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You can hate the Disney sequels all you like

But I will defend the sequel characters with my life.

Wedding Day

Summary: Stan walks Melody down the isle.

Stan and Melody bonding calls to me.

Stan takes a breath and adjusts his tie in the hallway mirror. He’s just finished up helping Soos get ready and he’s getting ready to get Melody to walk her down the isle. Now his mind is consumed with doubts and the memory of her asking him to walk down the isle.

You’re the closest thing to a dad I’ve had for a while.

Her father died several years ago so he couldn’t be here to walk her down the isle.

He remembers his throat being tight hearing those words. They were similar to the words he remembers Soos gave him the first father’s day he had the confidence to give his boss a present.

You’re the closest thing to a dad I’ve ever had…

He supposes those words were the reason he hadn’t hesitated after his initial shock to say yes.

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idk, but imagine Credence learn how to play violin. violin, not piano, because it’s smaller and more convenient. like, imagine him taking care of the instrument, adjusting the strings, trimming the hairs on the bow. imagine him, always having a piece of rosin in his pocket and dozens of notebooks. imaging him coming up with new melodies, carefully writing them down but never showing anyone. imaging him having marks on his fingers, but this time because of pressing the strings while playing, not because of punishment. imaging him locking himself up in his room and playing for days when he feels bad or scared. imagine the only time he has his back straight when he is playing because it’s necessary. 

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there are so many classics and standards from various genres, like pop, gospel, soul, country, jazz, musical theatre, etc. that have been done very well by many different people over the years…

and yet no one will ever do them as perfectly as Sam Cooke did

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Hunk is having nightmares and Keith calms him down by singing a song he remembers his mother singing to him. It's in Galra but the melody soon calms Hunk down. Keith falls back asleep and he faintly hears a soft thank you in his ear.

He sings so softly, just above a whisper, and he softly brushes his fingers through Hunk’s hair to help soothe his fears. Everyone assumes Shiro to be the most empathetic and caring, but Keith has his moments especially in the intimacy of his shared room with Hunk. He can be very nurturing when his loved ones need him most.

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After spending almost all year travelling the world with Ford, Stan is happy to be back in the comfort of his home. Retired and looking forward to a week of blissful domestic relaxation before the twins return to stay for the summer, the last thing he expected to turn up on his doorstep was Rick Sanchez. No seriously, just who is this guy? Can he help Stan remember that large gap in his long-term memories that Ford and the kids couldn’t fill? Does Stan even want to remember?

To be continued…

And this is the part where I test your faith in a happy ending, and leave you hanging for the weekend. Also, I’ve mentioned how I hate drawing backgrounds before, yes?

Mermaid Melody Aesthetic - Princess Noel

{dedicated to Annekehappy birthday~!}

For the ruler of the Arctic Ocean, separated from her younger sister at birth. 
For the gentle and determined mermaid who sacrificed herself 
so that others might live. 

Wasure Arashi playlist meme:

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The Unforgiven (general Yasuo songs)

- The Lost Boy // Greg Holden

- Make it Rain // Ed Sheeran

- Come Join the Murder // The White Buffalo

- Wish It Was True // The White Buffalo

- Soldiers Eyes // Jack Savoretti

Brothers (Yasuo and Yone songs)

- Day is Gone // Noah Gundersen

- I’ll See You Again // Westlife

Exiled and Unforgiven (Yasuo and Riven)

- You Matter To me // Sara Bareilles

- Photograph // Ed Sheeran

- Do I wanna Know // Arctic Monkeys

- Shiki No Uta // Nujabes

- The Real Folk Blues // Seatbelts

Bloody Rose (Yasuo and LeBlanc)

- One Long Night // The White Buffalo

- I Hate You I Love You // GNASH

On the Trail (High Noon Yasuo)

- The Unforgiven Few // Chris Gillrie

- Friends From the West // Chris Gillrie

- A Proper Story // Darren Korb

Traitor. Saviour. Both (Project: Yasuo)

- Before It Ends // Revolt Production Music

- The Grid // Brand X Music


And although I’ll be out of sight dear, know I’ll be right here. Right here forever. And when you look to the night sky, don’t think of goodbye, think how I’m right here forever, and ever, and ever.

  • Me: *gets new piece*
  • Me: *learns it*
  • Me: *plays it up to tempo* *piece is a mess*
  • Me: but still it's up to tempo good enough
Shuffle Tag!

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1. Dreams - Fleetwood Mac
2. The Killing Moon - Echo And The Bunnymen
3. This Years Love - David Gray
4. Black Magic Woman - Santana
5. Les Etoiles - Melody Gardot
6. Angel Down - Lady Gaga
7. Love - Lana Del Rey
8. Baba O’Riley - The Who
9. The Icicle Melts - The Cranberries
10. Nightshift - Commodores 

My god is this playlist a mess, you’ve got songs from several different decades, my inner ocd about playlists being neat and nice is currently flaring up like crazy. But I guess you can see how freaking varied my music taste is so… that’s cool I suppose.

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