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i hope everyone’s enjoyed this week’s themes! last, but not least, here is a theme for SLARPG’s main protagonist, Melody.

as i wrote this, i knew it needed to have a melody (ha) that was memorable. initially i tried a couple different choruses, but nothing was working—it was too forgettable, unoriginal, or just plain didn’t fit Melody. it wasn’t until i dug through some old compositions of mine that i found a song i wrote four years ago, whose chorus fit beautifully. part of me wanted to hold on to that piece for myself, but the way it came together so nicely, i couldn’t NOT use it.

it ended up being the perfect fit, as bobby explained to me the transition from a rigid, formal melody in the verses to the more relaxed, graceful chorus melody coincidentally parallels Melody’s character arc, saying: “it’s all about her trying to find her voice and figure out who she wants to be.” that’s something i relate to a lot these days, so i’m very happy that the track came together this way.

i had lots of fun making these tracks and i hope folks have had fun listening to them! there will be more to come, but that’s all for now. until then! <3

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I don’t know if you guys knew, but @chinomiko is really upset about the spoilers of Episode 29. She’s thinking of deleting her accounts (Tumblr, Facebook…) due to what happened.

So I want to start the #We'reSorryChinomimi movement, where we use that hashtag and tag her on things we do to ask for her forgiveness, like drawings, collages or drabbles.

I know that’s not everybody’s fault and that a lot of people were against the spoilers from the very begining, but this is a subject that involves every Candy.

So you’ll help make this a thing?