Miu’s been so affectionate lately that I realized I haven’t posted about the doves in a while. Mello and Lumi are still very much in love. They’re actually sitting on Miu’s cage in these pictures, and Mello was preening Lumi when I startled them in the first picture. (second one is included because his face makes me laugh)

These two bring so much happiness even if they don’t seek attention the way Miu does. Sometimes it’s the best just to walk into the room and see them cuddled up next to each other. I love their tiny, quiet, happy existence.

Can we all just take a second to appreciate the resourceful motherfucker that is Mr. Mihael “Mello” Keehl?

Like damn, seriously, the boy:

- Has been entirely self-sufficient since he was 15. FIFTEEN.
- Was “only” second best at a school filled with geniuses and close enough to first that he was still in the running to be L.
- Rose to the head of the mafia at 17. SEVENTEEN. DUDE NOT EVEN OLD ENOUGH TO VOTE.
- Erases all traces of his identity well enough to not be found by Near and Rester.
- Erases all traces of his identity well enough to not be found by a goddamn shinigami.
- Evades a raid on the Mafia’s hideout by Light, who has the help of the US army special forces
- Evades a second raid on the Mafia’s hideout cause he apparently had the foresight to include like 5 backup plans at every hideout the Mafia utilized???
- Lmao remember when he managed to get the death note from Light and fire it on a missile.
- Lmao remember when he used Near to question Mogi (ps near, I love you, you too deserve to be appreciated).
- Lmao remember when he ascertained that Mikami may be using a fake notebook in public.
- Had to be killed off Naomi Misora-style cause he was just too damn good at his job.

April Fool's headcanons
  •  Sayu and Light always compete every year to see who will be crowned the prank king/queen
  • Light is a surprisingly avid prankster, but his pranks are always carefully thought out and have waay too many steps who tf makes a spread sheet for April Fool’s??
  • Sayu just likes to see how many times she can get Light to smash his face into the saran wrap she taped in all of the doorways
  • Sachiko won every once in a while with a sneak attack
  • Soichiro just tried to stay out of the shenanigans but he usually failed
  • (He’s very susceptible to the tape-the-spray-nozzle-down-on-the-kitchen-sink prank)

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