melli rants

The following rant is full of spoilers for LoT s2ep05


He had extreme feelings for Len. he cared so much and seeing Ray in the jacket was too much for him. Mick gave him the gun because he thought Ray was ready.

Mick wanted Len back so much he was trying to change Ray but then he saw that Ray needs to be Ray.


Can 1DHQ do me a real solid and stop rewarding stalker fans with access? Every one of the fans that posted photos tonight from that amFAR event were stalker fans. The fandom largely had no idea about that event, so they were clearly tipped off. That’s honestly a large part of how the sense of entitlement in this fandom got fostered, because 1DHQ gave information and access to these fans. 

Thank You

Thanks to each and every one of you for making my 2012 such a wonderful year. This goes out to all of you that have put up with my ranting and have been such great support in my struggling times. You have made me laugh so much when I was down or just plain high off the atmosphere. :- ) I love you guys, and hopefully we have more fun here on tumblr in 2013! <3

Me listening to Mellie rant to Fitz:

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Girl, you, your dad, and Big Jerry pursued the marriage to Fitz. You chose not to say anything about your rape. Fitz did not rape you, his father did. Fitz does not deserve that cross.

You chose to lie. Every decision you have made has been for you, and you alone. 

Shonda please stop with this. Stop propping her up. It’s exhausting and a waste of good, expensive air time.