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Melly that gif of the man falling over. Is literally Yolanda getting a new idea of a way to make zigi look RYL and then failing miserably

Look, Yolanda is trying REALLY hard. She’s forever chasing the Kris Jenner Mount Olympus of Stunt Momagers, and to top it all off, she’s very busy getting her shit together for the Met Gala.  Zayn had to be the one to come in clutch and fix that amateur hour operation last year:


scandal meme: [2/5] characters

I’m back. That’s what you wanted right? That’s what you screamed at me about, how you hated drunk Mellie and crybaby Mellie and smelly Mellie and there was one about food, I don’t know what you called it. I like to think of it as “chicken fried Mellie”. You wanted those Mellies gone, right? So… They’re gone. And here I am. I’m back, baby. The real Mellie. Remember how much you hated the real Mellie? Be careful what you wish for.