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You can hate the Disney sequels all you like

But I will defend the sequel characters with my life.


“You’ve left me paralyzed.
And now I’m stuck,
You’ve got me stuck.
I never knew
Just what I wanted.
I still don’t know,
it’s all missing.
You’re picking up
On what I started.”


(I guess it’s safe to say my Ghost!Arthur deserved a new design… yet again! First image is like a cover, with him standing with his Electro Beats and the name of the song I picked for him. Second image is a ref thingy and is numbered- you can check all details under ‘read more’!)

(Here is the image with his last designs! You can learn something about him there as well if you want to see it!)

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Still Got Time

Still Got Time was released on March 24, 2017. 

Zayn is the featured artist. Additional artist is PartyNextDoor. 

The song is the lead single from Zayn’s second album, yet to be released. It was produced by Frank Dukes (who recently produced Lorde’s Green Light, and has worked with Rihanna and Drake) and Murda Beatz (who produced No Frauds for Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Lil Wayne). 

In this post, I will be referring to times from this video:

I admit I’m not used to writing about dance or R&B music, and if I make any glaring mistakes, please message me!

This song is part of the slew of Caribbean-inspired tropical house or Jamaican dancehall music that have drifted in and out of pop charts recently, often collaborations between artists and producers, whose engineering of bass lines and percussion is a significant portion of the songwriting. 

These songs might sound tropical, and fresh, and sunny, but their pedigree is firmly rooted in Motown R&B. And the looming figure in contemporary R&B and dance whose influence and sound are inescapable is Michael Jackson

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Late Night Drive

Originally posted by du-dreckstuck

Soft snores emitted from (Y/N)’s plump lips, her hair covering part of her face and her pillow covered in drool. She seemed restful and the faint smile on her face showed she was having nice dreams that she’d surely forget in the morning.

Her peaceful slumber was disturbed when a sound came from her window, quiet and almost inaudible until it echoed throughout the room again, over and over until the girl sat up quickly in a defensive stance. Her eyes were wide but still showed how tired she was, her hair was sticking up in several directions and a side of her face was moist with drool which she quickly wiped away with the sleeve of the sweater she was wearing—or more precisely, her boyfriend, Justin’s sweater.

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50k+ Completed Chaptered Masterlist

permanent ink - Katsuki Yuuri had two soulmate marks.The first was the words Stammi Vicino scripted right over his heart in bold, beautiful letters. The second was a pair of wings curled against his shoulder blades and down his back in arching, florid strokes.The former belonged to five-time gold-winning World Champion, Viktor Nikiforov. The latter belonged to his protégée, who was making his Senior debut the next year- Yuri Plisetsky, who tried to cut his soulmark off a year before meeting him.

Growing up, growing in -  After making his first friend at Barcelona, Yuri is left with more questions than answers. Is all of what he feels… normal amongst friends? Should he even hesitate that much at the very idea of having him at his home for his birthday?
All he knows is that he can’t wait for it to come, and find out what is all of this that Otabek Altin unleashes inside of him.

To Protect that Smile -  It’s been years since Victor Niforov turned his back from Yuuri and their adopted son, Yuri(o). Chaos ensues when Yurio won gold medal for Junior National Ice Skating Competition and Mari sent a profile for a scholarship/training abroad to Christophe Giacometti and his … co-coach.

Compromises - Their relationship was one of compromises, Yuuri thought, usually in Victor’s favour. Not that Yuuri minded - in all likelihood, he would probably set himself on fire if Victor complained about being cold. But there was one thing Yuuri point blank refused to compromise on; he would not step foot within a 100 metre radius of an ice rink.AU in which Yuuri quit skating as a teenager, Victor isn’t amazing at communication, and Yurio thinks they are both idiots.

Autumn in Detroit -  In a world where Viktor Nikiforov was forced to retire early due to a leg injury, he sought work instead as a police detective in Detroit. Now a young skater with a poster of him on his bedroom door has gone missing and Viktor knows beyond a doubt it’s the work of a man who’s been brutally murdering professional dancers for years. It’s impossible not to take this case personally. Viktor will find Yuuri Katsuki.

What Fades On The Ice - Yuuri Katsuki was a living legend in the skating world. A living legend that depended on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety tablets to survive.Viktor Nikiforov was a young ‘up-and-coming’ skater who was determined to convince his idol to coach him after an extremely bad result at his last competition.How will Yuuri survive the hurricane that is Viktor Nikiforov?Reverse AU where Yuuri is the skating legend and Viktor is a young skater trying to make it big.

Time Bomb Lover -  “I think I know someone who would be more than willing to help your family out, if you were willing to help them out in return. If you were interested that is.”

Precious Love - Basicaly Yuuri’s first job as kindergarten teacher who believe his english ability is his only good trait and Yurio as his problematic-anti-social-tsundere student who strangely attached to him.Add the boy’s famous-handsome-actor-father who is in desperate need of new caretaker.

Figure Skater Time - Assassination on Ice -  When Victor breaks Yuuri’s heart he couldn’t stand up. Broken and without an idea what to do he stumbles over his old equippment from his most interesting school year. His final year at Kunugigaoka junior high school in the assassination classroom with the worlds best teacher and strongest target. In his dream he meets his teacher Korosensei one last time and he gives him the courage to rise once again. Determined to show the world what he is made of he sets out to nurture his blood-lust once more and sharpen his blade. With a little help from his classmates he decides to show the world what he learned in the assassination classroom and how he is ready to graduate from his heartbreak.

