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The Musician's Score (The 14th Melody)
Sanae Kobayashi / pitch changer
The Musician's Score (The 14th Melody)

I absolutely love this song, and I know it’s sung by Allen’s voice actor but it always sounded high pitched compared to how his voice is portrayed (bc his voice actor is a woman), so out of curiosity I changed the pitch by -1.6 semitones to make it sound more like he does in the show.

OOOOooohhh my criminey christmas.  I got intensively pissed at the lack of clear lineart for the score for “Melody” from DGM.  (I’m just ranting now) I literally made the seal with brutal studying of every picture of the score I could find.  And I ended up with a personal design-ish-thing-seal.  Surprisingly, this took +10 hours.  Though it could be because I was so intent on copying and pasting the same circles….

“Allen´s Melody” part 2

Part 1

Part 3

Headcanon 1: Past!Allen had a really dirty mouth… but a gentle heart. 

Headcanon 2: He was somehow related to Cross…. The idea of Allen and Marian being brothers or something is really appealing… 

Headcanon 3: Neah is a big jester and always tries to cheer Allen up after any fight he has with Marian, and loves listening to Allen´s songs….