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Scandal Ruminations 7X07

I think that I can finally, for once in my life, with clarity, can tell where Scandal is going! It took me ten thousand years to finally get here but for some reason once I reached the point of indifference I was finally able to objectively watch this show.

Let’s face it, this show loves to tap dance on our very last nerve. First things first: For what it’s worth I don’t think that Quinn is dead. The actress gave no exit interviews to any press as is customary. I know she just had a baby but these interviews are arranged and conducted way ahead of time.

I will start by saying this: Olivia still has a few stages to go through before she gets to where she’s going and I’ve identified the stages as follow:

1)    The Catharsis: the breakdown of what’s left of this version of Olivia. It began this last episode as she grappled with her very own chewy center. She has one but she has deluded herself into thinking that she doesn’t. All the baggage she dropped on Rowan’s living room floor is the most self-aware moment she’s had in years! I found her statement to contradict everything she told Fitz in that 509 argument but I will delve into that later and how S4B & S5 are what bring us the Olivia we see today.

2)    The isolation: Olivia must spend time alone to come to grips with the choices she has made. The choices that affected her personally and the ones that affected her friends/family. This introspection will also serve as the foundation for what Olivia wants to do with her life. If you had asked me a week ago I would’ve told you she needed this introspection but I would have not been inclined to think that she was ready for it. Her moment of self-awareness, in which she acknowledges the root of her problems, her father, serves as the beginning of the breaking down and breaking through to move the show forward and onto her introspection.

3)    The penance: Olivia is not a very verbal person in terms of apologies, I mean I can count on my hand the few times she’s apologized. I think her making amends will be more about actions and less about words.

4)    The Rebuilding: Olivia will eventually power through and finally envision who it is she wants to be and what she wants to be doing. She looked so unenthused when Mellie was giving her the “No man between us” speech that I felt as if she was on the verge of quitting right then and there. The WH at the service of Mellie ain’t the place for her. She isn’t cut out to be command as we’ve clearly been shown. There’s only one place left for her to go: back to the white hat, whatever the white hat means for her from this point forward.

5)    The reconciliation: this applies to all aspects of her life, with Fitz (I was a skeptic but if they’re going to make second-rate Dabby endgame then what has been the point of dragging Olitz out all these seasons. Come on!) and the reconciliation with what we were introduced to as her initial family: OPA.

I mentioned earlier how her speech to her father was the opposite parallel to what she tells Fitz in their argument in 509. Her words during that argument reflected her and were a deflection of her own actions that lead to that point in the relationship. In no way am I implying Fitz was innocent in all this. Olivia specifically hits Fitz where it hurts by saying she came from a palace compared to him but my oh my how the tides have turned and now she’s capable of acknowledging that she was emotionally deprived and made in her father’s image.


Kidnapping Arc Revisited


I am almost certain that Rowan was responsible for her kidnapping. Throughout the whole ordeal he behaved with such aplomb that no harm would come to Olivia and was so aloof that I have no doubt in my mind that he orchestrated the whole thing. It’s important to note that Quinn is wearing her ring when she is snatched in the elevator, thus leaving her ring behind for the crew to find is an intentional act that parallels Olivia’s kidnapping. Since Rowan snatched Quinn (although I’m positive it was Jake who physically did it because what other loyal goon does Rowan have otherwise?) As I was saying, since Rowan snatched Quinn I think the parallel is intentional and would connect him to both kidnappings.

I think that Rowan orchestrated the kidnapping to further separate Olivia and Fitz. The kidnapping placed Fitz between a rock and a hard place and no matter what he chose he would disappoint Olivia, so by design this would further drive a wedge between Olitz since little Jerry’s murder was not enough to keep them apart.  

Fitz was torn between two choices:

Not rescue Olivia -this would disappoint her and make her believe he never loved her and would have destroyed her confidence in his love. Keep in mind she tells the kidnapper that the President would be looking for her.