Yuuri!!! on Floor -  The gymnastics edition, in which Viktor is still a skater because he’s too pretty on ice and I couldn’t take it away from him. A story about how sometimes love comes slow and soft, and how hearts get bigger when they break.

A lack of Invitations -  Viktor is ex-Russian mob knife for hire, with a terrifying reputation. Yuuri is a Japanese mob boss. They encounter each other at a party and for some reason, Yuuri is intrigued enough to hire Viktor on.

From Almaty, With Love - It’s quiet here. Even if the car alarm on the neighbor’s goddamn BMW has been going off for the past twenty minutes. Quiet, even though the alarm’s got the neighbor’s dog howling like crazy, and the neighbor works second shift and isn’t there to comfort the dumb dog.It’s quiet…They haven’t spoken to each other since that morning, when Yuri went off to go see his tutor, and Otabek went off to do whatever the hell it was he did in the mornings before he hit the rink.“You’re used to the noise?”“Yeah, but…I think I like the quiet too.”

Dance of the Red Death - Viktor Nikiforov loved too much. What begins as a cough morphs into something that takes the shape of an unseen monster hiding in his very blood. With the Russian government scrambling to sweep under the rug the worst of a crisis that’s been thirty-five years in the making and a society that sees his disease as a death sentence, Viktor is left with figuring out his own way to survive.

Hasta que los días nos unan otra vez - Yuri es un joven amante del patinaje que vive en San Petersburgo con su abuelo. Su vida es normal, hasta que se cruza con aquel extraño de rasgos extranjeros en la pista y desde esa misma noche no puede dejar de soñar con él, literalmente.Pero en sus sueños él ya no es Yuri Plisetsky, sino Yuuri Katsuki, un joven soldado japonés durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial y el extraño tampoco es el mismo sino Viktor Nikiforov, un voluntario ruso en los campamentos de refugiados.Yuri sabe que todo es solo un simple sueño, pero ¿Por qué su corazón duele cada vez que sueña con aquellos dos desconocidos, y se siente tan ligado a su historia?

The Longest Off-Season -  It’s after the Grand Prix Final, and now that Yuri and Victor have made their choices and established exactly what they are, Victor asks Yuri to move in with him in Russia.
Everything is going so well; it’s pure domestic bliss, that is until something happens which turns their world - and Yuri’s skating career - upside down.

Melodies Unheard, but Felt All the Same - Yuuri wanted to make history as the first deaf man to win the Grand Prix Final. Of course he’s a little skeptical of Victor Nikiforov’s presence, especially considering the reactions from others who have learned about his lack of hearing.But Victor proves to be different, and Yuuri appreciates that. Now all that’s left is to tell the figure skating world about it.

lie to make me like you -  It’s become a game, of sorts, to anyone privy to the fact that the pattern exists in the first place: ask Victor out at the beginning of the month, date for however many days, and wait for the end to come and for Victor to say, always: I couldn’t fall in love with you. Let’s break up.
Or, Victor is a retired actor looking for love, and Yuuri happens to be the (un)fortunate soul to unwittingly ask him out at the beginning of the month. Except relationships don’t come with a script, and it’s much harder understanding love than roles.

like your french girls -  in which Victor is an artist, Yuuri is his figure skating muse, and Yuri is so done hearing about their stupid love story through Instagram

all the world’s a stage - Everyone has a guilty pleasure.For Yuuri, it just happens to be romance movies starring famous heartthrob Victor Nikiforov.

Between us - Love hurts. Love heals. Sometimes it’s really easy to love. Sometimes it feels like hell. You can forget to love yourself because you are too busy with loving someone else. Sometimes you give everything for the one you love and don’t expect to get anything back. You can love with all your soul and heart. Your heart can heal, your soul can belong to someone else. Love will make you cry and laugh, love will make you hate and forgive.
It’s life. It’s pain. Feels.Don’t give up.In the end, love always wins.

Ugly Dad Shirt.

Authors Note: This is short and not that great….. I am really running out of ideas to write about. I thought a weeks break would help but it hasn’t. The blurb request lists don’t really spark anything either. I’m sorry, this is going to have to do. Xx 

You’re bouncing your daughter on your hip as she’s drowsily clinging to you while you stand backstage at the SNL rehearsal, watching Harry from a distance as he waits for the instructions to walk on the stage and do his thing. 

You have been here for around three hours, laughing with the crew while Harry rehearses his lines for his skits and prepares himself to sing his debut song off of his sophomore solo album. 

Your daughter has been moderately grumpy since landing in New York, she doesn’t seem to appreciate being away from home. New York just does not seem to enchant her the slightest bit.

She begins to whine, wiggling in your arms as she gradually wakes up from her small nap she decided to take on your shoulder. “I know, I know.” You rub her back, calming her down as you grab her blanket from where you left it earlier. She quietens down and nestles back into you, your hand still rubbing her back, just a few whimpers escaping her lips as she gets comfortable on you.

You ultimately move to sitting down trying to keep your little one calm as she gets antsy and irritated again, the comfort of her blanket no longer satisfying her. 

You let her press her little legs to the floor, thinking nothing of it as she stretches her legs and waddles around cutely, a few of the staff members chuckling as she makes some peculiar noises. You are no stranger to her strange noises and attempts at talking. 

