mellow yellow

Canciones que debes escuchar al menos una vez en tu vida. 


  1. Compañera - Yellow Mellow
  2. Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud 
  3. Perfect - Ed Sheeran 
  4. División Minúscula - Sognare
  5. Motel - Dime Ven 
  6. Kilometros Sin Bandera 
  7. Los Claxons - La Posibilidad
  8. Juanes - Para Tu Amor
  9. Guns N’ Roses - Don’t Cry
  10. Guns N’ Roses - November Rain
  11. Ed Sheeran - How Would You Feel 
  12. John Legend - All Of Me
  13. Photograph - Ed 
  14. Sam Smith - I’m Not The Only One
  15. As long as you love me - Justin Bieber 
  16. Simple Plan - Perfect 
  17. Imagine Dragons - Not Today 
  18. Carlos Vives, Sebastian Yatra - Robarte un Beso 
  19. Manuel Medrano - Una y Otra Vez 
  20. Afaz Natural - “Quizás”
  21. Bruno Mars - It Will Rain
  22. Snow Patrol - Chasing
  23. Lord Huron - The Night We Met
  24. Rozalen - Comiendote a Besos
  25. Zahara - Con Las Ganas
  26. Lady Gaga - Million Reasons 
  27. Beautiful Thing - Grace VanderWaal 
  28. Allison - Tú 
  29. Guns N’ Roses - November Rain
  30. Hoobastank - The Reason
  31. Café Tacvba - Eres
  32. Marry You-Bruno Mars
  33. When I was your man de Bruno Mars
  34. Happier - Ed Sheeran
  35. One Direction - You & I


  1. Bruno Mars - Talking to the Moon
  2. Aerosmith - I Don’t Want Miss A Thing
  3. Cover Calcetines escondidos
  4. Florence + The Machine - Never Let Me Go
  5. 3 Doors Down - Here Without You
  6. Allison - Luna AmargaAllison - Memorama
  7. Allison - Aquí
  8. Los Claxons - Ahí Estaré
  9. Clara Lago. Aunque tu no lo sepasOasis - 
  10. Stop Crying Your Heart Out 
  11. Elefante - Durmiendo con la Luna
  12. Bon Jovi - Always
  13. jason mraz - i’m yours Long Distance - 
  14. Bruno Mars Coldplay - Always In My Head  
  15.  Goo Goo Dolls - Iris   


  1. A CÁMARA LENTA - 1000 Disculpas
  2. Goodbye My Lover - James Blunt 
  3. Lewis Capaldi - Lost On You
  4. Mercy - Shawn Mendes 
  5. Christina Perri - Human 
  6. OneRepublic - Apologize
  7. nothing like us - jungkook; español.
  8. PANDA - Los Malaventurados No Lloran 
  9. Motel - Lejos Estamos Mejor 
  10. Matisse - Si Fuera Fácil
  11. Coldplay - The Scientist
    Coldplay - Yellow


  2. BANNERS - Start A Riot 
  3. Never say you can´t-Bruno Mars.
  4. Anna Clendening // To My Parents 


  1. Caloncho - Palmar 
  2. Caloncho - Brillo Mío
  3. Caloncho - Amor Violento
  4. Carlos Rivera - Que Lo Nuestro Se Quede Nuestro 
  5. James Arthur - Say You Won’t Let Go
  6. Leonel García - Para Empezar 
  7. John Legend - Love Me Now 
  8. Matt Healy (The 1975) - 102
  9. Division Minuscula Las Luces de Esta Ciudad
  10. Negrø - Amigos 
  11. DESDE LA PRIMERA PUERTA - Brock Ansiolitiko
  12. SI LA VES - Brock Ansiolitiko
  13. Manuel Medrano - Una y Otra Vez 
  14. Sebastián Yatra - Cómo Mirarte 


  1. Allison - Frágil
  2. Panda - Maracas
  3. Sebastián Yatra - No Hay Nadie Más
  4. Somewhere over the Rainbow 


  1. Beret - Ojalá 
  2. Dante con Soge y Beret 
  3. Dime quien ama de verdad - Beret (Cover Karen Méndez & Juacko)

Deben estar en esta lista

  1. Me gusta como eres - Jarabe de palo 
  2. Los Claxons - La Posibilidad 
  3. Jesse & Joy - “Me Soltaste" 
  4. Carla Morrison - Dejenme Llorar
  5. Carla Morrison "Te Regalo" 

