mellow cole

I am useless at painting tan resin.  I learned this with my Illusion Spirit, Spirit.  I swore to myself that only for Cocori or Mellow Cole would I try again.  Well….

I should have waited until she had a wig that suited her and real clothes, but I am compelled to share dolls.  She is my grand score from Dollism.  She has a tiny chip in her rib joint, so Dollmore had her at nearly half off.  I bought her Oscar eyes, carved in teeth, and called it a win.

Naomi [Dollmore, Mellow Cole]

No, not this wig or one like it.  No bangs, maybe?  Are her lashes are too long?  Possibly both?  She wears a 7-8 wig (yes, she’s 70cm and she wears a 7-8!) and I have maybe three, so I don’t have a lot to try on her.  The one she’s pictured in is actually a bit too large

Locals, if I bring her to the next meet, could people bring 7-8 wigs for her to try?  They don’t need to be for sale (though I would be willing to buy), but anything to give me a better idea of what would suit her.

She also needs fishnets and combat boots, but I can manage that.

[Naomi: Dollmore, Mellow Cole]

Wow!  I didn’t know that Dollmore’s Mellow Cole had teeth.  That’s crazy.

Wait a second…  Why is my Dremel warm and where did all this dust come from?  

(Lori; You were right, it isn’t a surface treatment.  She is that lovely brown all the way through.)