feline in appearance.

The canines of his teeth flashed sharp when he smiled, a naughty vision he was, and one that often performed according to his own desires! Which often relied heavily on the curiosity to guide him.

Cats always got into trouble. Chat Noir was no different.

“Good evening, treasure.” He greeted, voice a deep swell that threatened to pull her in, a slight incline in the intonation used promising trouble.

He sniffed. “Do you smell it? There’s a storm in the air.”

Melody Emergency
Melody Emergency

Melody Emergency | Gossip

If you know anything about this band, you’re probably familiar with their party anthem “Standing In The Way of Control” (that is, if you are a fan of Skins.) After 3 years of laying the cut, however, they’ve returned and managed to maintain the raw edge that they started with. Beth Ditto is a fucking soul queen, if I may add. That is all.