mellon institute

Batman is coming….. 


The bat symbol is actually on Mellon Institute, and for those who don’t know that’s the building they used as Gotham Town Hall in the latest batman movie.

This is actually for a batman movie marathon that our activities board is doing this week. 

Cheers! and keep your eye out for the dark knight!

EDIT: I LIED!!!! sorry it wasn’t on the Mellon building, upon closer observation it looks like the side of the University Center. Would have been cool if it was on Mellon

EDIT NUMBER 2: and…. I lied again. It was on Purnell, the drama building :P Does this mean Christian Bale is coming? XD


Last post about Batman!

So this video is quite awesome since it shows them doing the fight scene between Batman (Christian Bale) and Bane (Tom Hardy) on the steps of Gotham City Hall (Mellon Institute building, part of CMU) in the midst of a riot, right next to the prison (Software Engineering Institute, also part of CMU).

I kid, I kid. The Software Engineering Institute building is right next to the Mellon Institute building, But you won’t see a prison right next to Gotham City Hall in the movie.

Oh, it’s also supposed to be winter. Just imagine, winter clothes in summer…

But all filming in front of the Mellon Institute has ceased. Further filming will probably be done inside Mellon (something about a motorcycle) and the Software Engineering Institute. 

Oh, did I mention this was filmed on Sunday? The day I didn’t show up to the film site? ah… sadness….

Mellon Institute (243/365)

Was walking to Max Flavor Pizza for some dinner before my Sensation and Perception, and on my way I stopped by this, remembering it is the sight of one of the scenes in the upcoming Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. Given that, and seeing as it was one of the few things around the Oakland area that I haven’t taken a photo of yet, I decided to snap a picture. I’m pleased with how it turned out. I’m not, however, pleased with how my dinner turned out. Like last time, the meal left me feeling bloated, with a headache to boot. It didn’t help that they were out of ice, so for a drink I had warm Orange Crush, which comes in a pretty large cup. Next time, I’ll remember to avoid the place before my exam, which will, thankfully, be my last (Sensation and Perception can’t be over soon enough; some classes just shouldn’t be squeezed into six-weeks). That’s not a knock on the place itself, just my luck when I happen to have it right before one of those exams.

Looking on the bright side, though, my exam went considerably better than the first one, which was the worst exam-taking experience I’ve ever had, despite what the relatively respectable grade I ended up getting, a 77% (70% without the curve), may lead you to believe. My confidence level during an exam has never been lower than it was during that one, and I think I owed part of that sinking feeling to the pizza that was trying and failing to sit in my stomach, my stomach perpetually pulling the chair out from under it each time it tried. This time, I only had to make an educated (or, well, at least not a completely blind) guess on about a quarter of the 96 questions. Does the fact that that is leaps-and-bounds better than the first exam, where my guesses were about as educated as a potato and I probably guessed on more than I knew, give you an idea just how bad we’re talking, here? Only two more weeks. Two. More. Weeks. Two… more… weeks. Why!? [/Kenan]