RECOMENDADAS POR USTEDES (manden sus canciones favoritas y hagamos la lista de reproduccion mas grande)

  1. Bird set free 
  2.  unstoppable
  3. never give up
  4. helium
  5. big girls cry
  6.  alive
  7.  to be human
  8.  angels by the wins
  9.  one millón bullet

Colour Asks

Crimson - What was an event that’s shaped you to be who you are today?
Light Pink - Do you have stuffed animals?
Blush - Are you single?
Amaranth - What’s your favourite emotion?
Cherry Blossom - How are you feeling right now?
Hollywood Cerise - What are your ambitions?
Razzmatazz - Favourite TV Show?
Rose - Where do you feel most comfortable?
French Rose - What is your favourite flavour?
Cameo Pink - Favourite movie?

Buff Orange - Would you consider yourself athletic?
Burnt Sienna - Favourite smell?
Melon - Do you like to dance?
Carrot - Do you bake?
Copper - What is your favourite kind of day?
Orangeade - When do you feel alive?
Gamboge - Where do you want to travel?
Peach - Favourite texture/s?
Vermillion - How brave are you?
Bittersweet Shimmer - What is your favourite memory?

Flax - Do you like going to the beach?
Wheat - Who can you trust the most?
Laser Lemon - What kind of phone do you have?
Gold - Are you high maintenance?
Mellow Yellow - How calm are you?
Unmellow Yellow - How high energy are you?
Papaya Whip - How honest are you?
Transparent Yellow - Would you consider yourself to be special?
Canary - Favourite song?
Reed Yellow - Do you play an instrument?

Pear - Where do you feel rested?
Olive - What is your favourite food?
Fern - Favourite plant?
Moss - Are you quiet or loud?
Tea green - How do you relax?
Celadon - Dream job?
Harlequin - Can you act?
Malachite - Do you speak more than one language?
Mantis - Favourite animal?
Seafoam Green - Do you like water?

Sky Blue - Would you ever want to fly?
Periwinkle - Would you want to breathe underwater?
Powder Blue - Or control the weather?
Liberty - Become the president/prime minister?
Space Cadet - Become an astronaut?
Celeste - Have perfect pitch?
Eton Blue - Become invisible?
Indigo - Become immortal?
Iris - Grow plants at will?
Whispering Blue - Or teleport?

Lilac - Would you want kids?
Lavender - What is your favourite time of day?
Mulberry - Could you betray someone?
Eminence - Favourite sounds?
Palatinate - Do you think you’ll make it to 100 years old?
Prune - Do you ever think about dying?
Fandango - Do you spontaneously start singing sometimes?
Thistle - If you could become wise, rich, or intelligent, which would you rather?
Mauve - What would you name your kids/pets?
Royal Purple - What’s your favourite emotion?

Cream - If you had 1 day left to live, what would you do?
Silver - Are you a good person?
Ecru - How do you feel about the world today?
Auburn - Favourite colour?
White - Do you own lots of makeup?
Black - What is the greatest success of your life so far?
Bronze - Would you follow my blog?
Pink Nectar - What’s your aesthetic?
Sepia - Do you like photography?

Music You NEED To Listen !!

Rex Orange County: 19 year old British singer who has one beautiful voice and will bring you nostalgic vibes. Songs tend to be focused on love.

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Brockhampton: Sickest boyband in the past year. This boyband consists of rappers unlike the usual singers. Their music varies in style and tends to be different that focus on serious topics at times. Created THREE ALBUMS IN ONE YEAR!!

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Cosmo Pyke: Upcoming British singer who has music that focuses on instrumentals in a way. Songs vary in slowness and fast paced. May also rap in verses in a good way!!

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Yellow Days: Young upcoming singer that may remind you of Cosmo Pyke. A very deep but calming voice that will captivate you in to emotions you feel. Music tend to be more on love/heartbreak.

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Homeshake: If you like Mac Demarco homeshake may be your cup of tea. His music is very soothing and beautiful that tend to focus on the instrumentals.

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strolling through Japan 🚃

{ I just came back from Japan and I had the best time ever! 100% recommend if you’re thinking of going }

▫ What’d you guys do in the holidays?