Before you know it she’s running to her father as he’s mid-rehearsal performance. 

Her little arms reach up to press to his leg, gently tapping on them to get his attention. He smiles as he gazes down at her, completing the first verse. 

He bends down and picks her up, trying to continue singing the second verse but she starts to whimper into his neck, distracting him from the lyrics. He signals to the band and they stop playing. “Sorry guys, just give me a moment.” He smiles and everyone assures him it is fine as you bite your lip, unsure of how everyone’s going to react to him having to stop for a break bc of his little girl. 

“I’m sorry.” You shuffle towards him and he shakes his head, 

“it’s okay, she’s grumpy and just wants me.” He grins, admiring how his little one just wants to be held by her Dad. Everyone knows she likes to get in as many daddy cuddles as she possibly can, not to mention when she become irritable he is better at calming her down than what you are. All he has to do is hum a few melodies and she calms down. 

“It’s okay, I got ya, sweetheart. Shh.” He rubs her little back, enabling her to settle down and get comfortable in his arms. 

She rests in the crook of his neck and leisurely begins to fall asleep. “I’m going to need a 15-minute break, I’m so sorry.” He informs the crew and they understandably nod, not becoming crude. 

You follow him off the stage and watch as he sits down with her, a smile forming on your lips as you admire him. 

“She seems really grumpy.” Harry sighs as his little girl begins to fuss again, his hand instantly reaching for her blanket and draping it around her. 

“I know,” you sigh, feeling terrible that your little girl is grumpier today than usual. You understand she’s probably homesick and wants to be curled up in her own crib in the comfort of the house instead of being apart of her daddy’s rehearsal. 

Harry begins to walk around the area, rubbing her back to try to get her to stop crying into him.

He doesn’t care that his fifteen-minute break is up, or that he should probably be trying to get his vocals right for tonight’s performance. His main concern is his little girl. 

“I know this isn’t fun, but Daddy has to be here and I know you’ll fuss at the hotel. C'mon little darlin’ settle down for me.” He whispers as he tries to bounce her lightly, walking in circles in an attempt to calm her down. He looks to you and you frown for a moment, taking note of her flushed cheeks as she lifts her head off of Harry’s shoulder. 

“Harry, maybe she’s not feeling good.” You begin, “Maybe I should take her to the hotel.” You continue, stepping closer to the two, 

“Yeah, she does kinda feel a bit warm.” Harry nods, and you step closer before pressing your hand to her forehead. 

Harry tries to make his little girl feel better, rubbing his hand on her back, sitting with her, rocking her in his arms, everything possible that he could do while taking a break from rehearsing. “Daddy is going to have to get back to singing.” He whispers, trying to tenderly put space between him and her little body that is clinging to him. 

The minute he tries to hand her to you her whimpers get louder, turning into cries. He sighs and presses her back to him, her head resting on his shoulder again. “At some point, I really need to rehearse.” He sighs with a small pout, not wanting to leave his little girl. 

She lifts her head and he looks at her, pressing a small kiss to her forehead, “alright, you ready to go to mummy?” He hums sweetly, her eyes just staring up at him. For a moment you think she’s going to stay calm and allow him to pass her off to you so you can take her to the hotel and let her sleep, but instead, Harry groans as she gets sick on his shirt. 

He screws his nose up before trying to sooth his little girl with sweet words, “it’s okay, shh. I know yeh not feeling good.” He murmurs, carefully handing her to you as he looks at his shirt. “This is so gross.” He pouts, unbuttoning his shirt, leaving him bare. 

“Told ya it was an ugly ‘Dad’ shirt.” You chuckle with a small wink, his eyes rolling as your little girl finally settles down into you, no longer whimpering. 

“Oh, ha-ha.” He sarcastically mutters, “it isn’t ugly.” He defends, “but, I need to rehearse and you both need to relax. I’ll meet you at the hotel in a few hours.” He presses a kiss to your lips, his hand gently pressing to his little girl. 

“Be good for mummy, feel better little one, I love you.” He whispers to his daughter, his hand rubbing in a circular motion. “And I love you, be careful.” He looks back towards you and you nod. 

“I love you, too. Have fun and try not to stress, you will do great tonight.” You assure him, knowing that he is going to stress himself to try to get everything perfect.


And although I’ll be out of sight dear, know I’ll be right here. Right here forever. And when you look to the night sky, don’t think of goodbye, think how I’m right here forever, and ever, and ever.

theextremedunhun  asked:

Can you do "I'm pregnant" with Josh's baby please? I feel like I could've wrote that better but it's 3am sorry. And it's fine to ignore lol

Originally posted by cottoncandyjoshdun

A/N -  There is smut in this. I never put these but since some people do not like Josh Dun smut I will put a little warning on these now.
Thank you. 

Their tour had come to an end and finally Josh was able to take a few days completely off before starting their rehearsals and brain storming for the new album.
His first night home consisted of a lot of sleep, actually he pretty much slept the whole day. Today we were going to go out with a few friends for lunch and then just relax at home together, which is the part I really couldn’t wait for.
Josh had walked out of the shower with just a towel around his waist, his body still covered in droplets of water.

“Why?” I laugh at him from the bed.

“Why what?” He throws me a confused look.

