SCANDAL - Koisuru Universe @ Premium Melodix


(Live) Perfume - Relax In The City + Talk (premium MelodiX! 2015.04.28)

Today (October 2nd), the participation of AN CAFE in the program “Premium Melodix!” displayed on the famous TV Tokyo. Before the band’s presentation a few short scenes of the previous videos were shown “Atsuku Nare” for example. The band played the new single “Ikenai mousou×Abunai monster”.


Generations from Exile Tribe’s appearance on Premium Melodix complete with english subtitles.

Special thanks to Kana a.k.a exile-3jsb-gene for the translation!


【English Subs】SCANDAL @ Premium MelodiX!


NEWS on 2015.01.26 Premium Melodix - Talk II

Tegoshi’s aim for 2015 was “fix Masuda’s fussiness”. That shit. Tegoshi explained that he’s been to 20-30 countries and people there are never as fussy as the Japanese. He also said he doesn’t feel everyday stress because he doesn’t worry about small things. I think he said Massu probably feel 10 times more stress than he does, if I got that part. Shige asked how he should fix it and Tegoshi replied by going abroad. I didn’t understand all of what he said but basically that “abroad” there are things like insects at the hotel which Koyama confirmed. Tegoshi then said “Recently I had a scorpio in my bathtub. Even though I am a Scorpio myself” Koyama hit him saying “That has nothing to do with it!”


So at 2015.01.26 Premium Melodix Tegoshi said he always sleeps with a big pillow facing left. Then Shige said he also sleeps hugging a pillow and I checked and earlier he said he’s always been doing that since he was a child, always facing his right. This is fate, guys. You need to ditch the pillows and snuggle.


“Koisuru Universe” by Scandal live on Melodix! Premium

Source:  Scandal-Heaven on YouTube

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SCANDAL; “Departure” Live on Premium MelodiX!

SCANDAL also sat down for a interview on Premium MelodiX! with Yamasato Ryouta, where they talked not only about “Departure” but also things that each individual member should ‘depart’ from. Video and English translations HERE.

Above video upload w/ thanks to Joseph Perez @ DM. Enjoy ^^