Overdue commission work! 😭 Also this hovering ghost camera thing is seriously freaking me out 😱 i don’t understand how it’s doing that…. #ink #traditional #art #drawing #mello #deathnote #timelapse

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Miu’s been so affectionate lately that I realized I haven’t posted about the doves in a while. Mello and Lumi are still very much in love. They’re actually sitting on Miu’s cage in these pictures, and Mello was preening Lumi when I startled them in the first picture. (second one is included because his face makes me laugh)

These two bring so much happiness even if they don’t seek attention the way Miu does. Sometimes it’s the best just to walk into the room and see them cuddled up next to each other. I love their tiny, quiet, happy existence.

Things I've learned from Death Note so far:
  • A: Sunshine, rainbows and tons of anxiety.
  • Naomi Misra: No one fucks with Naomi.
  • Beyond: Cute but psycho. But cute. Also probably otaku.
  • Mello: Is somehow everyone's small son. Angst, violence and literature.
  • Matt: Tech geek/cigarette addict/nerd/badass. But at the same time very small and must be protected.
  • Near: Also very small. Usually followed by mechanical robots.
  • Nose quite boopable.
  • L: Very tol. Usually followed by a trail of orphans.