mellow chihuahua


Man Camp - Mellow Chihuahua


Went to Jim & the Povolos Chicago show!


I went with two of my friends! 

I had so much fun! The opening act was Mellow Chihuahua and their songs were so chill and they played “man-camp” again and the Chicago starkids danced it out! Their songs were also very cute and I could sing along. 

Next was Wait, What? They brought the energy flowing in the show. Their songs were very upbeat and also a mix of pop and alternative and that’s what I liked. They gave out free cookies with a download of one of their EP’s which was awesome! 

THEN it was the headline of the show which was Jim & the Povolos! The energy was at it’s peak! Brian Holden and Denise Donovan were doing the dances, it was hilarious! Joe Walker, Jaime Lyn Beatty, Lauren Lopez, Jim Povolo, AND Nick Lang were also there! 

Jim Povolo did a talkback and he referenced Dragonball Z lol 

What I noticed was that not a whole lot of people were dancing or learned the dances from the vids on Youtube, they just went with the flow which was ok. 

Afterwards I didn’t really get to meet everyone again like last time, I only got to talk to Clark, Denise, Meredith, and Brian. It was raining when I left so I had to get home asap 

BUT I will post pics soon so stay tuned! :D 


Dreams - Mellow Chihuahua