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Melly’s Beardsmas 2K17 Predictions

As Beardsmas* kicks off today, me and my Boob Instincts are gonna throw down some predictions, because it beats doing real life work. Let’s circle back here at the end of the month and see how many were right and how many I got ho(e)pelessly wrong!

  • Zigi for TommyxGigith Fashion Show (2/8) and promo including cross-promo on Zayn’s social channels. This will lead in to LFW’s Versace fashion show (2/18) and I’m assuming somewhere in between there, the release of the Zayn Versus campaigns (likely featuring Gigith in some capacity). I’m also gonna put odds on Zayn attending the Brits on 2/22 as more favorable then not, because I just had fruit snacks and I’m feeling fortified by that Red Dye #40.  Wild card: I can also maybe possibly see Zayn releasing a single at some point during this month or early next, not just because of the seeding, but also because the timing seems logical and Complex’s blurbage matches up. 
  • The official return of Elounor, due to Eleanor’s involvement in TommyxGigith (2/8 (suh natural! suh organic!)
  • Meanwhile, Cheryl and her nuddy pants baby bump photoshoot wait in the wings like a spider. I’m kind of expecting Loammy Jean’s return to the UK that Cheryl Cheryl’s intern leaked to match up around the time of Zayn being in the UK, because its funny how that always seems to work out! 

*I just made up Beardsmas. It felt right.