Asking Michael to Sadies by bringing a giant box to his school ;) I wonder whats inside the box x)

Can't Wait to drive!!!!

In less than a month I will finally get my mom’s old car!!!! I’ve been so patient and so far, it seems like it’s working out! :) OMG it makes me think, in 1 more month I won’t have to worry about the time to get to the bus stop, if the bus left me, or wait for the next friggin bus >.<!! I can finally go places without asking my friends to take me to places that is out of reach! I can make things possible instead of depending on the public bus =.=!!!!!

The bad part of it, Paying for G-A-S.. The good thing is I got a job and a car there for later on I can go apply to better paying jobs! Bad.. all my money will go to gas >.< 



I will be taking donations and if I reach a certain amount, I will dress in my cosplay work uniform to school!!! :) 




I hope you had an amazing 17th birthday with your family and me :) Although I wished we did have time to do chalk art on the side walk and blow glow in the dark bubbles at night ;3 but we’ll do it on Prom night, as you promised :) but NO CHALK ART! I don’t want to get my dress dirty >.< which I still say you should be HONEST if you like it or u think another dress would better cuz I’m only trying to impress u ;P ALSO, we should watch a rated R movie since you are no longer a youngster :)  

Anyways, I’m gonna miss you numo numo numo numo numo numo when I go to Reno :( 

Well goodnight, I’ll see you Sunday :)

SOOO TIRED but can’t sleep >.< I’m a weakling and watch the grudge… Now I cant sleep =.=

Today was a long day. Worked at 12-6:30ish. It was a bipolar day with customers. One moment it seems really busy and the next empty >.< After went to pick up Misha to head to dance practice. Practiced the new song and somewhat touched up on the other songs, but I really need to practice =.= been missing out and feels like I’m behind. Kinda got tired of the new song  :/ maybe it’s cause we mainly/basically only practice that.

After the maids and the host gathered to watch The Grudge 3 in the theater there ^-^ It was sooo legit! Makes me want to be rich and have my own theater room xD 

Had another meeting after the movie was over (12:00AM), and it happens to be at Townsquare. Ate and got lectured at.. TT^TT felt as if I was the only one getting pounded on not doing things right the most..

blehhhhhh… I miss Michael :/

Goodnight >.<

bitter sweet

What is love to you? 

In the dictionary it says, “Lovea profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.” Notice it does not say that you are required to have a job, a car, and money to be in love, but you need a tender, passionate affection for someone. Yes, it would be easier if you have a job, car, and money but what good is all that if you can’t show love. Yes you can show that you like someone, I like people who gives me gifts, doesn’t mean I’m gonna fall in love them.

Love to me is when I want to be with you everyday. If we’re mad at each other I still want to talk to you, text you, and be with you. Even if it’s you’re fault I want to apologize to take the guilt so you wouldn’t have to. To bring you up in stories to show I’m happy with you, just talking about you makes me miss you. To count down every minute or days til I can see you again. Love is when you do whatever it takes to see that person that you can never live without, or at least seem like you can’t live without. You would do anything for that person, just to see them happy with no doubts. Love is there to comfort and to tell them it’s gonna be alright.. If it isn’t gonna be alright, be the reason they smile again.  

So stop making excuses that I don’t love you. If you haven’t noticed, I go above and beyond what I listed. Just cause I don’t say it, it is BS that you use it against me and you shouldn’t make excuses like having a car, job, and money to be in love cause if I wanted a Sugar Daddy, I wouldn’t be with you.