So I was tagged for the selfie thingy twice I think? I tried super hard to find those people, I couldn’t, sorry! Anyways here’s my thing, it’s 6 I think but I never learned how to count so who knows(probably someone that can count). Anyways, I’ll tag people but I suck at remembering so I apologize. I tag @my-weird-reality @riptidejoy @myonly-opponent @theeducatedfieldnegro @layxlxers @hijabonita @hiyaee @eaelocin @seikoblaze @balljabi @junglexjulia @jadephire @anisie-piece @inmyafrica @43years @thataljeriangurl @flood-of-blood @smilesbythebunches @hijabihybrid @ponderation @la-mancunienne @henyloly @missj0hnson @theblackichigo @ashlyndfghjkl @exxb @queensincrowns @friesnhoes @scienceyoucanlove @amelc @itshalalcuzisaidbismillah @queenofshade @icecream-eaterrr @nicolezai @lajefadelasjefas @dossantostatiana @spreadyourwingsanfly @dopest-ethiopian @slumkitty @hchocolate @deenoverdami @brownskinclub @lionheart– @melanindendrites @mellowvibrations @sophiaslittleblog @lorde-oftherings  @jahwri @oksanabanana @roseewolf @niqabaeee @kllusterfvk

That’s a crap ton I realize, I just wanted to do my best to get as many people as I could. I know dang well I missed a LOT, I promise however I tried my best so for anyone that hasn’t done it, well here!  

Figured it’s the end of the year, I’ll make sure to do my best. To whomever I missed, excuse the cliche but to anyone I didn’t tag please feel free to join in & I’ll reblog it(if I don’t see it, link me). Happy almost New Years.

Edit: I’m so late


I was tagged by foreignexchangehijabi

I’ll tag theeducatedfieldnegro lespritmodestee jahanara hiyaee farelz loleeah queen-buttercup sultanalayla mellowvibrations truthsinlies thinkofmelater ashlyndfghjkl ghiyonce compassionisbond hijabihybrid hijabonita beeniemofeeni angolanbae icecream-eaterrr foreverahijabi 43years melanindendrites -vvaste heiljacqueline kuro- aryolsblog saintelmosbluz

Tagged a bunch but c'est la vie I just wanted to show love. I missed a bunch I wanted to tag I’m sure.