“Why don’t you ever dry off?” I stand up and grab a small towel from the bathroom and run it over his shoulders and down his back.

He turns to face me and I run the towel over his chest and he hands wrap around my waist, he places a kiss against my forehead and presses his hips to mine. I bite in my lower lip as I feel his member against me, I reach my arms around his neck and kiss him again.
His hands are quickly making their way up my shirt and out lips separate just for my shirt to slip over my head. His teeth bite into my bottom lip and I can’t help but let out a small moan.
His hands grip my waist tighter and my nails dig into his shoulders as his tongue rolls over mine and our breathing picks up.
He takes a few steps and I shuffle my feet backwards until the backs of my legs hit the bed and I fall back on it.

“I misses you so much.” His voice is low as he groans.

He unbuttons my pants and pulls everything off and throws it behind him, I can clearly see his erection through the towel and I feel my core ache.

“I missed you too, daddy.” I give him a smile as I finish the sentence.

He runs his tongue over his lips and drops his towel at the end of the bed, he positions himself on top of me and his hand dips between my legs.
His fingers run gently on my inner thigh, trailing so close and I groan every time he runs them back down my thigh.

“Are you wet for me baby?” He whispers in my ear, “Because I want you dripping.” He gently bites my neck.

I moan and arch my back, his fingers glide up and down my slit and he lets out a groan of his own, he brings his fingers to my lips and I part them with a smile as he glides them in and I twirl my tongue around them.

He pulls his fingers out of my mouth, “You always have me dripping.” I laugh out.

He presses his lips to mine with a smile and I bite on his bottom lip, I feel his tip at my entrance and I bite a little harder.
He groans and I let go of his lip, he grabs onto my hands and holds them above my head as he presses himself into me. My back arches against his hold and I let out a moan louder than expected.
He finds his pace and he lets out his own string of grunts and moans with each thrust.
His arm that is holding my hands flexes with every thrust while his tattooed arm is holding himself up. His shoulders are tensed and all I want to do is touch him, every part of him. I pull my hands down but it only causes him to add more pressure and thrust into my harder.
I scream out his name and his head falls forward with a low growl.

“Shit!” he moans, he lets go of my hands and quickly moves his hand to my clit.

I bring his face to mine and kiss him, I moan into his mouth and rake my nails down his back which he responds to with a string of curse words.
My stomach begins tighten and I know he feels it, he keeps his pace going and my legs begin to shake as they wrap around his waist.
My nails dig into his shoulders until we both come down from our high.
He rolls off me and holds his arm out for me to come closer, I scoot into him and rest my head on his chest.
The pounding of his heart matches mine and we lay there in silence for a few moments as we catch out breath.

“I love you.” I whisper and kiss his chest.

He brushes my hair out of my face and runs his fingers up and down my arm, “I love you baby girl.”

It has been over two months since Josh has been home, the boys have been working pretty hard on the new album as well as interviews and side shows here and there.
We both know another tour will be coming up sooner than I want so we haven’t been able to keep our hands off each other, which I don’t mind at all.
These past two week have kept up pretty calm though, I have been constantly sick and Josh has tried just about everything to make me feel better but sometimes the smell of something makes me puke for five minutes straight.

It was a Friday afternoon and Josh was out with Tyler, I had gotten up and made myself a piece of toast and went back to bed. I was laying awake curled into a ball when the thought finally crossed my mind.
I got out of bed too fast and had to run to the bathroom, I brushed my teeth again and went downstairs and jumped in my car.
I wanted to drive fast but I knew the motions would only make it worse, as soon as I pulled up to the store I ran in and bought about $60 of the same thing.
I got back in my car and threw my car in park once I was in front of the house. I groaned walking back up the stairs but once I finally made it I locked myself in the bathroom and dumped out four different kinds of pregnancy tests.

“This can’t be happening. This can’t.” I repeat to myself over and over as I open all four boxes.

I follow the directions carefully for each brand and set them on the counter, I sit on the bathroom floor and wait.
I grab all four tests and curl up into a tighter ball, my chest hurts and I can’t even hold back the tears.

“He is going to be so mad. How could we be so stupid! Why am I so stupid!” I cry into the tile floor.

I hear the front door open downstairs and Josh calls out my name, I quickly wipe my face and throw the boxes and tests in a towel under the cabinets. I make sure a towel is out just in case he was going to shower, I make sure I didn’t leave anything behind and quickly get in the bed and cover up my entire face.

Josh comes in the room and places a soft kiss on the top on my head and whispers, “I love you, I’ll be back soon and I’ll text you this because you’re sleeping.”

Once I hear the door close the sobs start again, I wrap my arm around my stomach and I can’t help but think of all the reasons this will end us.

I fall asleep but wake up close to 2 am, I look over and Josh is sound asleep wrapped in the blankets. The heart wrenching feeling comes tumbling back and I try to quiet the cries, it seems impossible so I get up and head into the bathroom.
I pull the towel out from under the cabinet and stare at all four positive tests.

“Babe?” I hear Josh shuffle out of the bed and I wrap the towel back up. He opens the door and quickly comes and wraps his arms around me, “What’s going on? Are you ok? What happened?”

He pulls me in closer and the tears start flowing more than before, I can’t think of the words and I don’t know how else to tell him. I open up the towel and let the tests and boxes fall to the tile. I push him away and bring my knees to my chest and rest my head against them.