Rescue Olivia –As Fitz acquiesces to go to war to save one person this also shatters Olivia because Fitz makes a choice that she vehemently disagrees with. She does not want to feel responsible for a war, much less the lives that will be given in exchange for her survival.

Fitz would lose no matter what choice he made, and either choice would forever change him in her eyes, further driving a wedge between them. No matter what he chose he could not win and would be tarnished in Olivia’s eyes, between a rock and a hard place.

Note that the S4 finale has Olitz reuniting but it is only possible because her father is finally locked away and out of her life. It is obvious that Olivia has not dealt with her PTSD at this point in S4 and all the trauma that remains bubbling beneath her surface comes to light in S5A.  

Fitz’s marriage proposal under the worst circumstances possible triggers Olivia’s commitment issue which at that point in the story is not new.  Under the pressure of an impending wedding that neither of them were ready for at that point in time Olivia does what she knows will relieve her of this - she frees her father.  If her father is free Olivia is under his control, whether she knows it or not. Olivia’s PTSD reaches new heights when Fitz creepily moves her in without even asking and this is when it takes a drastic turn—Olivia is now caged and is reliving her prior traumatic experience. To free herself she severs all ties with Fitz, abortion included, and fully begins to live in her father’s image post 509.

Motherhood & Babies


Something that I’ve noticed for a while now is the consistent theme of babies and motherhood. All of which can be traced back to the very first season and I have confessed on here that I don’t think that Olivia wants to be a mother but it’s just so in your face that I had to stop and reconsider. It’s likely that Olivia thinks she won’t make a good mother, what could be called her family life has been nothing but torture so it’s not hard to see why she would think that, and that is further reiterated with her choice to have an abortion. HOWEVER, I have been having conversations with people analyzing the motherhood/babies theme for a few months now and it is obvious that on some level Olivia resents Quinn because she has a life that Olivia might’ve imagined for herself. In this season alone Olivia has touched her lower belly, like she did in 509 when she says there is no future for Olitz anymore, at least 3 times that I can easily remember. This is intentional

After thinking about it for a while I came to two conclusions: One that I’ve discussed on here before, the idea that Olivia having a child would further advocate for choice in alignment with the social messaging of the show. Allowing the character to experience both ends of the spectrum re motherhood would cement the idea that women are in control of their bodies and should be able to choose when to take on motherhood if they so desire.

The other conclusion is the fact that what Olivia has come to believe about herself & her abilities/lack thereof regarding motherhood are untrue. Olivia is the matriarch of OPA, it was her nurturing force that brought them together. She found all those people, took care of them, and put them back together! If that doesn’t stand out as one of the foundations of her mothering abilities, then I’m not sure what will.

Now that makeshift family is sort-of broken, and notice that every single member has done morally questionable things, all their ugly has been exposed and their relationships deconstructed.  After they get over their final hurdle with this Olivia & Quinn situation they have nowhere to go but up. Notice that no one has said the words “over a cliff” in a while because they no longer have that sycophantic relationship with one another, and especially with Olivia. That wasn’t healthy, which is why the deconstruction is pivotal to change within this group of people.

Extraneous Characters


This episode confirmed my suspicions that Jake is working behind her back. My spidey senses tingled in the beginning of the season and I was right. Jake is not interested in bringing Olivia into the light, his only concern appears to be freedom. Therefore, he is participating in this whole charade with Rowan and undermining Olivia. He looks like he’s involved to the point where he is taking orders from both Rowan and Olivia, but at the end of the day he’s interested in freedom the same way other characters were interested in freedom this last episode. Rowan’s bones are just a sad euphemism for his freedom to take back command. Notice that Jake suggests Olivia kill Rowan because he is too weak himself and wants Olivia to subconsciously free him. That thing she told him about him needing her too much? It’s true. And Olivia gambles with her father until the very end so that she can prove that she is the one in control and free of him. The complete opposite is true; she is still his prisoner as she described how she was made in his image. Rowan has never stopped being in control.

