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I feel like the people who want to be Effy are only focusing on the fact that every guy wants her and ignores everything else. Or at least that's what I hope they're focusing on. She was crazy. Throughout all four seasons that she was on, she was crazy. I feel like I'm one of the very few people who noticed. The fact that she was mute in the beginning gave it away. Everything after that just confirmed it. I understand wanting to be wanted all the time but wanting to be Effy is not healthy.

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My perspective on the cultural appropriation question you were asked is that people of color can be guilty of cultural appropriation as much as white people. Unless a piece of culture was given through cultural exchange it is cultural appropriation. Dreads specifically can have a bit of a gray area as they are a symbol of being Rastafarian. If the Japanese person in your example identifies spiritually as Rastafarian then it is fine but if the dreads are for fashion then it is appropriation.

I still don’t see why that anon was coming to me, when there are blogs like whitepeoplestealingculture and thisisnotjapan. I’m a fucking white dude. I know I call out or highlight a lot of cultural appropriation on here, but I am no way an authority on any of this. It is no way my place to speak on these matters.

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Actually a pilot is the first episode of a show. I don't know exactly why they call it that but if you look at any acting website they're all posting "pilot season" casting calls right now. Pilot season being when you audition and film pilots, or the first episode, of new shows to present to television networks.

a pilot is a PREVIEW given to networks for them to decide whether or not to make it into a show.

episode made before the show actually exists- NOT the first episode

i know what a pilot is thanks

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To the person who isn't having periods, go to the doctor without your mother. Copays with insurance are rarely over $20 and if you don't have insurance there are free clinics and women's centers you can go to. If your parent isn't going to be a parent to you you have to take matters into your own hands.

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The photoset with the third wave feminist is from Bojack Horseman. It's a new Netflix original series.

THAT IS SO WEIRD, I actually just watched the pilot episode of that a few days ago.

I was like “uhm …what is this shit?” but since it had Will Arnett and I like Netflix Original Series, I gave it a chance anyway.

After watching the pilot I was like “uhm …what is this shit?!?!?”

Thanks for letting me know!