“I’m sorry. This is all messed up, this wasn’t supposed to happen!” I cry out, I lift my head and look at his shocked face, “I’m pregnant!” I scream out in tears.

Josh comes back to my side and hugs me tightly, “This isn’t the end of the world baby, it’s more like the start of a whole new one. Please, don’t be sorry. This isn’t a one mans job, it takes two and I plan on being there for all of this and everything after this and I plan to do it by your side.” His kisses the side of my head.

“I’m sorry.” I whisper, I don’t know what to say since I was expecting a completely different response.

“Do no be sorry for this. I am not upset in the slightest. At the moment I am shocked but by morning I promise it will be all excitement. There is no one else in this world that I would rather start a family with. Know that and believe that.”

I curl into him, he hums a melody to calm me down. My mind starts to feel at ease and I lock my fingers in with his.
We fall asleep there, on the bathroom floor with four positive pregnancy tests spread out on the floor.


C H O K E   M E   O U T      dirty! dirty! dirty! i will never be clean!


Skull Love (Sandy) Alex G// Choke me out Dying While Driving// Now Waves FIDLAR// Anxiety (I Just Wanna Be Calm) Chris Ray Gun// Nobody Puts Baby In the Corner Fall Out Boy// People Like You Are Why People Like Me Exist Say Anything// Tortuga Catfish and the Bottlemen// Green Eyes Joe Brooks// I Used To Have A Heart Say Anything// A Portrait Of Sorority Noise// what the hell am i [thinking of] an amiable melody// Tie Me Down (Sandy) Alex G// I Am Shit Crywank// Palace Fires Johnny Foreigner// skate witches teen suicide

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mcrdeviantclub  asked:

Hey, are you taking writing requests? If so, could you possibly write something about Poison and Kobra bonding 👀

I’d love to! Here’s a lil thing pre-Jet and Ghoul, about 3 months after getting out of the city? maybe? 

Kobra Kid was hungry. It was nothing new, not anymore, and in his mind it had stopped being really a “need” and more of a chronic condition that he didn’t have the medication for. 

No medication, not out here. 

He leaned his face against one of the windows in the diner that wasn’t broken. He watched through slitted eyes as Party Poison sat down in the booth seat across from him. Somehow, now that he was Party Poison, it was a little harder to see him as family. Party and Kobra were different. New names. They were new. 

“Hey, Kobra, I wrote a song.” Kobra sat up the tiniest bit straighter to show he was listening, and Party took a deep breath. He strummed once, and it was already bad because the guitar was missing a string and out of tune. Then Party started screaming. Kobra squeezed his eyes shut and clapped his hands over his ears, and Party dissolved into giggles. 

“What the hell Party.” Kobra asked, slowly releasing his hold on his ears and letting his hands sink down. This was weird. They’d been dancing around each other a bit since they’d found the diner. 

“Got your attention,” Party shrugged. “Now you’re more awake, and we can write a song. Together. We need some noise.” 

Kobra wasn’t so sure that’s what they needed, but he tentatively nodded anyway and was rewarded with a beam from Party. 

“What’ll it be about?”

“Anything. Just making it up as we go along,” Party explained, excited. “I’ll start.” 

He strummed the guitar again, this time a bit softer, and the tuning didn’t sound so horrible this time. He picked out a few chords, a bit clumsily, then started to sing. 

“I saw a lizard today…” Kobra snorted. “And it was as big as my cat…” A twinge of sadness at a memory. “but we don’t have to talk about that.” Party paused and looked at Kobra, and Kobra realized that it was his turn. He coughed to clear his throat, trying to pick up the melody Party had laid down. 

“We’ve had no food in days,” he started. “Because we’ve got no cash, but we don’t have to talk about that.” 

“There’s sand in my shoes, and sand in my wounds,” Party continued. “but these new scars will heal too.” He looked up at Kobra and Kobra didn’t know what to say anymore, but he started singing anyway. 

“I’m no good with names, and now I’ve got new ones to remember,” Kobra faltered, and Party picked up the line. “All the old letters marked return to sender. We’re not the same anymore, but I’ll still pick you up off the floor. We can’t go back-” 

“So we’ve lost one self-” 

“But gained another-”

Kobra Kid locked eyes with Party Poison, and saw that his eyes were a bit wet. He would deny that his own were, but suddenly he knew how to end the song. 

“And you are still my brother.”  

The Wife Of A Future Mafia Leader Pt 5

Originally posted by bangbeannie

Title: The Wife Of A Future Mafia Leader.

Genre: Angst, Mafia.

Member: Jongup.

Word Count: 3764.

Description: You decide to help Jongup’s friends, but the trouble it gets you in leaves Jongup playing the role of an angry husband rather well.

It was late, unbelievably late. You had woken up early the day before but that didn’t stop the five men you were residing with from keeping you awake with small talk until the early hours of the morning. Some time after five a.m. is when your head was actually able to hit land on the soft fluffy cloud called your pillow and you had fallen asleep instantly.

Ten a.m. was when you shot up in the bed, snorting in a deep breath of air and eyes wide as they could go considering you were just sleeping. You frowned and a growl of words that were nowhere near understandable filled the room.

“Good morning sleeping beauty” You received a grin, not that you could see it now that you had thrown the blankets over yourself and rolled yourself into a burrito of warmth, knowing that if it were a nightmare to have Himchan and Zelo wake you up, today would be no different.