Now that I mentioned Jake it’s also important to mention that I’m sure his days on here are numbered. This last episode planted the seed in Cy’s brain that something is amiss. Using Fenton as a scapegoat was a bad idea; Cy is now questioning the intel Jake claims he had and he seems to be the only person who remembers that this asshole killed James in cold blood. It’s the perfect time for revenge.  Cy will help unfurl what exactly has been going on under the roof of this WH all along. THE TIME IS NIGH! PLEASE! PLEASE JUST GET RID OF JAKE!

Also, important to mention that Pryce of power guy was (is?) a member of the press just like James, it was no coincidence that Cy of all people has that discussion with Jake.

Mellie ,*cue eyeroll* The most useless character on here that can’t do anything unless she is coddled and spoon-fed. She needs Marcus for advice, she needs Olivia to hold her hand every second, SHE is the one that’s President but in the end, she relents and decides to pick Fitz’s brain (and reports) to see how she should propose Criminal Justice Reform. No idea ever comes from her! EVER!

Her whole “we don’t need no man” speech was one of the creepiest things I’ve ever witnessed on this show. I’m not sure if it was the acting or what but I picked up on the strangest tension. And about men coming between them? Fitz was between them in the beginning, and he is between them now because Mellie is discussing and setting policy goals with Fitz instead of with her COS, especially after Fitz has been pseudo-banished. No man between them? LIES! It’s always the same man, now it’s just not in a romantic context.

In the end this whole Rashad thing will blow up but I refuse to think that this bitch will have the satisfaction of firing Olivia. Olivia looks like she’s barely hanging on by a thread as it is, I want her to quit and reclaim her agency! For all the times that Mellie treated her like some whore that was responsible for serving her now ex-husband! And all the times she’s been dismissive of her this season! Or how she wants all sort of plausible deniability while Olivia gets her hands dirty as command! Enough of this kumbaya sisterhood shit, it’s fake, let’s end it!

The only thing I can’t quite decide on is Rowan’s fate. The kill order is still standing; we were left with that cliffhanger… But I wonder if the show is gonna go down the whole patricide route? I’m not sure. It is obvious that Rowan and Olivia cannot coexist, for her to be able to live her life she needs to be free of him. It is no coincidence that she was somewhat functional the first two seasons when Rowan was not in the picture. Once he entered the scene her life started to spiral, culminating with this last episode in which Olivia unloads all her baggage and all the fingers point to Rowan.


Last Few Words


For the first time in a long time I am eager to see the show return. We only have 11 episodes left but these are all loose ends that need to tied up. For a long time, I resented the show because I felt as if the writing was constantly contradictory and I felt like it was impossible to interpret it. The characters would act a certain way but their words were the complete opposite and I just found myself running out of patience and not knowing what to believe. I had to reach a place of indifference to be able to interpret it. I in no way believe that all, if any, of these predictions will come to fruition and this may be more along the lines of wishful thinking perhaps. I want to fall in love with Olivia the same way I did at the beginning and I REFUSE to think that they will let her go out unhappy. Whatever her version of happy is then so be it, but she is not cut out to be Command.  The writing’s on the wall and we are reaching the end so everything tends to feel on the nose and too intentional for there to be coincidences. I’ve thought of other things that I did not include on here because this is so insanely long but would love to discuss and pick at other ideas. :) 

I think that we will come to find that Olivia has a deliciously chewy center. (And I’m sure Fitz can attest to that!)

[Mellie] has NEVER been loved right. Her ex-husband…treated her like a cheap accessory and when she finally had an affair, that fucker turned out to be more of an asshole than her husband. It was only a matter of time before she hopped on Marcus’ magic stick and road into dicked-down-right-land. Oh and what a land it is! …You remember that land, don’t you Liv? That place Jake took you regularly? Hahaha! Yeah, I said it.


“They have to take care of each other, they’re family. Mellie is Fitz’s family. Both Mellie and Fitz are victims of Big Jerry, and he has to take care of Mellie; he loves her as his family. Now that they’ve shared this loss of a child, they’re going to have to recover together.”

