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Knicks Trade Carmelo Anthony to OKC Thunder for Enes Kanter, Doug McDermott & 2018 2nd-Rd Pick!

The Knicks and Thunder have agreed to a deal surrounding Carmelo Anthony according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. The trade will reportedly involve Doug McDermott and Enes Kanter. 

The deal is only agreed upon at the moment, but the expectation is it will officially go through on Monday after the trade call is complete by then. Anthony will waive his no-trade clause to allow the trade go through. The Thunder add another superstar in what has been a crazy offseason for them while the Knicks finally put an end to a very dramatic era of basketball.

Melo Traded!

New York send Carmelo Anthony to OKC for Enes Kanter, Doug McDermott and second rounddraft pick.

My take on this is I’m pretty content with this. There was no way we were going to get anymore than this. I love Dougie Buckets he’s a good addition to a young core and Kanter takes a little pressure off Willy to out perform his last year. All in all both sides semi win. Best of luck Melo and thanks for the incredible memories. Knicks tape 2018 is a whole lot different

I’ve had some time to think about the Carmelo trade and all the reasons why it’s not good for the Knicks….

First. Let’s just address the fact that in 6 years Carmelo pretty much accomplished nothing more than a single playoffs series win for the Knicks. Actually, his role on the Knicks seemed more suited for off court drama, that kept the media occupied with the team and whether or not he was getting traded. 

I hate to see things end this way. Any Knicks fans should. Makes me think the Denver trade never should’ve happened. Maybe the Knicks would’ve been better off without Carmelo, who knows?

As a Carmelo fan I can’t complain though. 

If we’re talking individual basketball accomplishments, (when healthy) he was an amazing player for the Knicks. He did win a scoring title, had a legendary 62 point game, and provided enough clutch buzzer beater game winning shots to satisfy any basketball fan. Even though the New York media would make it seem other wise, the city loved him.

If not wins, Melo delivered a lot of excitement to a team that honestly has been just as bad as they’ve been boring to watch over the past decade. He made basketball relevant again in the “mecca”. The basketball fans all over the city deserved to cheer for a player like him nightly. It had been too long. Before Carmelo, New York hadn’t had a superstar caliber player since Ewing who ironically got traded away in 2000, a move which is now regarded as one of the Knicks worst trades.

Well, looks like history just repeated itself. 

Although it’s early, trading Carmelo earlier today will join Ewing on that list of players who never should’ve been traded. This is, of course considering what the Knicks got in return: 

A future 2nd round pick, a player they really don’t need (Enes Kanter) and Doug Mcdermott who’s still young but in 3 NBA seasons has been a bust compared to the hype and expectations coming out College (See Jimmer Fredette). 

The Knicks will be Mcdermotts 3rd team in 3 years. Hopefully, “the 3rd time is the charm” and he’ll make a nice contribution off the bench. But still….these 2 players can’t fill Carmelo’s place.

Don’t get me wrong. I know Melo wanted to be traded. So he got his wish. But the franchise, media and even knicks fans did their part in pushing him to the edge over the past few seasons.

I think the main reason the Carmelo trade finally happened was because THE KNICKS finally have a nice young core with potential. And Melo being 33 and out of his prime didn’t fit the teams long term plan. Further, the front office probably  wanted room for the teams current young players to develop and shine right now and this wouldn’t work well with Melo’s style of play and him being a distraction.

For the Knicks going forward, the priority will be Kristaps, who everyone expects to be the next Dirk, the new lottery pick Frank Ntilikina who can be another Giannis type player and Tim Hardaway junior who they just paid 75 million to get back and not Carmelo as he chases a title over the last few years of his career.

I understand the move was needed for both the Knicks future young core and rebuilding process (as well as Carmelo’s shot at getting a title) but at what cost? It leaves the Knicks back at square one, the same spot the team was before Amare and eventually Carmelo came. 

Essentially the Knicks just set the clock back 17 years ago when the Ewing era ended. The team has literally accomplished nothing worth mentioning or fans being proud of since then the late 90′s. Ok maybe “Linsanity” but even that last more than half a season. Even worse, Jeremy Lin in Brooklyn playing for the rival Nets. And this is the exact type of situation Knicks fans have come to expect from this “cursed” franchise.

It comes as no surprise then that Carmelo didn’t work. That Era is officially over. It’s 2017 and Knicks probably wont even be making playoffs again let alone contending for a title in a long time. 

Let’s hope Kristaps, and this new Knicks team, is at least fun to watch, because I’m definitely still a fan. I’ll be rooting for Carmelo and OKC opening night, though.

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