“Get out Daehyun” Daehyun didn’t find your threatening snarl giving him a shake in his boot or the thought to retreat, instead he walked into the room further, shutting the door so some of the loud noises that may be made would at least be slightly muffled.

Silence fell over the room and your past self would have thought you had been left alone to sleep again, but you had been here for a week and a half now and it didn’t take you long to learn your lessons in life.

“Time to wake up Y/N” Daehyun laughed, a low and sinful melody that had shivers down up your spine and your breath stopping, this couldn’t be good, and that fact just dawned on you now.

You remained silent, tensing in the covers you had hidden yourself in, Daehyun walked closer to the bed, a smirk gracing his lips as he stood right beside you waiting for a response.

“Are you going to get up Y/N? It’ll be a lot easier for you if you do” Daehyun informed, just like you thought, he was going to do something.

It was as if a cloud of darkness hung over you as you waited, ready to attack him, your pillow was in your tightly closed fists, not a great weapon but it was the thought and the power you put behind it that would count in the end. Daehyun jumped on the bed and you screamed as you realised what was happening.

“Daehyun! Daehyun stop it!” You were, unfortunately for you, but fortunately for Daehyun, very ticklish. You kicked and you screamed through the blankets and Daehyun threw them off you, making it easier for him to attack you with his wriggling fingers.

“Daehyun!” You screamed, flinging your pillow at him, much to your dismay your aim was off with all the wiggles in an attempt to escape his wrath you were doing. This only made Daehyun laugh with a prideful ring, throwing his head back in delight as he continued to tickle your stomach.

“What the hell is going on in here?! Oh, that’s not what I was expecting” Yongguk slammed the door open, making it crash into the wall behind it. Daehyun ignored him as he stood in the doorway, fully expecting to see you screaming for your life with some clothes on the floor, he should have known Daehyun wouldn’t stoop that low, though.

“That’s enough Daehyun” Yongguk hid the gun in the pocket of his jacket before anyone could see it, Daehyun looked at him, seeing the others standing behind him as well and a sigh escaped him as he got off the bed.

“Y/N’s awake now” He smiled before turning to grin at you and then he left the room. You were left with four other men staring at you, catching your breath and sitting on the bed in a mess.

“Y/N we have something we need you to help us with” Yongguk sighed and you looked at him, he entered the room and Himchan followed him with a box in his hand. You blinked as Himchan approached you on the bed, opting to sit the box next to you with a cheeky smile, though it was somewhat cautious and hopeful as he stepped back next to Yongguk.

“What is it?” You asked and Yongguk nodded to the white box, longer than it was taller, your fingers clasped the lid and removed it as Yongguk spoke.

“We have a client who has failed to repay what he owes us, and after being lenient with him for so long we have to take our earnings” Yongguk explained as you stood up in front of him, pulling a floor-length dress from the box, you examined it before looking at him.

The dress was something you could never imagine yourself wearing, it was a beautiful light blue, almost turquoise in colour there was a soft to touch black floral mesh that started at the straps of the dress and ended at the waist of the dress in thin strands held with a bow in the same colour as the dress, neatly tied the the center presentably.

It was a dress designed to hug one’s figure, a dress that looked like a lot of money was given to a snobby shop owner to possess it, a dress that had you frowning.

“And you want me to dress as if I’m a Disney princess popping out of a book? How is that meant to help you, because I’m assuming that is what you want me to do isn’t it?”

“I’ll have you know I picked that dress out myself thank you very much!” Himchan exclaimed and Yongguk nodded as everyone in the room silently agreed to ignore him.

“We are attending a ball, it’s a masquerade ball which is perfect for us. We need to you to distract the brother of our target, if we don’t find a distraction for him he won’t leave his brothers side, which means we won’t be able to get our payment” Yongguk drawled and you looked at the dress with a sigh.

“Does Jongup know I will be doing this?” You asked and Yongguk smiled.

“Is that suddenly important Y/N?” He asked and you glared at the snickering men behind him.

“Shouldn’t a husband know if his wife his going to commit a dangerous deed?” You blunted and Yongguk gave a sigh as he nodded.

“Jongup has been informed of what we want you to do” Yongguk guaranteed as you frowned.

“And he’s ok with it?” You asked again and Yongguk continued to nod.

“He sees no problem in what you do as long as you are safe Y/N” You were promised before being left alone to prepare yourself for the day ahead of you.

If only you weren’t so blind.

It seems there are a few more lessons for you to learn in the mafia world.


Three days later and you were standing in front of the mirror, the figure hugging dress worn and your makeup done, you had a pair of heels that matched your dress on, not that they could be seen under the length of the dress, and your hair was styled in a way you had always dreamed of doing it.

“And now for the final touch” Himchan beamed, walking towards you with the most important part of the outfit, the mask.

“Talk about being discrete” You muttered, your voice coated in sarcasm as Himchan put the mask over your eyes, covering most of your face with it. It held similar colours to the rest of your outfit, with a big feather, some more blue material and a black flower perched next to your right eye screaming ‘oh please, pay no attention to me’ with more sarcasm than you could possibly muster in your own words.

“Shut up Y/N” Himchan shot back as you looked at him.

“Now, this will probably not be needed, but” Himchan droned as he lifted your dress to reveal one of your legs. You gasped and whacked him over the head.