I loved this from the interview with Tony Goldwyn on THR ( It really outlines their relationship as a whole. They need each other as a family, and obviously aren’t in love, but they feel a love on another level. A different kind of love. It really illustrates the connection and history that they have with each other. The understanding that they have with one another. Such beautifully shot scenes from the finale. 

This is just one more opportunity for you to talk about how great you are. When you’re running you talk about how great you are. When I’m running for office, you talk about how great you are. Is there a scenario where you don’t talk about how GREAT you are. You are standing up here thumping your chest, reeling off your stats, chiseling yourself onto Mount Rushmore, like you didn’t stand on my back to get there. On Olivia’s back, on Cyrus’s, on your Daddy’s. I didn’t have a one hundred million dollar trust fund, a political legacy, I didn’t go to the best boarding schools on the planet and I am NOT a white man.  I am here on my own. I got here on my own. I got here because I managed to escape you. Like Liv managed to escape you. You talk about how great of a president you are yet you whined and cried about how much you hate the job every chance you got. Do those people out there who LOVE you know how many times you tried to walk off the gig? How privileged and entitled do you have to be to think of the most powerful office in the world as a prison?! Unlike you, Fitz, I want this. Unlike you, I earned it. And unlike you, I will not squander it. This stage is mine.
—  Mellie Grant letting Fitz have it in 5x21 “That’s My Girl”
"Flesh and Blood"

The meeting at Pope and Associates with everyone

Mellie, we all know that isn’t coffee in that mug

Olitz moment on the phone

“Papa Pope”

Mellie about to destroy Fitz with the truth of his firstborn son

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Quinn thinking she can just say whatever she want

Olivia calling to talk to Jake

Quinn and Huck 

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Ohhhhh noo Daddy Pope

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Cyrus walking around the White House like


#liv has become so cynical after all the pain she and fitz have gone through and she tries to put that all on on andrew #tries to compare the relationships BUT THEY AREN’T THE SAME #she thinks that andrew stopping the affair would be bc he chooses power but it’s not #in the end he’s always choosing mellie #waiting for her #it all goes back to ‘someone needs to look out for you - be on your side’ #AND EVEN THOUGH HE WANTS TO FIGHT AGAINST OLIVIA AT EVERY TURN #'glass houses olivia #'this isn’t some sleazy affair - mellie and i’ #'i’m in love with her - i love her’ #the middle row is so imPORTANT #BECAUSE LIKE #that’s a moment of clarity for him #that he’ll suffer not being with her if it means still being in the white house #serving this next term with her #LOOKING OUT FOR HER AND BEING NEAR HER IF NOTHING ELSE #he has never expected something from her or felt like he was entitled to her and that’s why olivia’s speach about choice #which is really just a fucking speach about her and fitz #'men like you will always choose power yada yada’ #doesn’t faze him #he doesn’t EXPECT mellie to choose him over her career #HE WANTS HER TO HAVE EVERYTHING #and he wants to be able to give it to her #he LOVES HER SO MUCH #that that spark of hope and rebellion against what olivia that is saying that mellie WOULD choose him is telling him he has to end things #because liv ruining him and mellie still standing by him? #that would kill any chance of her political future as well #i have so much more to say but ahhhhh #all that really matters is that his tie matched her dress when fitz’s didn’t #♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Scandal 03x16 "The Fluffer"

Abby meeting with the Grant campaign 

The President of the United States is definitely a baguette

Everyone calling Abby “Gabby” this episode

Mama Pope getting it

Jake coming to Olivia’s door when he’s drunk

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Olivia telling Andrew how it’s going to be 

Huck, to Olivia: “I think you can find a way”

Jake and Olivia kissing

Mama Pope walking up to dinner with Daddy Pope and Olivia

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Mellie, to Fitz: “You take everything away from me.”

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The last three minutes

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