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/ i’m away on a small vacation (holy shit i know what is going on im actually gonna rest For Real lmao) 17th-20th April. I’ve queued some stuff but I didn’t get much done with the busy music schedule lately + sickness, sincere apologies. but…. I’m SUPER PUMPED to come back strong, refreshed and Ready for everything! It’s gonna be awesome! 

have a great few days, catch you later this week when i’m home! i won’t have internet or anything so i’ll be offline. 

and also it’s official i am gonna make an epic cinematic version of that song for Keith B) 

Route 209
Junichi Masuda
Route 209

Why don’t people talk about this track? It literally is the most powerful, nostalgic song there is in the older games. The melody- the horn, is so soothing, with the beautiful tinkling harmony. You don’t realize it as a child but listening to it now, I’m on the verge of tears. I can’t believe it was just a simple route theme. 

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Hiccstrid 16, 40 or 77 (I'm so sorry I just couldn't decide, write whatever you want from those three XD)

A/N: I hope it’s alright, I went with 16! This one was super cute. Thanks for the request! <3

Prompt 16. “May I have this dance?”


Hearty laughter and merry chatter filled the vast Great Hall. The sound of tankards of mead being nursed was background noise to the jovial singing and whistling of various Berkians, in addition to the cheery melody of flutes and horns.

The moment that she entered the structure, Astrid was swept away by the festivities. Her feet were light on the wooden panels of the Hall’s floor as she swayed and stepped and ducked through the throngs of Vikings in time to the melodies drifting through the air. She always found herself enamored with these kinds of celebrations on Berk; seeing everybody in such high spirits never failed to bring a smile to her face. It was times like these that Astrid felt as if she could truly relax.

Of course, there was little time to relax at the very moment. The Hofferson combed through the crowd with her eyes in attempt to find the person that she really wanted to spend her evening with.

Luckily for her, it didn’t take very long.

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Arrow 4x01 - Music Notes

Friends, we made it and what a glorious episode it is (until the end). 

I’m going to attempt (schedule permitting) to write notes about the music of each episode.  Little things that I noticed in regards to the episode.

Running intro

Each season begins with Oliver running.  Twice in Lian Yu, once as the Arrow in Starling City and now we have Oliver running towards his suburban home.  To reflect the running through trees, we hear similar music to 2x01: some of the string music used when we see the Arrow, rhythmically punctuated.   However, the harmonies in the lower strings are slightly changing.  It gives us that sense of urgency but it’s subtlety different.  He breaks forth into the street and piano immediately brings calm and happiness.  Why?  It resolves on the major 3rd.  Ladies and gents - this is big.  Piano is Oliver’s instrument and it reflects his emotional state but rarely is it so clear.  His music is almost all in minor or just flirting with major.  Now Oliver is coming home to Felicity and is happy.  That was all in 25 seconds.  Blake Neely is a genius.

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Bunny Blanc™ (Daughter of The White Rabbit)
Parent’s Story: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Roommate: Faybelle Thorn™
Alliance: Royal ♔

About me:
☼ Secret Heart’s Desire: No matter what rabbit holes life takes me down, I always make time for the people I care about.
☼ My “Magic” Touch: I can change from a human to a rabbit and back again whenever I want!
☼ Storybook Romance Status: I only have eyes for Alistair Wonderland™. It’s heartbreaking that he sees me as just a friend.
☼ “Oh Curses!” Moment: Actually, I have no sense of direction. But I always arrive at my destination on time, so it’s all good!
☼ Favorite Subject: Muse-ic. As royal herald, I love playing jazzy melodies on my horn.
☼ Least Favorite Subject: Geografairy. Who needs maps! Eventually you’ll wind up exactly where you’re supposed to be.
☼ Best Friends Forever After: All us Wonderlandians stick together, but I’m closest to Alistair Wonderland™ and Lizzie Hearts™.