“That is completely unneeded Himchan!” You snarled and then you noticed what he also had in his hands.

“What are they for?” You asked Himchan wrapped a gun holster around your leg, just in the right place where it wouldn’t be uncomfortable, seen, or where someone like the man you were distracting would be brave enough to lay his hands.

The threatening weapon was then concealed in the holster as you stared wide eyed at the weapon you were forcibly equipped with.

“Your target is a smart and dangerous man, to keep a gun on you is to be better safe than sorry” Himchan mulled over the man that would be in your sight tonight and you gulped as the nerves set in.

“Are you sure I can’t have one on the other leg?” You asked several times, giving it one last go on your way down the stairs.

“One is all you need Y/N, remember how I taught you to use it and don’t freeze up in the moment of action because that will be the difference between whether you have years or seconds left to live”

“Well would you look at that, she looks like an actual human now, not the animal we’ve had to live with for the past weeks” Zelo whistled and you shot him with your eyes.

“Zelo, you scrub up nice ones you step away from the dumpsters” You smiled and Zelo snorted as he gave you a gentle shove.

“Don’t mess up tonight” His words were blunt and toneless but when you looked up from your dress to meet his eyes you could see his genuine concern for your safety he had hidden in his message.

“I’ll do my best not to” You smiled and Zelo nodded as a small smile took over his face as well.

“Let’s go, we’ve got money to take and a party to crash” Yongguk commanded, a wave of his hand signalling for everyone to follow him.

“In the next life, I’ll be the leader” Zelo muttered before rushing ahead of you, plans to rule his elders ticking over in his mind as he exited the house.


It was huge, the main hall all the attendees were gathering in was double the size of your school hall. It was crowded, men and women covering their faces in fancy masks and clothed in elegant suits and dresses walked around with glasses of expensive drinks in their hand.

You were entering the ball with Youngjae by your side, your arm weaved through his own and your free hand gripping his arm linked with yours.

“That guy over there is your target. Now, remember, don’t be obvious in your approach, make it natural and let him come to you if you are able to lure him in it would be better than chasing him. Once you’ve got him get him as far away from his brother in the red tie as possible without making it clear what you’re trying to do. Don’t bring up anything about his work, if he brings it up first don’t ask questions and just listen to what he has to say, I’ll give you the signal when we’re done. Do you have your gun?”

Youngjae looked down at the dress covering your legs and where the said gun was strapped to your skin tightly, you nodded and Youngjae gave a single nod back in return. He led you to the bar where they were serving free drinks and you took a seat on one of the fancy chairs as close to the brothers as you could get.

You were left by yourself at the bar, sitting alone as Youngjae walked away casually and you watched the people around you mingle together. Your eyes strayed to the person you would have to talk to at some stage tonight, he was close enough for you to hear his voice from where you were sitting in the buzz of merging voices echoing around you.

Himchan walked in, you noticed from the corner of your eye and Daehyun followed him not long later. Yongguk and Zelo made into the building safely, they had managed to give your nervous self a nod before disappearing into the crowd, leaving you sitting with a drink in your hand, looking like the girl that never got asked to dance at the prom.

Sitting was too boring, you decided to stand on your feet after spending half an hour closely watching your target. Your legs carried you across the floor, the heels giving your steps an attention grabbing sway that everyone could see in your hips.

Your drink was close to your lips, though you didn’t intend to drink any of it, your eyes were stuck on him, waiting for him to notice you. His brother in the red tie, the target of everyone else seemed to be contently chatting to friends, colleagues, you weren’t sure and you didn’t particularly care for who he was talking to.

All you knew was that the one you were after still wasn’t looking at you and you wanted to get this over with quickly so you could stop being used for the dirty work of Jongup’s friends. Another forty minutes passed, you smiled and gave nods to people who looked at you, yet the attention of the person you needed most didn’t come to you.

Your eyes cast up from the floor to briefly look at the male skimming past you and through the crowd again. His voice was a whisper in your ear, unnoticeable to the people around you but clear to you.

“Do something to get his attention” Daehyun muttered, and he was gone just as quickly as he had been beside you. You drew out a sigh and focused your eyes on the task at hand again, walking forward before your eyes flew to the roof of the building.

“Oh my, madame I am so sorry, how can I ever repay you?” You bumped into a very important looking woman and her dress ruffled as she turned to meet your eyes that were now on her. It earned you the attention of the people in the conversation with her and a few bystanders but you had received an acknowledgement from the person you had been waiting for so you didn’t care for the observing eyes.

“You’re lucky nothing from that glass spilt on my dress young lady, carry on, no damage is done that you can repay” She turned away from you and you rolled your eyes behind her back, they flickered to meet his and you walked away as if you hadn’t seen him looking at you in the first place.

He observed you as you walked away, your head turning and your eyes glancing at everything in the room. It was when you had left the life of the party for the quiet hallway that he put his glass down and turned to the people he had been talking to.

“I’ll be right back,” He told his brother, earning a smile and a nod in response he then walked away, following the way he had watched you walk. You heard the door open, but you didn’t turn to see if it were him following you, you didn’t want to get your hopes up.

“I see you have an appreciation for the art, finally someone with taste” You heard his voice and you found yourself preparing a polite smile as you slowly turned from the large painting on the wall to look at him.

“So I see I’m not alone” Is how you chose to respond and he gave a friendly chuckle.

