Generations from Exile Tribe’s appearance on Premium Melodix complete with english subtitles.

Special thanks to Kana a.k.a exile-3jsb-gene for the translation!


So at 2015.01.26 Premium Melodix Tegoshi said he always sleeps with a big pillow facing left. Then Shige said he also sleeps hugging a pillow and I checked and earlier he said he’s always been doing that since he was a child, always facing his right. This is fate, guys. You need to ditch the pillows and snuggle.

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SCANDAL; “Departure” Live on Premium MelodiX!

SCANDAL also sat down for a interview on Premium MelodiX! with Yamasato Ryouta, where they talked not only about “Departure” but also things that each individual member should ‘depart’ from. Video and English translations HERE.

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SCANDAL; “LOVE ME DO” live on Premium MelodiX!

Video upload w/ thanks to solfaman-san @ DM!

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SCANDAL; “Ototabi” Letter from Yoko-sensei (Eng subbed)

Thank you to mhikmetal-san for subbing these and supporting fyscandalband’s translations always! The original Ototabi English summaries are here in full→ Part 1, Part 2. Other previous SCANDAL-related subtitled videos by mhikmetal / scandalfan @ DM1st MC @ YokoAre, MelodiX! Interview.

This is just a little shout-out because I honestly feel grateful to anyone who reads and appreciates my translations, even if they’re not the best in quality. Thanks all \(T∇T)/

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On this week’s episode, MUSIC DRAGON brings in a kotatsu (the low heated table) which is not usually seen on the show; Requested specially by SCANDAL themselves, everyone shall be engaging in a kotatsu talk! Haruna and Rina says by doing this, it feels relaxed and homely.

The first topic is where SCANDAL will look back at the happiest memory they have of the year. HARUNA → Going to Universal Studios Japan (together with the members for the first time). She once again professes her love for Harry Potter. Like in SCANDAL’s ’Premium Melodix!’ appearance, she brings her Nimbus 2000 to the show, something she displays in her own home. Harry Potter’s ‘Every Flavour Beans’ were also prepared and Tomomi randomly picks one to try, then going, “What the heck is this?!” It was salty and turns out to be the Booger flavour! The rest of the members also take turns to pick one and try. Haruna got the watermelon flavour, Rina had the earthworm flavour and Mami ate the vomit flavour.

MAMI’s happiest memory → Having met Funasshi in person. Previously she’s never met him face to face, and she likes him so much that this has been a dream. She’s even actually dreamed of meeting it and screamed the loudest in her life (in her dream) before waking up. She even say she wishes to go out with him♥ Some time ago, she also went to this “Funasshi STUDIO” at Harajuku and spent ¥2,500, just to take photos with a Funasshi wallpaper which only lasted 10mins. Many photos were taken but you actually only receive one shot. To get the rest of the photos in data format, you need another ¥1,000. And Mami says that’s okay♥

TOMOMI’s happiest memory → Having visited Hawaii for the first time ever. Of course, they had the live but it was just nice that her birthday overlapped with the trip and she got to spend it in Hawaii. In Hawaii, she’d gotten to walk the usual spots, the Ala Moana Shopping Center, had pancakes at Boot’s & Kimo’s and visited 88Tees. It was all fun.

RINA’s happiest memory → She pondered over it for a bit, wanting to say something private…but there seems to be none. If as a band, there’s plenty to say but otherwise, there is nothing. Rina says she wasn’t even the sort to go to after-parties until recently, as she’s no good with alcohol. But some time before, a staff whom she’s close to who’d just suffered a heartbreak asked her to just take one, single drink, and that was the first time she drank Tequila (all of sudden? XD) Her hands were shaking.

Next on MUSIC DRAGON, there is the '2015 Luck Ranking’! Mami was ranked 6th; She’s to experience more work than expected, the things she aren’t good at will also increase, and she might also put on weight so she has to watch out for that. At 5th was Haruna; She will have to work at things where she isn’t strong enough at, but she’ll have an increase in luck if she goes for an image change. At 4th is Tomomi; She will get to experience many new things which will broaden her perspective. If she moves towards mixing about with more friends, it will also increase her luck. In year 2015, she will also experience a period of being more popular.

In 3rd and 2nd places are the hosts, Toshi and Hina-chan. After a moment of contemplation, Rina takes the 1st place, with Bili at 7th! For Rina, she’ll finally 'exit the 7th year darkness’ and experience her best year in 2015. She’ll also be greatly popular all of a sudden and be able to experience a wonderful romance. It seems the person she likes will also be able to do the things as she wishes. Rina is looking forward to all these.

Video upload w/ thanks to 2xCantarian @ DM, translations by fyscandalband. For the performance of 'Image’, it is HERE. Alternate links to watching are at scandollvox2 @ G+ HERE.


SCANDAL; “The Days of Recording” blogpost by RINA☆

Today was the recording of Terebi Tokyo's「Premium MelodiX!」! There were performances and talksーSince it’ll go on air on 4/28(Sat) late night 25:00, do look forward to it~ After that, we had the recording for SCANOMICSー! Thank you for the many messages each time. I’m happy…

Gradually, the release is getting closer! This time, my heart is pounding really hard. It’s different from the usual heart-pounding. How will the various things turn out, I wonder. It’s a really long time since from the counting down from the production time. Because a lot of energy is put into one song continuously, I thought the goal would be the release of it but for me, there’s something more important before that. I take an interest in what the song becomes of for someone else. That’s why I like lives. Because I get to see with my own eyes what sort of people are listening (to the songs). Come to the lives alright.

For the East-West Arena performances in June, it’s the last chance now for you to grab those advanced tickets before the general sales! I hope for you to come meet the band you like on the day that we’re to meet. For us, there are plenty of things but we’re really working hard, including getting to meet everyone.

Tomorrow is the MJ public recording at the NHK Hall! For those that’ve got chosen to come view it, see you tomorrow at the venueー!