My laptop. *^* I need a name for her though…ideas?

Drawn because of this:

Some canon facts about her:

- She doesn’t go out much. ( I take the battery out of my laptop and use it as a desktop 100% of the time)

- She’s weak, but has many close friends that help her. ( I use an external hard drive,mouse, keyboard, monitor + tablet.  )

- She has breathing problems. ( I had to change the fan once and it’s dying again, I can hear it and I’m scared. )

- She’s not very good at multitasking. ( Photoshop lags when I listen to music, no matter if it’s player or youtube??? )

- She plays a lot of Tera. ( I play a lot of Tera )


Cirque des Reves Kuroshitsuji AU

with melloskitten

I had the chance to collaborate with le wonderful Mello~ She’s just so lovel to the point that I’m trying my best not to spazz as much as I did to her here, but by jove I’m sobbing grossly ;_; LOOK at how she made Aceline more elegant and turned Andras into an IKEMEN oh my god ;A;

Lines by me
Colouring by Mello