“You would think amongst a crowd like that there wouldn’t be anyone else, wouldn’t you?” He asked and you hummed as you nodded.

“It seems when you have enough money to buy everything in the world you stop appreciating the real beauty and creativity around you” You answered and he chuckled to show his agreement.

“And a relief it is to have left a room full of people like that” He sighed and you left the painting to look at him again.

“Are you not one for these parties? Put on a mask and explore in a night of not knowing anyone’s identity?” You questioned and he shook his head.

“I’m only here because of my brother”

“Oh” You nodded and he shook his head.

“Can’t do anything on his own that fellow, but I can see why” He mumbled and you looked at him, waiting for him to continue his story.

The main door to the building opened, behind the man and down the hall but you didn’t bother to look over his shoulder to see the strangers that would be walking through the door.

“Ahh” A smirk spread on his lips and his shoulders rose, following his intake of breath before falling with his exhale. Jongup adjusted the mask on his face and then the jacket of his suit, he looked around at the open hallway, hearing some of the loud talking coming from the party but he ignored it as he forced his eyes to concentrate on the figures further down the hallway.

You didn’t know how it happened, Youngjae wasn’t wrong when he said this man was smart, but he was too smart. Before you could process it, he had you forced against the wall and you had managed through his ruthless shoves and painful grip to reach for your gun, pressing it to his chest at the same time your back hit the wall.

“I don’t know who you are, but with those bastards walking around I know my guesses are limited. You know the Moon’s aren’t really ones for bringing a woman in to do their dirty work. And this is why I can’t leave my brother alone, because neither can you people” You couldn’t even dare to pull the trigger as this man snarled down at you. You weren’t frozen in fear, you also weren’t a cold blooded killer.

So with all the force you could muster through the man’s painful hold you raised your arm and swung your fist at him, colliding with his cheek bone with as much strength as you could put into the punch.

Jongup could recognise that figure and that hair he loved so much anywhere and his eyes widened as he growled, realising it was you and realising what you were doing to be roughing around with another guest at a party

The man was coming back at you, and you were ready to fight, you got your gun ready and swung your leg to kick at him as he aimed to hit you. You closed your eyes gun pointed and foot ready to collide with your opponent, but it swung through the air and a thud sounded through the hall.

You opened your eyes and you gasped when you saw what had happened.

“You might want to think twice before putting your hands on my wife, pal” Jongup. You watched on with wide eyes, Jongup had pulled his gun out much quicker than you had been able to and the other man was screaming in pain with his arm bent in an awkward direction and the gun to his temple.

“I don’t like people touching my love, you don’t deserve mercy for what you’ve done” Jongup snarled and the man fidgeted under him. Another scream was let out, cutting quiet as the man passed out from the amount of pain he was in and Jongup stood up as you let out a shout.

“Jongup!” You yelled but it was too late, the man was in dreamland within the blink of an eye and Jongup was back on his feet, smiling at you as he tucked his gun away in his back pocket.

“Aw Y/N I’m so happy you’re finally glad to see me” Jongup walked towards you and pulled you into his arms, you were wrapped in his masculine scent, breathing it in as you slapped him.

“What the hell was that?!” You snapped and Jongup looked at you as if he was a puppy you had the audacity to kick.

“He could have seriously hurt you, do you know how angry I would have been to see you on the floor instead of him right now?”

“How did you know it was me?” You asked and Jongup smiled, hugging him closer to you, the muscles in his arms holding you tightly against him.

“You recognised me” Jongup laughed and you grumbled at him with a glare.

“Only because you were barking at that guy!”

“I’ll always recognise my wife” Jongup mused, shaking his head at your answer before leaning closer to you, you didn’t pull away but he knew you wanted nothing of what he was giving you.

“Now I have some people to gather for a long talk, so let’s go and hopefully we can get to bed at a decent time tonight” Jongup still took it upon himself to place a soft kiss on the pointed nose of your mask. He took your hand and you followed Jongup down the hall and to the door of the party. The door swung open, making you jump back in shock as Jongup stayed in his place and you were met with five familiar men.

“Oh great you’re done, let’s go we have a very important discussion to be held and I would like for it to be precise and to the point so I can catch up on all the sleep I’ve missed” Jongup smirked, having a good stare at the shocked expressions he received before giving your hand a squeeze and pulling you out of the building.

“My lady” Jongup opened his car door for you and you nodded before getting in with him swinging the door shut behind you as you watched the remorseful men follow after the two of you.

Over 3000 words guys! That more than I’ve ever written on a post, I’m glad though.

Be sure to let me know what you think of the series so far!

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Hunk is having nightmares and Keith calms him down by singing a song he remembers his mother singing to him. It's in Galra but the melody soon calms Hunk down. Keith falls back asleep and he faintly hears a soft thank you in his ear.

He sings so softly, just above a whisper, and he softly brushes his fingers through Hunk’s hair to help soothe his fears. Everyone assumes Shiro to be the most empathetic and caring, but Keith has his moments especially in the intimacy of his shared room with Hunk. He can be very nurturing when his loved ones need him most.

Mermaid Melody Aesthetic - Princess Noel

{dedicated to Annekehappy birthday~!}

For the ruler of the Arctic Ocean, separated from her younger sister at birth. 
For the gentle and determined mermaid who sacrificed herself 
so that others might live.