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Dear Melissa McBride

Dear Melissa McBride,

The past week I have seen the most hateful, slanderous and disrespectful things that have been said about you. All of this because the (for some) favourite FICTIONAL character of a TV-SHOW was killed. 

In response of that death people grieved, where angry, started petitions and send spoons to the people they held responsible. I can respect that. I can understand that they didn’t like the story and needed a way to deal with this. Maybe it wouldn’t be the way I would deal with it, but I can respect that. People are different. People grief different and everybody has the right to do this in their own way.

But I don’t respect people who send lies, gossip, hate mails or tweets to REAL people, give death threats or make up totally bullshit stories that are only real in their own minds!!! They are hurting and discrediting living and breathing human beings that actually have a real life instead of a fictional. To honor a character that was about purity, grace and pureness they act in a way that is hateful, vile, horrible, disrespectful, classless and totally unjustified. That is the way they feel that they can spread the word to love a character that meant so much to them. 

What they are doing isn’t only hateful it is SLANDER and LIBEL! No one in their right minds would think that someone like you, a kind and loving human being, would be able to let TPTB kill a character so Carol would live. Because you don’t only care for your character you also care about your cast-mates who have become friends of you at least. 

I never had the privilege to meet you but I have seen you in interviews. I know what Carol and her journey mean to you. But I also have seen the way you interact with your cast-mates. The way you look at them with love, respect and grace. I read the way every cast-member has described you and loves and respects you. There is no way you would do this.

So, dear Melissa, I wondered how I could get this message across. I thought about a twitter rant and get something started there, I could send you a message and show my love and support, I could make a Facebook account, I could start a petition, I could try to make SG, RK or TPTB to make a statement about how truly disgusting this is, I could try and let people send forks to AMC (so they can pin this rumor in the but), I could make a huge statement on Tumblr …well I guess I did do that.

But then I thought of you and of Carol. The struggle she and Sophia have been trough in an abusive relationship. I thought about your story in ‘Consumed’ and how she talked about how she got burned away, time and time again. I can imagine that you had to go to similar struggle to let the TPTB see what a great character Carol could become. I feel that no woman, child or person should ever have the feeling to get burned away. So instead of doing the things above I decided to do something in honor of you and Carol. Today I got my Christmas bonus, €200. For me that is a lot of money. Instead of spending it on presents or things I don’t really need I decided to give it all away. So today I made a donation of €200 to a shelter for abused and battered women and children. I made it out with the note: in honor of Carol Peletier so that others don’t get burned away. 

I hope to have the honor to meet you one day in person, or have a personal signed photograph of you because you are truly a Queen. Don’t let them get to you.

Lots of love x