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Antoine Roussel #1

Requested by Anon:  Since it seems Antoine loves to fight could you write an imagine where Antoine Roussel gets in a bad fight during a game because a player on the other team was making vulgar/rude comments about you. Afterword when you see him he’s all cut up and being adorable but still angry at what the other man had said.

*Here it is!! Aaah, thank you. I hope you like this one. Rouss is my favorite French man. <3 Enjoy!*

Word count: 808

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Minou was nowhere in sight, which is weird because that cat is with Antoine wherever he goes. How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night just to find them cuddling on the couch? Countless times, you couldn’t even remember the last time you cuddled on the couch without Minou sitting by the foot, waiting for his turn.

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doan wanna marsh mellow drama morning - kitty in play - let me sleep with a chirpy mermew wakeup - praise pet play yes - news from oceans away - cried just  a little - then went about the day - doin the thing and keepin it healthy like warpaint sing - no pretending bout messages of love - if it aint love its nothing

merci @duilleach for the tag :))

Name: Leigh Anne

Nickname: laj :)

Zodiac: taurus woo

Height: 5'3 if i try real hard

Sexual Orientation: interchange between bi/pan pls help everyones divine  

Ethnicity: irish

Favorite Fruit: good ol’ bananas 

Season: winterrr :) 

Book: any poetry book ever honestly and The Hours by Michael Cunningham ! 

Flower: sunflowers or those giant daisy things are pretty too

Scent: fresh linen and kates hair 

Color: yellow mellow

Animal: kitties

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: anything hot pls 

Average hours of sleep: not enough

Cat or Dog: kitties

Favorite Fictional Character: Vanessa Ives what a badass

Number of blankets: duvet pour moi and a blanket for my kitty :)

Dream Trip: Paris!! (cliché but sure look)

Blog created: this ones been going strong since about 2012 if i recall?

Number of followers: 106 im a baby blog

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All cats are beautiful. Some take your breath away!

Taravir is a former bottle-baby who lost his home when another cat in the family started picking fights with him, and was brought to West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue in Eugene, Oregon.

He’s a gorgeous, fluffy, affectionate 2-year-old male kitty who is a extra big, squishy love bug! He loves to play and jump onto high places, and is an absolute gentleman when it comes to his litter box and his hygiene. He loves to lay with you and on you. He enjoys having his belly softly scratched. This sweet boy has a lot of kitten in him still.

In his foster home, he has gotten along well with the kittens and other mellow kitties there. He should be fine with gentle kids who respect him; it is unknown how he would do with dogs.

For more info, call Beth at 541-255-9296! And show Taravir some Christmas spirit and re-blog a cat, would ya?

Hi! My name may be Ebinezer, but I’m no Scrooge! In fact, I’m the best most wonderful mellow loving family-friendly kitty EVER!

Also, I like adjectives!

No, seriously, I’m a real lovebug who came to MSPCA at Nevins Farm​ in Methuen, Massachusetts, from the streets after a friendly nice lady brought me there so I wouldn’t freeze in the winter!

I’m around 11 years old and very social – I like kids and can live with other mellow pets.

Because of my time on the streets, I have a virus called FIV… but don’t be scared of it! I can live with another cat as long as we get along because FIV is not easily transmitted. And I’ll probably live a long, healthy life with no problems!

Please email to find out more or come and meet me… you will love me immediately, and I would really make the New Year the BEST. YEAR. EVER!


Ebinezer Non-Scrooge

flamboyantpterodactyl  asked:

Do you have any headcanons on misty?

Headcanon: Misty sometimes feels overshadowed by some of the fancier cats in the yard. They’re a pretty mellow kitty and feel like they can’t compete! That’s why Misty admires Tubbs’s I-take-what-I-want attitude. Someday, they hope they can be as confident as Tubbs.